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Legislators with good track record to be repeated, representation will be given to all sections of society : Goel

  • Delhi BJP to announce names of party candidates for assembly polls after Diwali
  • Legislators with good track record to be repeated, representation will be given to all sections of society : Goel

The Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today said that the party tickets for the Delhi Assembly polls will be announced after Diwali. "The sitting MLAs having a good track record will be repeated. The party will give representation to all sections of society in ticket distribution," said Shri Goel

Laying out the criteria for the selection of candidates for the assembly polls, Shri Goel said, "Good work at grassroots level, clean image, commitment to the party and ability to win are some of the main criteria for selection. The party is confident of winning two thirds majority in Delhi," said Shri Goel.

The party is fully geared up for the assembly polls.  The BJP undertook out ‘Ghar Ghar BJP’ mass contact programme, which received phenomenal success recently. The party has formulated            32 member teams at each of 11,763 polling booths. Karyakarta Sammelans have already been held in 280 mandals across the city. All 14 district units and 280 mandals  are  continuously engaged in the mass contact programmes through door to door campaigning, public meetings, interactions with RWAs etc. They have been provided with publicity material for sharing party’s vision for development and progress of Delhi.

He further added, "BJP is committed to the well-being of people and providing corruption-free development in Delhi. BJP’s commitment to clean and efficient governance will be reflected in the final list of the candidates for the assembly polls."

The party is working unitedly with the aim of ending the 15-year misrule of the Congress party, which carried out a series of scams resulting in an overall deterioration of Delhi. The BJP will provide corruption-free development in Delhi when it forms the government after the assembly polls, said Shri Goel.

There is a groundswell of support for the BJP and the people of Delhi are fed up with the mismanagement of Delhi under the Congress government. Rising prices, high water and power tariff, lack of safety for women and neglect of education, health, sanitation and transport have been the hallmark of Congress regime in the last 15 years. People of Delhi are aspiring for a change and freedom from Congress’s misrule.


BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate Dr. Harsh Vardhan has accused the Chief Minister of Delhi of misleading the people and issuing false statement and said that addressing the Congressmen yesterday the Chief Minister had told in Badarpur that her Government has changed the face of Delhi. This is completely false claim because Smt. Sheila Dikshit is the Chief Minister of Delhi for the last 15 years but the condition of Connaught Place in her Assembly Constituency is just like the condition of a remote village, what to talk of rest of Delhi. During the Commonwealth Games renovation work was started in Connaught Place but even today it is full of pot holes.  Many people have fallen in them and broken their legs.  The cost of renovation has increased hundred times. 30,000 people living in 13 slums in this area do not get the supply of drinking water and other facilities. More than 15000 families in Balmiki Bastis are living in pathetic conditions. The condition in the backyards of the MPs and Ministers is hellish. Nobody is taking care of it.  

Data show that New Delhi area is the most important area in Delhi.  Parliament House, President House, PM Residence, Ministers and MPs residence and all the important ministries of the Central Government are located in New Delhi area.  Many sensitive areas like Connaught Place, Janpath, Gole Market, Kali Badi Marg, Panchkuiya Road, Khan Market, Jor Bagh, Sujan Singh Park, Padara Road, Laxmi Bai Nagar, Kidwai Nagar, Sarojani Nagar, Safdurjang Airport etc. are in this constituency. Smt. Sheila Dikshit is being elected Legislator from this area for the last 15 years.  In spite of this she has not been able to find way to improve the hellish condition of the people living in slums in New Delhi area.  Congress had promised of better living conditions to the people of Assembly Constituency on the occasion of all the three elections held in past.  These promises were never fulfilled.  These 30 thousand people do not get the supply of drinking water and they depend on tube wells for drinking water.  The ground water of Delhi has become poisonous and hence many people have died and many have fallen seriously ill after drinking the ground drawn from the tube wells.

There are 16 Dhobi Ghats in New Delhi area. Livelihood of about 10 thousand peoples is connected with these Dhobi Ghats. During the last 15 years the condition of these Dhobi Ghats has become dangerous. People are fed up with repeated promises of Sheila Dikshit.  From the month of April 2009 to March 2012 8.85 crores rupees have been allotted to the Legislator fund of the Chief Minister.  Out of this 30.9 percent money has been spent on constructing Porta-Cabins (temporary shelter), 13.7 percent has been spent on constructing boundary walls of the residences of Ministers and MPs, 14.2 percent on the constructions of roads, 12.4 percent on the construction of stair cases and 5.3 percent on other works. Even today 1.75 crores remain unspent in the CMs Legislator’s fund.  Had this amount been spent for the J.J. Dwellers then they could have been supplied drinking water.  Since they are poor and helpless, nobody is taking care of them.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan told that the Chief Minister is the Chairperson of many committees in her AC. It is surprising that the District Grievance Redressel Committee has not been formed yet. The committee under District Development Committee is yet to be formed. CM is the Chairperson of PS level committee but she did not attend any meeting from January 2012 to January 2013. This shows that how much she is concerned about the security of New Delhi area.  B.K. Dutt colony came up in New Delhi area for the refugees after the partition of the country. This is the oldest colony but even after six decades of independence, the people in this colony have not been allowed for additional construction although the number of members of the family has increased four times.  The people of this area have to go outside to purchase articles of food and other essential items. This area lacks cheap markets where the poor people could go for shopping. Due to this they are facing great difficulties.   

Wednesday, 30 October 2013


Apprehensive of losing elections Chief Minister is compelling Ministers to make absurd statements

New Delhi, October 30th.  The Chief Ministerial candidate of BJP Dr. Harsh Vardhan has termed the absurd allegation by three Ministers of Delhi Government in a Press Conference at the CM residence as frustration of the Congress party. He told that the former Prime Minister of India Inder Kumar Gujral had said on the Pulse Polio Campaign that if I had a choice to select best Health Minister of the country then my first choice will be Dr. Harsh Vardhan. The Congress Government and the Congress Party have no issues. Hence in order to divert the attention of the people the Government is misusing the Chief Ministers residence and violating the Model Code of Conduct.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan told that the people of Delhi have given 15 years to the Congress Government. If the people of Delhi give him opportunity to serve Delhi as Chief Minister then Delhi will change in the next five years. ‘Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s Delhi Model’ will be appreciated not only in India but also in the foreign countries. People shall visit Delhi to see the Delhi Model for running their own Governments on the lines of Delhi Model. The election manifesto of BJP will contain ‘Dr. Harsh Vardhan’s Delhi Model’. The people shall get the benefit of this model only when BJP comes to power in Delhi.

He has raised a question to the Chief Minister and Health Ministers that in-spite of 15 years of Congress rule, why the Supreme Court was so much furious that it directed the Government to submit every month the data about the crime against women. Yesterday the bench headed by Justice G.S. Singhavi asked for such data. In spite of this a woman working as Air Hostess kept a minor girl of 12 years as hostage in her Sarojni Nagar house and committed atrocities on her. Why such crime? Why there is no sewage system in unauthorized colonies? 15 lakh children are studying in the schools of Delhi Government but 2650 posts of teachers are lying vacant.  976 unauthorized factories are running with the connivance of Delhi Government. Why Delhi High Court has ordered the Delhi Government to take action against them? The DDA wants to curtail the area of Yamuna Bank by 50% so that unauthorized occupations may be encouraged. Why the National Green Tribunal has raised objection to it and stopped this plan of the DDA?

He further told that after the eradication of epidemic like small pox in the year 1978 the entire world was bent upon the eradication of Polio. But in view of large population of India, disparities, abstruse geographical conditions, lack of development, the experts of the WHO thought that Polio eradication will remain a dream for India. The Polio eradication campaign started on the 2nd October in 1994 in Delhi has been successful in the entire country. The entire world is appreciating it. But the Congress party and the Congress Government are not appreciating this success. Dr. Harsh Vardhan has been presented many awards in the country and abroad for the eradication of Polio from India. Many research papers written by him have been read and appreciated by scientist, politicians, health experts and religious heads of the world.

After becoming the Chief Minister of Delhi, all the houses of Delhi shall be fitted with solar power. Water harvesting facility will be provided in every big house. BJP is also planning to make Delhi free from pollution. Experts are already framing plans in this regards. The Yamuna which has been converted into a dirty drain by the Congress Government will again be made lifeline of the people of Delhi under BJP rule.  Yamuna and the bank of Yamuna will provide peace and cool drinking water to the people. BJP will change Delhi into a smiling city by providing sufficient power, water, education, health, transport, fuel, employment, industry & empowerment to women, senior citizens, handicapped persons and children by starting welfare programs in entire Delhi.  

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Delhi heads for “Black Diwali” with rising prices hitting every family in the city: Goel

·         Delhi Govt’s hollow claims on onion crisis fail to provide respite to common people
·         Rising prices causing grave hardship to people as government fails to act: Goel

New Delhi, October, 29:  Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel today slammed the Congress government for turning this year’s Diwali into a “Black Diwali” by its failure to control skyrocketing prices. Rising prices are causing grave hardship to common people in Delhi.

With prices of onions still hovering around Rs. 85-90 per kg., and prices of other essential commodities and vegetables showing a steep hike of 200-300% recently, every family in the city is affected.

(Table given at the end of this press statement shows the skyrocketing prices.)

Sh. Goel said, “The cosmetic measures announced by the Congress government are inadequate and not benefiting anyone. Just 350 Safal outlets and 150 mobile onion vans are insufficient to cater the needs of 1.67 crore people of Delhi. Similar half-hearted steps were taken earlier as well by the Congress government. The mobile onion vans remained invisible and have brought no relief to people, and bad quality onions were sold at Safal outlets.”

Ironically, while Delhi and rest of the country are facing acute onion crisis due to total mismanagement of economy by the Congress government, onions are being continuously exported. The result is that Indian onions are available at Rs. 40-45/kg in Bangladesh while they are selling at double this price in Delhi.

Sh. Goel said, “The Congress government is misleading through false claims of low production of onions. Infact according to the National Horticultural Research & Development Foundation of the Union Agriculture Ministry, the onion production for 2013-14 is estimated to be 10-15% higher than the last year.”

Various agencies had warned the government of impending onion crisis due to gross irregularities in the supply chain. NAFED wrote letters to the Delhi government, while the Competition Commission of India had asked the Congress led UPA government at the Centre to take effective steps to correct the irregularities of supply chain.  But nothing was done.

Average Prices of essential food items in 2010 and 2013

Prices in 2010 (in Rs.)
Prices in 2013 (in Rs.)
Arhar Dal
Urad Dal
Chana (Gram)
Mustard Oil
30/ dozen
60/ dozen

Fuel prices in Delhi
76.06 in Sept, now 72.40/L
40.1/ L

Smt. Sushma Swaraj launches revised edition of A Tale of Two Drops by Dr Harsh Vardhan

Pulse polio launched by Dr Harsh Vardhan in 1994 about to take India to polio free certification by WHO

The former Health Minister of India and Leader of the Opposition in the Lok Sabha, Mrs Sushma Swaraj, released today the revised edition of Dr Harsh Vardhan’s 2004 book, A Tale of Two Drops (Ocean Books, New Delhi).

The original edition and its subsequent reprints detailed how the original Pulse Polio campaign in Delhi was conceived by Dr Harsh Vardhan, then the Health Minister of the new state, and carried to its logical conclusion on October 2, 1994. The following year, thanks to bipartisan support, he was able to persuade the entire health machinery of India–government and non-government – into replicating the Delhi experiment.

The new edition comes with the present position in India’s fight against polio. On January 13, there occurred in Howrah, West Bengal, the unfortunate death of a little girl from polio. As per World Health Organization’s rules, a country has got to have zero cases of polio for full three years before being eligible for polio free certification. On January 13, 2011 India is expected to join the proud community of nations which have made polio history.

India, thanks to the Pulse Polio campaign’s sensational success, has already left the group of polio endemic countries. As of today only three countries belong to this group –Pakistan, Afghanistan and Nigeria – but India could well have been part of it had Dr Harsh Vardhan not taken the bold initiative back in 1994.

Dr Harsh Vardhan continues to be paid glowing tributes by the world community of health experts. After all, mankind’s war against polio is the second biggest public health initiative since the eradication of small pox in 1970s. India, because of its huge size and population and diversity of terrain and development status, was considered forbidden ground by WHO’s experts. This was admitted as recently as 2012 at a “Polio Summit” organized by the Government of India which was inaugurated by Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. At that event, WHO’s Assistant Director-General for Polio, Dr Bruce Aylward, had recalled how as a young official back on tour to Delhi in the early 1990s, he had been awestruck by Dr Harsh Vardhan’s commitment and energy.

Dr Harsh Vardhan said on the occasion that when the history of polio eradication in India is written, the role of the common man, woman and child –apart from the government officials, doctors and paramedics – will be recalled glowingly.

 “I recall the Polio Senas that we had developed. They were young school children from our government schools. With great sense of pride and commitment they went about visiting homes and persuading people to bring their babies out on Pulse Polio day. Today they are men and women with their own children. I wish them the best and hope the new generation of Delhi’s children will respond with equal enthusiasm when I launch more mass movements against other problems faced by the society, etc,” Dr Harsh Vardhan said.

 “There was negativism all around, he recalled. People today say that my plans to eradicate corruption through the prevention route (using state of the art e-governance mechanisms, videography of key Govt. meetings, expanding the scope of  RTI Act, etc.) would be impossible to carry out. I recall how the same negativity was used when I conceived Pulse Polio,” he said.

 “A lot of people told me that the logistics were too awesome. But I was convinced that if there is a will there is a way. If the Election Commission and the governments can deliver ballot papers to the remotest of areas over varied terrains all over the country on a single day to enable voting, why would it be difficult to deliver polio vaccines?”

He pointed out, “Political will backed by administrative determination can overcome any problem. It is often said that Delhi Police being a central government organization does not cooperate with Delhi Government. But in the early 1990s, the then police commissioner of Delhi, Mr Kaushal, not only deployed 52,000 of his constables to make Pulse Polio possible, he also put at our disposal hundreds of Gypsy vehicles. The Home Guards and civil defence officials of Delhi also played a vital role. There were no hitches.”

“There is, above all, a common goal. Everybody, regardless of what he/she does or how he/she is placed in life, wants that goal to be achieved and would like to contribute in his or her own way. The job of a leader is to collect the diverse synergies and channelize them towards the common goal,” he pointed out.
Future Resolve

Dr Harsh Vardhan, who won highest awards from World Health Organization, Rotary Foundation, Lions International, Indian Medical Association and many other national and international organizations, said today that he would continue to work ceaselessly to eradicate preventable diseases from Delhi and India. Of all the honours bestowed upon him, he cherishes most the title “Swasthya Vardhan” given to him by Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee.

“Health is a bipartisan subject. I call for help from my friends in the political class and all others to join us in making India’s pulse polio story the gold standard in mass immunization programmes.  In the coming days I will reveal the specific plans that I have for making Delhi’s citizens totally covered by a unique health plan which will be the envy of the whole world,” he said.

Monday, 28 October 2013

Goel invites Rahul Gandhi on a fact-finding tour of Delhi

  • Goel invites Rahul Gandhi on a fact-finding tour of Delhi
  • Delhi CM is misleading Congress leadership and people of Delhi: Goel
  • Congress govt. is spending money on superficial projects rather than basic amenities: Goel
  • Delhi CM should make her stand clear on statehood for Delhi: Goel

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today invited Congress Vice-president Shri Rahul Gandhi on a tour of Delhi so that he can have the first hand experience of the deterioration of the city in the last 15 years of Congress’s misrule. He said that the Congress Vice-president seems to be totally unaware of the ground realities of Delhi. Shri Goel also slammed the Delhi Chief Minister for creating confusion over the full statehood demand for Delhi.

In a statement issued today, Shri Goel said, “The Delhi Chief Minister is misleading not only the people of Delhi but even her party on the issue of development in Delhi. It seems that the Congress Vice-president only sees the picture presented to him by the Chief Minister and builds his opinion about Delhi completely oblivious to the situation at ground. I invite him to a tour of Delhi so that his myths are busted.”

Shri Goel said, “The Chief Minister should make her stand clear on the issue of statehood. She is creating confusion by referring to multiplicity of authorities but not supporting the BJP’s demand for full statehood for Delhi.

The NDA government had brought the Delhi Statehood Bill, but the then Congress government under the present Chief Minister had opposed the Bill in 2004. The Chief Minister had then declared that Delhi cannot get full statehood like other states.

Shri Goel said, “The Chief Minister gets senior Congress leaders including the Congress President to inaugurate government’s schemes with much fanfare but does not implement them properly thereafter. Schemes like Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojana, Annashree Yojana and Food Security Scheme have all proven to be non-starter.”

The Congress government had promised in 2008 to provide 60,000 affordable houses to the poor but, till date not a single house has been allotted to the target population. The failure of Annashree Yojana was recognized by the Congress government itself when it announced the Food Security Scheme, which in turn was announced without proper data of the beneficiaries.

Shri Goel further said, “The entire focus of the Chief Minister has been on the superficial projects rather than on addressing the core issues of Delhi. The Congress government is spending Rs. 1,131 crore on construction of the Signature Bridge while half of the population living in the JJ clusters and slums of Delhi do not have access to toilets and other basic civic amenities. Almost half of Delhi does not get clean drinking water from the Delhi Jal Board.”

The Signature Bridge project was announced in 2004 and it is still under construction. In between the estimated cost of the bridge has been revised at least six times leading to huge escalation of cost. The CAG questioned cost escalation by Rs 672 crore.


Delhi BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate and former Pradesh President Dr. Harsh Vardhan has expressed his strong reactions to the ridiculous and anti national comments on the Congress Party, Janta Dal (U) and other anti BJP parties on the serial bomb blasts in Hunkar Rally of Sh. Narender Modi. He told that the Congress Party and other small parties of the country are frustrated due to the announcement of Shri Modi as the candidate for the post of Prime Minister and they are making such comments which are tarnish the image of the country in the world.  The Chief Minister of Bihar Nitish Kumar has termed the bomb blasts as conspiracy and a pre planned incident. The Congress Spokesperson Satyavrat Chaturvedi has given the proof of his mental illness by terming the bomb blasts as an act by the Sangh Parivar.  Dr. Harsh Vardhan demanded that the way in which the senior leaders of his party are making comments on the incident, the Prime Minister and the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi should publicly apologise to the people. Expressing his sympathy to the family members of the innocent persons killed in the rally, he also demanded the Bihar Government that the family members of the persons who died and injured in the incident should be given sufficient compensation.

It may be mentioned that the Bihar Government had been informed many months in advance about the Hunkar Rally in Patna. In spite of this, anti national elements hatched conspiracy to killed Sh. Narender Modi in broad day light and the Nitish Government watched silently. The conspiracy was so deep that the terrorists had planted human bombs on the site of the rally. If bomb blast had not taken place at railway station then a big untoward incident could have happened. Nitish Kumar says that the Central Government had not informed about any conspiracy. Home Minister Sushil Kumar Shinde said that on the 1st October itself, the Home Ministry had issued an advisory to the Bihar Government that the terrorists are hatching a conspiracy against the rally. In spite of this, there was no metal detector or bomb disposal squad for the rally. Even the Ambulance was not present at the site of rally. More than 7 lakh people had assembled in the rally. They remained patient and avoided stampede which could have caused death of thousands. Nitish Kumar should take the responsibility for all these incidents and resigned immediately.

Dr. Harsh Vardhan told that on the one hand a historical Hunkar Rally was going on in Patna and on the other hand Government sponsored rally of Congress Vice President Rahul Gandhi was going on in Mangolpuri of Delhi. Inspite of all the Government facilities not even 5000 people assembled here to listen Rahul Gandhi. It may be mentioned that Minister Raj Kumar Chauhan who is a Cabinet Minister in Sheila Dikshit Government represents Mangolpuri AC. Congress President Jai Prakash Aggrawal, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit many Central Ministers and Ministers of Delhi Government had utilized all their resources but the rally failed. It indicates the popularity of Mr. Rahul Gandhi. The Mangolpuri seat has been with the Congress Party for the last many years. The area Legislator is also the Minister and in spites of this the rally of the future Prime Ministerial Candidate of the Congress party and yet the rally failed. This indicates that the Congress party is not going to rule the country after the next elections.

Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, Vice President Rahul Gandhi very well know that they are going to lose the next election. There is nothing like Government in the country and Delhi. One can see anarchy, loot, corruption, price rise, lack of accountability everywhere. Two crore people of Delhi are suffering due to corruption and price rise. The people of Delhi have made up their mind to defeat the Congress in the next elections and bring BJP at center and Delhi. The slogan of ‘Sushasan Sankalp-Bhajpa Vikalp’ is on the lips of Delhites. They want to see the BJP rule and remove the Manmohan Government. Dr. Harsh Vardhan said that the people of the country and Delhi know everything and they are not going to be misled by the propaganda of the Congress. The country has decided to handover the rein of power to BJP.

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Goel slams Congress govt. for inaction to bring down onion prices

·        Goel slams Congress govt. for inaction to bring down onion prices
·        Advice on onions from Maharashtra CM exposes inefficiency of Delhi CM: Goel
·        BJP takes up issue of onion crisis at booth level to expose Congress govt.’s inaction

 Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today slammed the Delhi government for its inaction despite soaring prices of onions in the city while the vegetables are vanishing from common man’s plates. He said that the advice from Maharashtra Chief Minister to Delhi Chief Minister exposes the inefficiency of the Congress government.

The Maharashtra CM had advised Delhi CM to buy onions directly from Nasik to control prices in Delhi. But the onion prices continue to soar indicating no action has been initiated on ground.

Addressing party workers of the Outer Delhi district, South-West district and Keshavpuram district, Shri Goel said, “The party will take up the issue of onion crisis at booth level in all 14 BJP districts. The BJP will expose the inaction of Congress government on the issue of onion crisis and rising prices of essential commodities over the next few days.”

Shri Goel said, “The Congress government is doing nothing on the ground to bring down the prices of onions and other vegetables in Delhi. It is only paying lip service and taking cosmetic measures to pile up on common man’s woes. For several months people of Delhi have been suffering due to unprecedented increase in prices of onions and other vegetables in the city.”

Shri Goel said, “The Congress government was in deep slumber even though another state government suggested it a few days ago to purchase onions from Nashik and sell in Delhi to reduce prevailing prices. The government must explain why did it not act on its own earlier?”

The Congress seems to be in the business of window-dressing over the issue of rising prices. Earlier, it claimed to sell onions through government’s outlets, which vanished much before they were officially closed by the Congress government. Those invisible outlets benefited none among the masses.

Shri Goel further said, “The Congress government claimed that onions are sold through Safal outlets. But, for a population of over 1.67 crores in Delhi, there are only about 350 Safal outlets, which is grossly insufficient. It has been a common experience that whatever onions arrive at these stores, it vanishes within an hour or so and even the quality of onions is bad."

Moreover, even the Safal outlets are selling onions at a price around Rs. 65-70 a kg, which is unaffordable for common man in Delhi. Other vegetables are also in the high pricing zone with none of the regular vegetables available below Rs. 50 a kg in retail markets in Delhi. Even potatoes are selling around Rs. 40 a kg. The festival season is around and the prices of these vegetable are not showing any trend of decline and the Congress government is completely insensitive.

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Goel welcomes announcement of Dr. Harshvardhan as BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate

  • Goel welcomes announcement of Dr. Harshvardhan as BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate
  • Goel slams Delhi Chief Minister for making false claims of employment generation in Delhi
  • Delhi has one of the highest unemployment rates in country: Goel

The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Shri Vijay Goel today welcomed the announcement of Dr. Harshavardhan as BJP’s Chief Ministerial candidate for Delhi polls.  Shri Goel said, “The Party is unitedly fighting the assembly polls to defeat Congress and will form the new government. The BJP is the most viable and preferred alternative to Congress which has set up new records of mis-governance, corruption and anti-people policies in the city over the last 15 years.”

Meanwhile, slamming the Delhi Chief Minister for misleading people of Delhi on the issues of employment generation and development in Delhi, Shri Goel said the Delhi Chief Minister’s claim of providing more employment in Delhi is completely misleading. In fact, the Delhi Police statistics clearly show that on an average everyday one unemployed person commits suicide in Delhi.

Shri Goel further said, “The Congress government is spreading false sense of prosperity and well-being in Delhi by projecting misleading employment figures in the city. According to the latest report of the Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, the unemployment rate in Delhi is 57 per thousand which is one of the highest in the country.

The fact is that the rate of unemployment in Delhi has gone up since 1998. Even according to the Delhi Development Report of the Congress government, the rate of unemployment was 3.6% in 1999-2000 just after the BJP demitted office while it is 4.0% today under the Congress regime. This is due to the gross mismanagement of economy and widespread corruption in the rank and file of the Congress government.

The Congress government makes tall claims about reducing the number of unemployed persons in Delhi. But, its own figures suggest that the absolute number of unemployed people has increased in the city. The government’s policies have affected the well-being of the citizens adversely, which is reflected in the rising incidents of suicides by unemployed people and even students.

The Delhi Chief Minister misrepresented facts about BJP ruled states with misleading figures while the Union government’s reports project a totally different picture of the BJP ruled states. According to the latest Annual Employment & Unemployment Survey report for 2012-13 released by Labour Bureau under Union Ministry of Labour and Employment, Chhattisgarh has the lowest rate of unemployment in the country. The BJP ruled states have one of the lowest rates of unemployment in the country.

Chhattisgarh has an unemployment rate of 14 per thousand, Madhya Pradesh 22 per thousand while Gujarat 27 per thousand. These figures are well below than the unemployment rate for the country at 47 per thousand and much below than the figures for Delhi, whose Chief Minister is leading the misleading campaign.

According to a recent government survey on the basis of Delhi Police statistics, there have been five suicides every day last year with an unemployed person unfailingly being among the daily tally. Of the total 1899 suicides registered during 2012, the highest number was of those who were unemployed with 369 persons taking the extreme step. The survey also revealed that a majority, i.e. 220 of the unemployed who took to ending their lives were aged between 15 and 29 years. Equally alarming is the fact that 266 students committed suicide.