Friday, 30 August 2013

After onion crisis, Delhi BJP warns of “edible oil crisis”, Delhi Govt. not ready with any back-up plan

·   Delhi BJYM to hold “Cycle Rally” on September 1 to CM’s house to enforce HC directives on onions
·   Delhi Govt must release list of its ‘Invisible Onion Outlets’
·   After onion crisis, Delhi BJP warns of “edible oil crisis”, Delhi Govt. not ready with any back-up plan

 The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha will hold a cycle rally September 1 which will end at Chief Minister’s residence to enforce the Delhi High Court’s directives regarding reining in prices of onions in the city.

Announcing this today, the Delhi BJYM President Shri Gaurav Khari said, “The Delhi Government has done absolutely nothing to check the rising prices of onions and other articles of daily use. The price situation has gone so worse in the city that the Honourable Delhi High Court has stepped in to rescue people from “Onion Crisis”.

“The cycle rally is being held to put pressure on Delhi government to act on the Honourable High Court directives as Delhi government continues to be in a state of inertia. Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and other senior leaders of the party will also participate in this rally,” said Shri Khari.

He further added, “It is shameful for Delhi government that the Honourable Delhi High Court had to ask the Centre and the Delhi Government to take immediate steps to bring down the prices of onions in the national capital. It is unprecedented that the Delhi High Court had to intervene to bring relief to the people from unabated rise in prices of essential commodities like onions. This shows that the Delhi government has failed to perform its duty.”

The Honourable High Court’s direction to bring down prices of onions vindicates Delhi BJP’s stand that the government’s deliberate mismanagement has resulted in unbridled price rise. The party has exposed on several occasions in the past the inaction and collusion of the government in letting the price situation slip out of the hands and repeatedly demanded that the Government of NCT take measures to bring down the prices of food items.

The Delhi BJP today reiterated its demand that the Delhi Government must release the list of the points where it is claiming to have put up stalls to sell onions at cheaper prices as these are nowhere to be found. People of Delhi are still not aware of the location of the invisible onion stalls of the Delhi government.

BJP has already nailed the lies of the Delhi Government about selling onions through its 1000 outlets when the party conducted a reality check last week. The reality check by the Delhi BJP established that in the name of selling cheaper onions, the Delhi Government was doing cheap publicity and persecuting the traders by compelling them to sell onions below their purchase cost. Traders have complained about the high-handedness of the Delhi government, which has failed to ensure adequate supply of onions to the wholesale markets in Delhi.

After the onion crisis, the BJP today cautioned the Delhi government about the impending edible oil crisis. The prices of edible oil are going to shoot up due to record devaluation of rupee, a by-product of the incompetence of the UPA Government.  The domestic demand for edible oil is primarily met by its import, which is becoming costlier due to falling rupee. The Delhi BJP said that the Delhi Government is again set to be caught napping with its prices likely to shoot up over next few days. There is no back-up plan so far to handle this situation.

The Delhi BJP demands the Delhi Government to wake up and act in time so that the common man could be saved from absolute misery. The Delhi BJP demands that the Government must ensure that prices of edible oil do not go the onion way.

Meanwhile, the Delhi BJP said that a large number of the BJP cadres continue to sell onions at their own initiative at Rs. 25-35 at various places in the national capital. This is being done to give respite to common people, who have been left in the lurch by the Delhi Government.

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

BJP slams Congress for humiliating Purvanchalis, promises to bring affordable housing, provide ration cards to all

·       Chhat Puja to be declared public holiday when BJP comes to power
·       Delhi BJP to give appropriate representation to purvanchalis in assembly tickets
·       BJP  slams Congress for humiliating Purvanchalis, promises to  bring affordable housing,  provide ration cards to all

New Delhi, August 28:  The Delhi BJP will declare “Chhat Puja” to be a public holiday and resolve issues and problems affecting Purvanchali population in the city within a fixed timeframe.  The party will also focus on providing them with affordable housing, ration cards, aadhar cards and ration cards immediately after it comes to power.
The above announcements were made at a press conference jointly addressed by the Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Shri Vijay Kumar Malhotra.
 Addressing the press conference, the two leaders said that with more than 3 million Purvanchalis in the city, the party will give appropriate representation to them in the ticket distribution in the coming assembly polls. The BJP is well aware of the problems Purvanchalis faced and it is committed to resolve these issues.
The BJP leaders slammed the Congress for ignoring problems of Purvanchali community during the last 15 years. They also announced that the BJP will set the new agenda for development Purvanchalis by holding 14 District Level Sammelans in coming days.
The party’s Purvanchal Morcha organised a massive and successful “Purvanchal Sammelan” earlier during the day at Mavlankar Hall in the heart of the city where thousands thronged the venue and vented their ire at the failure of Congress government.
Addressing the Sammelan, former National President and Delhi election in-charge Shri Nitin Gadkari said, “The BJP will declare public holiday on the occasion of Chhat when it comes to power in Delhi.
"Chhat is a Mahaparva. Despite the decade old demand of more than 40 lakh people from Purvanchal demanding declaration of public holiday on this day, Delhi government did not pay heed to this. Now, BJP promises you that we will declare Chhat a public holiday once our party comes to power."
He further said that the entire country is proud of the culture, language and history of the Purvanchal but they have been neglected and humiliated by the Congress government in Delhi for all these years. "Purvanchalis have contributed immensely in the dissemination of ideas and ideology of BJP across the country and party will always remain grateful to them for this. We are also aware of the humiliation and neglect that you have suffered at the hands of Delhi government in past 15 years. Time has come to avenge it. Make sure that not a single Purvanchali vote goes to Congress in the coming elections," said Sh. Gadkari.                      P.T.O

Addressing the Sammelan, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “Delhi's progress would not have been possible without hard work of Purvanchalis.  But the Delhi Chief Minister has attacked their dignity and honour by saying that they are responsible for the problems of Delhi. The Purvanchalis should give a befitting reply to the Congress government.
"40 per cent of Delhi has no sewerage and majority of our Purvanchali brothers and sisters are living in horrid conditions in undeveloped colonies and villages," he added.
Speaking on the occasion, Sh. Navjot Singh Sidhu, MP and Delhi Election Co-Incharge said that even Ram returned to Ayodhya after 14 years of living in forest (vanvas) and it is high time that Purvanchalis too return to power after 15 years of Congress rule. "Even Hanumanji was reminded about his power. So let me tell you that dislodging this government is in your hands. You are the power in Delhi and your vote will decide the future 'King' of Delhi. ," said Sh. Sidhu.
Sh. R K Sinha , Delhi Election Co-Incharge  said, " The Purvanchalis should come out and work hard with the BJP as the party is committed to work for the welfare of Purvanchali community.”
Delhi BJP spokesperson Shri Aman Sinha said, “Inflation, poor public transport and lack of development in unauthorised colonies and JJ clusters has a most severe impact on migrant population in the city  which largely comprises of Purvanchali community. The Congress government has done nothing  for them during last 15 years.

 Sh. Vijay Bhagat, President, Delhi BJP’s  Purvanchal Morcha  said,  "Let us pledge today that we will work with a mission to throw Congress out of Delhi and not rest until the job is done. We also need to pledge that we will not sell ourselves for few rupees or alcohol during the elections. We assure our leaders that they can take us for granted and are ready for any sacrifice for the party." Among others, the Sammelan was also attended by former Delhi BJP President Shri  Vijender Gupta, Smt Poonam Azad,  Shri Lal Bihar Tewari and Shri Anil Jha (MLA).

Delhi BJP to set up development agenda for Purvanchalis at Purvanchal Sammelan

·         Delhi BJP to  set up development agenda for Purvanchalis at Purvanchal Sammelan on Wednesday
·         BJP top  leadership including Shri Gadkari to address the Purvanchal Sammelan
·         Congress government ignored Purvanchalis, challenged their dignity during its 15 years of misrule

The Delhi BJP today slammed the Congress government for ignoring the welfare of Purvanchali people in the city during its 15 years rule. The Delhi BJP will take up the issues concerning Purvnachali people in the city in the “Purvnachal Sammelan” on Wednesday which is organized by the Purvanchal Morcha of Delhi BJP. Among others, it will be addressed by BJP’s former National President and Delhi election in-charge Shri Nitin Gadkari, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and Delhi election co-incharge Shri R.K. Sinha.

In a statement issued today, the Delhi BJP said, “This Sammelan will set up the agenda for development of the Purvnachali people in the city. There are more than 30 lakh Purvanchali people living in Delhi for years contributing to the growth and development of the national capital but they seem to be living themselves on the fringes of development. Nothing has been done by the Congress government in last 15 years to bring civic solutions to the areas having settlements of people from Purvanchal.”

The Delhi BJP had recently converted its Purvanchali cell into Purvanchali Morcha which itself is an indication that the party realizes the need for a bigger effort and greater focus on challenges faced by Purvanchali households in the city.

The Purvanchali people face most basic problem of having an identity in the city as they find it difficult to get registered as voters, get registration of birth and deaths in Delhi, get their children enrolled in good schools, obtaining a ration card, get an LPG connection, get a telephone connection, secure driving license, get an Aadhaar card, get access to banking/opening of bank accounts or post-office savings accounts and be entitled to whatever schemes run by the government.

As a result they are not able to avail benefits of most of the government schemes.

A significant section of of Purvanchali people are compelled to live in unauthorized colonies as they are not able to get affordable houses. The Delhi government has failed to provide low cost affordable housing.  The purvanchalis feel compelled to settle in unauthorized colonies which have been consistently ignored in terms of availability of basic amenities like water, power, roads, sewage etc.

Purvanchal Morcha President Shri Vijay Bhagat said, “The Congress’s government of Delhi has never paid attention to the problems faced by the people from Purvanchal, a large section of whom is compelled to live in poor conditions. The Delhi Government has only made empty promises to Purvanchali people in the 15 years of its continuous misrule.”

While the Purvanchali people have contributed significantly in bringing development to Delhi and changing the face of the city, the Delhi Chief Minister blames the migrant people for rise in crime in Delhi.

Delhi BJP Spokesperson Aman Sinha said, “Instead of admitting her failure in making Delhi a safe city, the Chief Minister blames the migrants for rise in crime in the national capital. The statements made by the Chief Minister in the wake of spate of incidents of crime against women, challenge the dignity of the migrants.”

“Delhi Government has failed to check price rise in the city owing to a large scale mismanagement. The worst impact of this unprecedented hike in prices has been on the migrant population which has a large proportion of Purvanchalis”, added Shri Sinha.

The Delhi BJP is aware of the problems and difficulties faced by the Purvanchali people in Delhi in their day to day lives. 

To affirm party’s commitment to the general welfare of the Purvanchali people in Delhi, the top leaders of the Delhi BJP will interact with the people of Purvanchal at the Mavalankar Hall at the Constitution Club in New Delhi on Wednesday.

Monday, 12 August 2013

Bijali Andolan against the raising rates of electricity on Aug 11, 2013 at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi

Bijali Andolan against the raising rates of electricity

Bijali Andolan Delhi Aug 11, 2013

BJP yesterday virtually kick started its election campaign with a major offensive against Sheila Dikshit government on a range of issues including electricity tariff hikes in the last two years.

Bijali Andolan Delhi

It unveiled a "formula" to cut the power rates by 30 per cent if the party wins the polls.

The party held rally here at Ramlila Ground which was attended by BJP President Rajnath Singh, Delhi election in-charge Nitin Gadkari and senior leaders of the party's Delhi Unit.


Addressing the rally, Singh gave a call to throw out the "corrupt" Congress government in the city while promising to ensure welfare of all sections of the society if BJP comes to power in the polls slated for November.

"This huge, very huge rally at Ramlila Maidan has sent a strong message that now no power in the world can stop the current government in Delhi from losing the election," Singh said.

Speaking on the occasion, Goel alleged a "massive scam" in the power sector in Delhi and claimed that consumers are being "fleeced" by the private power distribution companies in cooperation with the Delhi Government. He unveiled a 10-point formula to bring down the electricity rates by 30 per cent.

"To pay electricity bills, you will soon have to take loans from banks. It's not a BJP rally, it is an 'aakrosh rally'. It is a movement against the exploitation. If voted to power, we will reduce the tariff by 30 per cent. If my formula is followed, the Chief Minister can cut tariff from tomorrow onwards," he said.

Goel is a long-standing aspirant for the chief minister's job but he is confronted by growing dissidence from within, with party stalwarts like V K Malhotra, Vijender Gupta and Aarti Mehra being totally opposed to him.  E2

Friday, 9 August 2013

BJP organizes mass meetings to mobilize support for “Bijly Rally”

Overwhelming support from JJ clusters, unauthorized colonies, lower and middle income groups for the rally

New Delhi, August 9: - On a whirlwind tour across the city to mobilize mass support for the Sunday’s Bijli Andolan Rally at Ramlila Maidan, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel addressed more than a dozen public meetings in the last two days.

The party is focusing specially on JJ clusters, unauthorized colonies and middle and lower income groups in terms of participation in the rally. While Shri Goel held public meetings in Najafgarh, Mehrauli, Mangolpuri, Model Town, Babarpur etc on Thursday, he visited Sultanpuri Majra, Gokulpuri, Mustafabad etc on Friday. Speaking at these public meetings, Shri Goel outlined agenda for the welfare of people that BJP will implement immediately on coming to power in Delhi. 
“Reducing the power tariffs in Delhi is not an impossible task. What is required is the right kind of intention. These hikes in power tariff is the result of unholy nexus between the Delhi government, Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission (DERC) and power distribution companies who have joined hands to fleece the people and fill their own coffers.

To reduce the power tariffs, all we have to do is carry out the independent audit of these power companies, and all you have to do is vote- out this corrupt Congress government from Delhi,” said Shri Goel amidst loud support at a public meeting in Sultanpuri Majra. He further exhorted them to express their support by coming to Ramlila Maidan in large numbers on Sunday.

Talking about the preparations for the rally, Shri Goel said that more than 7000 buses have already been booked to carry party cadres to the grounds while lakhs of people are expected to come on their own - using private or public transport. A huge publicity campaign - in which more than 5000 banners and 1000 hoardings- have also been put across the city in context of the Sunday rally.

The part has held public meetings in almost all 70 assembly constituencies gathering huge support. Special awareness campaigns are being run by all 14 districts and 280 mandals of the party on this issue.

The party has constituted 19 special committees to look after the preparations of this historic event which is a show of people’s strength against anti-people policies of the Congress government in Delhi.

Two Chariots with LCD screens have been specially prepared to go all around the city and expose Congress government by screening special films which exposes Congress’ dubious role in increasing power tariffs. A specially designed awareness campaign on mass media platforms as well as social media has also been launched.

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Workers of Unorganised sectors neglected by Delhi government: Goel

Delhi BJP promises to set up Welfare Board for Unorgansied Workers

New Delhi, August 7: The Delhi Bhartiya Janta Party’s Unorganized Worker’s Morcha today held a “Roji Roti Adhikar Rally”at Jantar Mantar to highlight the government’s apathy towards their pitiable state. Thousands of workers from across the city gathered to hear their leaders on the occasion. Shri Vijay Goel, Delhi BJP President and Shri Anand Sahu, President, Delhi BJP’s Unorganised Workers’ Morcha addressed the workers and promised to resolve their problems once BJP government comes to power in Delhi.

Accepting that the conditions of about 10 lakh people working in unorganized sectors of the capital has become awful due to their neglect by the Delhi government since past 15 years, Shri Goel assured them to look into all the demands of Unorganised Worker’s Morcha immediately after coming to power in Delhi.

“The workers are the back bone of any economy and there can be no real progress if the workers have fail to progress with other sections of the society. Going by this yardstick, the condition of our workers in this city is horrific, thanks to their step-motherly treatment of Delhi government. But, I promise to change all this once our government comes to power in Delhi. All your demands will be met immediately,” Shri Goel declared to the delight of the audience.
Meanwhile, blaming Delhi government for ignoring the conditions of these workers, Shri Sahu demanded constitution of a Welfare Board to look into the grievances of these workers. He further said that introduction of FDI in retail will destroy the ordinary working man as not only will they lose their jobs when foreign companies will come and gobble up the local retail houses but will also sow seeds of foreign rule.

“The Congress government will not rest till it has finished off the common man. The condition of workers in this city is already bad, with introduction of FDI in retail, even those who can barely meet their ends will find it difficult to survive as they will lose their jobs. Those who will manage to save their jobs will have to work like slaves under the inhuman conditions and poor salaries,” said Shri Sahu adding that the only alternative before the people to save themselves from such treatment will be to vote BJP in power.

Former Mayor Meera Aggarwal and Shayam Jaju, National Secretary, BJP also addressed the people on the occasion.

Monday, 5 August 2013

Delhi BJYM takes out silent protest against power tariff

  • Delhi BJYM workers undertake power tariff awareness campaign
  • Delhi BJP to hold Bijli Andolan Rally on August 11 at Ramlila Grounds 

New Delhi, August 5: Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, Delhi Pradesh today staged a silent protest at various places across Delhi over the issue of power tariff hike. The repeated hikes in power tariff in Delhi have hurt the budget of city dwellers. The BJYM workers spread across the city carrying placards aimed at creating awareness among people of Delhi about the anti-people attitude of the Delhi government and the power discoms.
The workers of the BJYM protested at various traffic signals, metro stations, bus stands and all other prominent places across the length and breadth of the national capital. The BJYM workers took out this drive as a prelude to the massive Bijli Andolan rally at Ramlila Grounds by Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel scheduled for August 11, 2013. The objective of the today's protest was to educate the people of Delhi about the unsympathetic behavior of the Sheila Dikshit government with regard to the power needs of the citizens.
Today’s protest by the BJYM evoked huge response at several places in the city including ITO, Rajghat, Patel Chowk Metro Station and Rajiv Chowk Metro Station. Leading the silent protest today, BJYM Delhi President Gaurav Khari said that this was an attempt to spread awareness among people about bad policy making and unabated price rise under the Sheila Dikshit government.

The electricity generation and distribution in Delhi have been mismanaged in the city for over past 15 years, during which period the power tariff has seen a hike of 70%. While the discoms have been found fudging their accounts, the Delhi government has supported these Discoms.

Saturday, 3 August 2013

Chalo Talkatora Stadium – Sunday, 10 am, BJP organizes Jhuggi Jhopri Sammelan

BJP National General Secretary Ananth Kumar, Siddhu, Goel to address the rally

New Delhi, August 3 : To highlight the sordid living conditions in the Jhuggi Jhopri Clusters of Delhi which has gone from bad to worse in the last 15 years of Congress rule, the Delhi Bhartaya Janta Party has called a Jhuggi Jhopri Sammelan (Conference) on Sunday, August 4 at Talkatora Stadium. The Sammelan begins at 10 am and thousands of JJ Cluster dwellers from across the city are expected to reach the venue to lodge their grievances.

The Sammelan will dwell upon the key problems of the JJ Clusters and BJP’s commitment to sort them out on priority basis after coming to power. It will be addressed among others by BJP National General Secretary Shri Ananth Kumar, Delhi election Co-incharge Shri Navjot Singh Siddhu and Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel. 

Giving out information about the Sammelan, Shri Goel said that BJP has always stood by the poorest of poor of the city and fought for their rights and upliftment. “The JJ Sammelan is our attempt to once again expose Congress governmentin Delhi which has forced JJ dwellers to live pathetic conditions. Since this government has ignored them for last 15 years, it will be wishful thinking to imagine that Congress government would do anything to change their plight in last three months of her rule. Now, BJP has taken upon the responsibility to transform the lives of JJ Clusters and it will do so on priority after coming to power.”

He added that the anger among JJ clusters will wipe out Congress in the forthcoming assembly elections.

Shri Goel had unveiled BJP’s “Agenda for JJ Clusters” on Friday in which the party promised to provide house to every JJ household through PPP model. A single point connection of electricity and process of making ration cards will also be initiated for the JJ cluster dwellers. He further promised regular supply of water and electricity along with proper sewage system. “Not just the civic facilities, but we are also concerned about the law and order problems and education of the children living here. We will ensure that a police booth in every JJ cluster is put up and quality education is provided to the children in government schools,” said Shri Goel.

The conditions of the JJ Clusters and people living here can be gauged from the fact that Planning Commission in a 2011 document clearly mentioned that around 70 per cent JJ clusters are not covered by the Delhi Administration when it comes to providing toilets while more than 55 per cent of JJ clusters do not get regular water supply from Delhi Jal Board. The same document also highlighted that 83 per cent of the slums do not have basic infrastructure and services like bus stand, roads, schools and colleges. Similarly, more than 65 per cent JJ clusters are plagued by serious law and order problems including eve teasing.

Friday, 2 August 2013

BJP unveils agenda for JJ clusters, promise single point electricity scheme, ration cards, sewage, better law and order

New Delhi, August 2 : In run up to its upcoming historic rally of JJ clusters on August 4, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today unveiled its agenda for more than 2.2 million residents of Jhuggi-Jhopri clusters in the city by announcing that party will implement a slew of welfare measures for them when it comes to power.

The “Agenda for JJ Clusters” was released on Friday by Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and BJP National General Secretary Shri Dharmendra Pradhan at a press conference held at Delhi BJP office. On this occasion Shri Subhash Sachdeva, Shri Karan Singh Tanwar, Shri Abhay Verma, Shri Jai Prakash (JP), Ms. Pinky Anand and Shri Madhav Prasad were also present.

Addressing a press conference today, the Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said that the BJP will provide house to every JJ household through PPP model. A single point connection of electricity will be provided to the residents. Their ration cards will be made. Basti Vikas kendras will be restarted. Regular supply of water and proper sewage system will be ensured. Special police booths will be provided in view of the law and order issues, especially to check the large number of children going missing.

Shri Goel said, “The Congress government has not done anything for the JJ clusters during the last 15 years. The result is that such large section of the population has to live in inhumane condition.”

The Planning Commission in a 2011 document has clearly said about JJ clusters in Delhi that :-

  • Around 70 per cent JJ clusters are not covered by the Delhi Administration when it comes to providing toilets.
  • More than 55 per cent of JJ clusters do not get regular water supply from Delhi Jal Board
  • 83 per cent of the slums do not have basic infrastructure and services like bus stand, roads, schools and colleges.
  • More than 65 per cent JJ clusters are plagued by serious law and order problems including eve teasing

Add to the above mentioned facts the fact that the much talked about low cost housing schemes for JJ clusters have failed to take off. The CM had announced building 60,000 low cost flats under Rajiv Ratan Awas but only about 14, 000 could be built (are in various stages of construction). No houses have been allotted under this scheme so far.

Similarly DSIIDC announced building 7000 dwelling units for industrial labourers in 2007, but only about 1500 units built in Bawana and Narela areas have been constructed till date.

In Commonweath games, thousands of Jhuggi dwellere were uprooted withour being provided alternative polts. The BJP would like to ask what happened to the houses for Jhuggi dwellers whose foundation was laid prior to previous assembly polls in kathputli Colony, Kusumpur Pahadi(Vasant Vihar) and Kalkaji by senior Congress leaders like Ajay Maken and Subhash Chopra.

The PDS meant to provide cheap rations for JJ clusters has collapsed. For more than 17 lakh ration cards in the city, there are less than 2500 Fair Price shops. The Dilli Annashree Yojana, started with much fanfare in December 2012 has failed to cater to even 8000 families while the government is blatantly lying by claiming on paper more than one lakh beneficiaries. The Annapurna yojana for the destitute has only 72 beneficiaries so far!

The BPL ration card holders are hardly getting rations. Various surveys and reports have pointed out that rations meant for the poor are being pilfered. There is no attempt to weed out fake ration cards. No new ration cards are made for the poor. Only less than one LPG connections have been provided to the poor ration card holders and the rest of them are compelled to buy LPG cylinders from open market at the rate of Rs 120/Kg. They are not being provided with Kerosene oil on ration cards any more leaving little to their choice.

“The BJP will provide LPG cylinders of 4kg at highly subsidised rates to the poor,” said Shri Goel.

The JJ dwellers are charged with huge electricity bills ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 every month. The “Basti Vikas Kendras” set up by the BJP in the JJ clusters have been shut down by the Congress government.

“When the BJP will come to power, the party will provide power to all JJ dwellers through “single point scheme.” They will be provided affordable houses within fixed time frame. A special plan will be prepared to upgrade the provision of basic amenities,” said Shri Goel.

Thursday, 1 August 2013

BJP’s Women delegation meets JNU student victim and kin at Safdarjung hospital;

  • BJP women delegation expresses concern at city becoming increasingly unsafe for women
New Delhi, August 1: A group of women leaders of the Bharatiya Janata Party led by Ms. Pinky Anand, Sr. Advocate, Ms. Sudha Sharma, (President, BJP Mahila Morcha Delhi State) and Ms. Nupur Sharma (Former DUSU President & National Media Co-in-charge, BJYM) visited the victim of Wednesday’s gruesome attack at JNU campus at Safdarjung hospital here today.

Also present were Ms. Mukul Agarwal, General Secretary, BJP Mahila Morcha Delhi State, Ms. Niti Jain, BJYM Delhi State and Ms. Geeta Sudan amongst others. 

Enquiring about the victim’s condition, the BJP delegation spoke to the victim ’s family as well as her friends and classmates present at the hospital. While Ms. Pinky Anand, Sr. Advocate met with the doctors concerned and the victim herself admitted and under-observation at the ICU of the hospital, Ms. Nupur Sharma met with the Medical Superintendent in-charge at the Safdarjung Hospital.

The BJP leaders offered all possible help to ensure speedy recovery of the girl who is said to be critical. The BJP leaders also assured the family that the Delhi BJP will offer any kind of support that is required for the treatment of the girl. The members of the BJP delegation wished for speedy recovery of the girl.

Later in a joint statement, the women leaders said this incident has shocked the residents of Delhi. “The city is increasing becoming unsafe for the women. Such incidents in a prestigious institutions have come as yet another rude shock and reminder that thow unsafe Delhi has become for women.”

“It is time to take some immediate steps and confidence building measures which should act as deterrent for crime against women in any form. All sections have the society have to play an important role in this,” the statement said.