Sunday, 26 May 2013

Congress govt. should stop misusing public money for political campaigns as Delhi’ites : Goel

Delhi BJYM workers to paste posters on hoardings misusing public money for false propaganda 

New Delhi, 26th May, 2013. After indictment of the Congress Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit by Lokayukta for misusing public money for publicity campaigns, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party has demanded that the Delhi government should immediately take off its advertisements from all the hoardings in the city as hard earned money of taxpayers is being spent by the CM on these hoardings and the CM should immediately pay back Rs 11 crores to the public exchequer. 

The Delhi BJP has also demanded that the government should reveal how much money it has spent on these hoarding where ‘political advts’ are being put up using public money. 

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel warned the CM and Congress government that if the government will not take off these hoardings within next three days, the Delhi BJYM workers will paste posters on these hoardings carrying message-“Don’t Misuse Public Money on these Hoardings for False Propaganda.” 

It is also clear that despite strong pressure from public, the CM is not ready to pay back Rs 11 Crore of public money as directed by Delhi Lokayukta in a case where she has been indicted for misusing of public money for Congress’ political campaign in 2008 assembly polls. 

Shri Goel said, “The Lokayukta has asked her to return Rs 11 crore of public money. But the CM is defiant. If she is not ready to obey the directives of a constitutional authority like Lokayukta, she has no moral right to continue.” 

“When those at the top violate the law, one can imagine the state of affairs in this government and what Delhi residents have to suffer through,” lamented Shri Goel. 

He said, “This is an insensitive government run by Congress leaders who don’t adhere to any moral standards when it comes to leading public life and use of public money.” 

“We will also continue to demand Rs 11 crore from the CM , her resignation and a registration of case against her for misappropriation of public money. This is like the government itself is indulging in day light robbery and the victims are common people,” Shri Goel said. 

It may be recalled that the Delhi BJP has already staged a demonstration at the CM’s residence pressing for her resignation on 24 May. The party had launched this agitation in wake of the Lokayukta’s indictment of CM Sheila Dikshit in a case where she was found guilty of misusing public money for political advertisements worth Rs 22 crore. The Lokayukta has asked the CM to return Rs 11 crore to public exchequer. However. She has not returned the money so far. 

“On one hand we have a clear case of misue of public money and on the other hand we have even a more blatant use of public money going on right now with a similar modus operandi used in 2008. We have specific information that the government has spent more than RS 100 crore of public money over the last couple of months for the “political campaign” in the garb of a government advertising campaign. We also have information that more than RS 300 crore have been spent in addition to this over the last three years by this government on false political propaganda misusing public money,” Shri Goel said. 

This is unacceptable to Delhi residents and the Delhi BJP will not let this government go off the hook before paying back public money which is being misappropriated by Congress leaders in the garb of govt. run publicity campaigns.

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