Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Delhi Police wants to save Chief Minister

CBI should file FIR against Sheila Dikshit and others and investigate –Vijender Gupta

Written request by Delhi Police to the CBI for investigation into bungling of thousands of crores by Delhi Government and Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit in the CWG has been termed as a drama of the Congress.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that when Shunglu Committee appointed by the PM to enquire into CWG bungling against Chief Minister and other persons in the Government, CVC, CAG, ED, Technical Committee of CPWD, Delhi Police etc. constitutional and apex investigation agencies have submitted proof of corruption of thousands of crores against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and her Ministers and officers to the Prime Minister and Home Minister then why legal action has not been taken against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit as yet?

            RTI Activist Shri Vivek Garg and his lawyer Shri Hariom Gupta had filed a criminal case in the court of Chief Metropolitan Magistrate of Delhi for filing FIR against Sheila Dikshit for her bungling in the Games.  During the hearing the Court asked the economic offence wing whether any case is made out against the Chief Minister?  Criminal case is made out against her then why legal action has not been taken against her?  In reply the Additional Commissioner of Police submitted in the court that the Delhi Police has written to the CBI for investigation into this case.  Shri Hariom Gupta in his arugment lodged strong protest in the Hon’ble Court and said that only President, Government, Lt. Governor, Supreme Court and High Court can direct the CBI to investigate any case and not the Delhi Police.  The investigation demanded by Delhi Police from CBI is not possible according to rules and law.  It is clear that Delhi Police wants to make the case complicated and drag it for long in order to save Chief Minister.

            Congress President Sonia Gandhi and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will have to answer to the country that why action was not taken under the Indian laws against Chief Minister and her Government for bungling in CWG inspite of the fact that hundreds of proofs were found in this regard.  Prime Minister had announced in the Parliament that the high powered Shunglu Committee appointed by him will file report within three months.  Strong action will be taken under the Indian laws against any person found guilty in the report.  The Shunglu Committee and CAG have directly held Chief Minister and her colleagues guilty of corruption of thousands of crores. The CAG had undertaken special audit of the expenditure in the Games. The Chief Minister has also been found guilty in it.  During the last two years, the CAG has been submitting report in which it has found Delhi Government and the Chief Minister guilty of bungling, but the Prime Minister and Home Minister are not taking any action at all.

            On 6th August, 2004, the Chief Minister and herself written letter to the Prime Minister that she requires 400 crores for the preparations of the Games.  Subsequently this amount increased to 70 thousand crores.  Delhi Government also utilized the funds of Small Saving Schemes for increased expenditure on the Games.  Sheila Dikshit was so much in haste for the loot that she did not follow the instructions of Home Minister and Finance Minister.  Due to this the Chief Minister had differences with Finance Ministry and Home Ministry.  On 21st September, 2011, the Central Government informed Delhi Government that the cost of the Games should not increase by more than 9%.  Inspite of this the cost was increased many hundred times so that they may loot openly.
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Monday, 30 January 2012

Vijender Gupta expresses his concern over accidents at Metro Stations : Sheila Government and DMRC should be jointly responsible for the safety of 9 lakh 57 thousand regular commuters of Metro

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has expressed his concern over the accidents at Metro Stations in the capital.  He told here today that the people of Delhi want to ask Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit that she wants to take the credit of Metro services, but why she is mum on the increasing number of accidents at Metro Stations.  Shri Gupta has demanded that the Chief Minister and DMRC should take the responsibility of safety of 9 lakh 57 thousand commuters on an average every day of Metro Rail. Chief Minister can not escape responsibility of the accidents.  Chief Minister always claims that Metro Rail is her greatest achievements whereas the people of Delhi know that Metro Rail was started by the former Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee.
   He alleged that Chief Minister wants to escape from her responsibility whereas many accidents have taken place in this month. On the 10th January hand of youth was stuck between the doors of Metro train at Tilak Nagar Metro Station and he was dragged to the other station.  On the 23rd January, a youngman fell down on Metro track at Chandni Chowk station.  Delhi Government kept mum on this incident also whereas on 27th January, a young woman jumped from Kanhaiya Nagar Metro Station.  Two days ago leg of a child struck in the gates of Rajiv Chowk Metro Station and leg of a security person was broken and other was injured in trying to save the child.
 He further told that the people use the services of Metro Rail due to lack of good road transport and the income of Metro Rail is increasing day by day, but the commuters are left at the mercy of God.  He told that when income is increasing them why railings are not being fixed at the Metro Stations having much rush.

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Power Companies involved in Sale Tax Scandal of 130 crore, BJP demands CBI inquiry–Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has accused Sheila government of acting in favour of power companies again and again which are looting the people of Delhi and said that the notice given to the Sheila government of Delhi on the bungling committed by the power companies in sale tax evasion of 130 crore rupees by the Lokayukta of Delhi Shri Manmohan Sareen, confirm the allegations of BJP. He has demanded CBI inquiry into this serious case. 

He reveled that some days ago a complaint sent to Lokayukta it was exposed that after privatization of power the three companies evaded sale tax of 130 crore rupees in initial three years and looted public money. He further told that according to policy government concern at that time were entitled to such sale tax exemption only. But the level at which private companies got the benefit shows that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit deliberately kept mum in this case and did not sent reply to the sale tax tribunal for 11 months. As a result the tribunal gave its judgment in favour of power companies. 

Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has also said that in the High Court in this case and when the Court asked about sale tax then Delhi government replied and stated that the power companies should deposit 130 crore rupees in the government treasury. BJP want to know that why the same Sheila government did not give this reply to the sale tax tribunal also ? 

Saturday, 28 January 2012

Government should withdraw bail-out package

Government should lodge criminal case against the power companies who are misrepresenting profit as loss before DERC - BJP

In view of the recent report of the DERC indicating profit by the two Reliance Companies which have shown loss for getting bail-out package, BJP has demanded the DERC and Delhi Government that they should lodge case of fraud and forgery against the power companies which have submitted forged accounts before the DERC.  The bail-out package given to the power companies should be taken back with interest.

          BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the DERC had given orders to all the three companies given bail-out package to submit their regular monthly accounts in the office of DERC.  The DERC in its preliminary examination of the accounts of BSES Rajdhani & BSES Yamuna, the Reliance infrastructure companies found that the information given by the two companies about the purchase of power is full of discrepancies and in place of submitting clear datas about purchase of power the case has been complicated.

          After bail-out package of 500 crore rupees given by the Government to the companies, the DERC had issued orders that the power supply companies should pay 3000 crore rupees to the power producing & transmission companies by the 1st February, 2012.  If the dues are not paid to the production and transmission companies then stern action will be taken against both the companies.

          Referring to indicators in the accounts and the balance with the companies submitted by the power companies the DERC has said that the accounts indicates that after September 2011 both the Reliance Companies had sufficient fund to pay the dues for the purchase and transmission of power.  Yet they did not pay and showed loss in their accounts and also demanded increase in the power tariff. The Government allowed 22% increase in tariff.  Yet they are showing loss.

Friday, 27 January 2012

Barbarous police attack on the people raising voice against corruption by Congress


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Government and police may commit atrocities against the BJP workers but the public movement of BJP against corruption in Government, bungling in Commonwealth Games, price spiral and anti people policies will continue till the Congress is not decimated. Today, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and six other senior leaders of the party appeared before Patiala House Court in a case lodged by the police. The Court has fixed 25th April, 2012 as the date of next hearing and for getting bail. This case relates to the incident, when more than 10 thousand workers under the leadership of Pradesh President were going to submit a memorandum to the Central Home Minister against corruption in Commonwealth Games on 24th February, 2011. The Government with the help of police resorted to barbarous lathi charge on BJP workers. More than 200 workers were injured out of which 34 were seriously injured. The Government in spite of its police action lodged cases against BJP workers under serious sections as if the BJP workers were dreaded criminals. The police lathi charge of 24th February, 2011 was raised in the Parliament by hon’ble Lal Krishna Advani on 25th Feb, 2011 due to which the proceeding of Parliament was stalled. 

The leaders against whom cases of serious offences have been lodged by the police and for which there was hearing in the Patiala House Court are, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Shri Pawan Sharma, Sardar R.P. Singh, Shri Pravesh Verma, Smt. Shikha Rai, Shri Mahendra Gupta and Rajeshwar Nagpal. 

Shri Gupta told that heavy corruption was committed in the Commonwealth Games. The Central and Delhi Government committed bungling of crores in the Games. This has been confirmed by the Shunglu Committee formed by the Prime Minister. The CAG has also said that Delhi Government committed bungling in the Commonwealth Games and it presented the report before the country after making full assessment. But no legal action has been taken against the Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit and other persons who are involved in corruption. Contrary to it when the BJP workers raised their voice against corruption then the administration and Delhi police resorted to barbarous lathi charge and lodged criminal cases against us. 

Shri Gupta told that Home Minister P. Chidambaram had assured that impartial enquiry will be held in the case of police atrocities but the Government has neither taken any legal action against any person nor any impartial enquiry has been done. Shri Gupta told that we will not bow before the atrocities of the Government and workers will continue their movement against corruption and anti people policies with more vigour. 

Conditions after reservation of seats for women in MCD


After the announcement of seats for women in the MCD by the Election Commission, BJP Delhi will convene an important meeting of the party and select suitable candidates for the seats and decide its strategy according to the conditions arising out of reservation of seats.

This was announced by the Pradesh President. He told that all the issues related to elections and reservation of seats will be seriously considered in the meeting. After that the work of forming strategy from the point of view of elections will be completed. According to new reservation formula the seats for male councilors in the three corporations of 272 seats, is now 134 seats. Total seats for the male councilors have decreased by 47. The number of female seats is now 138 which was earlier 91 only. In view of these equations BJP will form its strategy, so that it may win in all the three corporations. 

Shri Gupta has appealed to lakhs of BJP workers of Delhi that in view of new equations and reservation of seats, form strategy and become more active. Door to door contact campaign is the most effective one with the help of which the common man is acquainted with the policies, directions and programmes of the party. Hence the BJP workers should start giving the details of the public service programmes of BJP visiting door to door. The workers should utilize their entire strength to solve the problems of the area. 

It may be mentioned that the BJP in its five year tenure in the MCD started the facility of E-Governance. Mechanized sweeping has been started on selected roads. Lighting system has improved in the capital. The quality of roads under MCD has also improved. With the efforts of Mayor Rajni Abbi and Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Primary Schools have been open or foundations laid in the remote villages in which there was no facility for education. The BJP workers should apprise the people about it and resolve to make the BJP candidates victorious in MCD elections. 

Thursday, 26 January 2012

Government doing injustice with farmers


Former National President of BJP Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi said here today that till the farmers of the country are poor, our republic is incomplete. He accused Congress Party of doing injustice to the farmers. Addressing thousands of farmers in a public meeting organized by BJP Najafgarh district told that Government is exploiting farmers. Disparity in the country is increasing so much that the rich are becoming richer and the poor are becoming poorer which is not a good sign for developing country. It is unfortunate that India is an agricultural country but the policies of Congress Government are not in favour of the farmers. Due to this, the farmers, who are producer, are being highly neglected. In the coming years, we will see dangerous consequences of it.

Presiding over the meeting BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijender alleged that Delhi Congress Government has been acquiring the land of the farmers by force during the last 13 years. As compensation, they were not provided employment for the members of their family or the children of the farmers. The Government failed to provide any employment to them. It is unfortunate that the Government could not provide jobs or any type of employment to them. Criticizing the Government, he told that the Governments of Delhi have enforced Delhi by laws in the rural areas also.

Besides the Pradesh President, National Kisan Morcha President Om Prakash Dhankad, Pradesh Kisan Morcha President Raj Kumar Ballan, Jagdish Mukhi, Pawan Sharma, Pravesh Verma, Kamaljeet Sehrawat, Shikha Rai, Suman Prakash Sharma, Devendra Dabas etc. leaders addressed the meeting today. The Convenor of the meeting was Kisan Morcha President of Najafgarh District Shri Devender Dabas. 

Wednesday, 25 January 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh Kisan Morcha will stage a massive rally in Najafgarh tomorrow on the problems being faced by lakhs of villagers of Delhi and warn Delhi Government that it should solve their problems otherwise resign. Former BJP National President Dr. Murli Manohar Joshi, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Leader of the Opposition in Delhi State Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra etc. leaders will address the rally.

During the last 104 years the population of the 375 villages of Delhi has increased by five times, but the Congress Government has not extended the Lal Dora area of the villages even by an inch. Congress Government takes the help of bulldozers for crushing the population of the farmers living outside Lal Dora areas due to increase in the number of family members and demolishes their houses. DDA acquires the land of the farmers at dirty cheap rates and benefits by selling the land at the rate of crores of rupees per acre, but the DDA is not concerned about the problems of the farmers.

Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded that it should immediately improve the condition of all the farmers, villages and the rural areas of Delhi.  The farmers should be given all the basic amenities like filtered water, sewer system, community centres, schools, hospitals, public transport, play grounds, industries, employment, women & child welfare facilities, universities, medical college etc.  All the villages should be connected with pucca roads. The villages should also be crime free. Out of the land acquired from the farmers 20% developed land should be given to the farmers so that they may maintain his family with respect.  BJP has also demanded pension to the senior citizens.

Kisan Morcha Pradesh President Shri Raj Kumar Ballan has demanded that the 2.81 lakh acre land under farming should be declared green area by the Government and this land should not be acquired in any condition.  The farmers owning agricultural land should be provided seed, water, power, fertilizer and equipment. Government should also provide subsidy on the agricultural product and Government agencies should purchase their products so that the farmers may be freed from middlemen and touts.

Political speech in Republic Day function by the Chief Minister strongly condemned: Sheila Dikshit should apologise to the people - Vijender Gupta

Strongly criticising the speech by Chief Minister of Delhi Smt. Sheila Dikshit in a function organised on the occasion of Republic Day, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that she has misused the forum of a programme organised on the occasion of Republic Day. He told that the Chief Minister has forgotten that only some months ago our country had to face embarrassment before the international community due to corruption in CWG. 

He told that justifying the trifurcation of MCD in Republic Day function is open misuse of the forum. He added that the Chief Minister had said that Metro is the biggest achievement of the country. The Chief Minister has perhaps forgotten that the foundation of Metro Rail was laid and the services started during the tenure of former PM Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee and Mr. Sridharan called as Metroman was also appointed by Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee. He told that claiming about the development work done by the BJP in Delhi as her own is unbecoming of a Chief Minister. 

He expressed surprise that even after many comments of Lokayukta, reports of CAG and Shunglu Committee, the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and her favourite Minister have not resign. Making indecent statement on the occasion of Republic Day, she has offended the feelings of the people of Delhi.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Today is National Girl child day

Shameful for the Government, female foeticide continues in Delhi - Vijender Gupta

  Expressing its grave concern over continuance of female foeticide on large scale in Delhi where the Chief Minister is a women, BJP has held the Chief Minister and Delhi Government directly responsible for it.  Terming the decline in the sex ratio of 866 girls for 1000 boys as shameful for the Chief Minister, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Delhi Government is completely indifferent towards preventing female foeticide.  This continues openly in the capital but the Government has neither apprehended any guilty Doctor nor it has initiated any campaign in Delhi to prevent female foeticide.

          Today is the national girl child day.  On this occasion the Women and Child Development Minister of Delhi Kiran Walia has admitted that foeticide continues in the capital.  In order to stop it change in the mind set of the society is necessary.  BJP has raised a question to the Delhi Government, Chief Minister and Minister Kiran Walia that when the average sex ratio in India is 940 then why it has declined to 866 in the capital Delhi?  Is not Delhi Government and the women Chief Minister responsible for it?  If female foeticide continues in the capital then what measures have been taken by Delhi Government to stop it?

          The ratio of girl child in various districts in Delhi is follows : North-West 862, North Delhi 871, Delhi 866, North-East Delhi 886, East Delhi 883, New Delhi 811, Central Delhi 892, West Delhi 876, South-West 836 and South Delhi 859.  Delhi Government says that Delhi is world class city, but the sex ratio of girl child is lower than Rajasthan, U.P., Haryana.  This figure in Rajasthan 926, U.P. 908 and Haryana 877.  Whereas in Delhi this ratio is at shameful level at 866.  Although Delhi Government has framed schemes on paper and spent crores of rupees to improve sex ratio, but the Government failed in preventing foeticide.  In Delhi foeticide continues and the Government celebrates Rashtriya Balika Divas after spending lakhs of rupees of public money in Talkatora Stadium.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Foundation stone laid for primary school in Posangipur (Janakpuri)

Privatisation of water supply in Delhi, plan to recover 10 times higher charges - Vijender Gupta

Laying foundation stone of a school building in Posangipur today, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told the people present on the occasion that the Congress Government is going to privatise water supply in entire country and wants to recover 10 times higher charges.  Congress Government has made a beginning for it in the capital.  The poor people of Delhi will be forced to pay 10 times higher charge for water now.  If the arrear is more than one thousand then the recovery agents will visit the consumer's houses and will go away only after recovering the money.  The Congress Government has framed anti people water policy for privatising for water supply. 

          Shri Gupta was addressing parents, BJP workers and enlightened citizens present on the occasion of laying foundation stone of primary school being constructed at the cost of Rs. 2.55 crores in ward No. 117 of Janakpuri.  This school will run in two shifts and more than two thousand childrens will get education in this school.  With the help of this lakhs of school children will be educated in future as a educated citizen they will contribute in the development of the country.

          He further said that Congress has been ruling Delhi for the last 13 years.  but the condition of DJB is deteriorating in providing services whereas Chief Minister is herself the Chairperson of DJB.  It is surprising that out of the two crore citizens of the capital, the DJB does not provide water to one crore citizens.  There is theft of water with the connivance of the Government, DJB and water mafia in the capital.  DJB says that this is leakage of water.  In the other Metropolitan cities of the country only 10 to 15 percent water is wasted due to leakage.  But bungling of crores of rupees is committed every month in Delhi in the name of leakage by the water mafia.

          Councillor Promila Ghai and many office bearers of West Delhi, senior leaders and workers were present in the foundation laying programme today.  The parents thanked the MCD and Pradesh President for opening the school because the people were waiting for a school since long.

Sunday, 22 January 2012


Expressing its grave concern over the sense of insecurity felt by women of the capital, BJP has said that what can be more shameful than the fact that the women of such a state feel insecure in which a women is the Chief Minister. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Chief Minister and Delhi Police that they should take such majors so that the women may feel secure. If the Government feels itself helpless in protecting the women then the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit should resign on moral grounds. He expressed these views in the context of a report of the survey conducted by Delhi Government. 

Women and Child Development Department of Delhi Government had conducted a survey among the women, girl students and Resident Welfare Association whether the women of the capital feel safe after getting out of their houses? The results of the survey are quite surprising. Women, school and college going girl students, house wives told the surveyor that anytime in the day they did not feel safe anywhere and in the capital. The reason is that while walking on the roads, lane, foothpath etc. the danger is that any anti social element, criminal can easily loot or tease them while they are alone and escape easily. 

In Delhi the women have no option but to walk on the roads, streets and narrow lanes. Most of the women told that they have to take the help of their family members while going to Metro Stations and returning home from there. Travelling on rickshaw, auto or walking on footpath is not safe. There is no sufficient arrangement of security in the evening or during night on the roads and lanes of Delhi. Taking advantage of it, the criminal elements snatch away chain, purse, mobile etc. and also tease them and easily escape. If any women protest then that women is attacked by knife. Some days ago, drivers of the Chief Minister after getting intoxicated, indulged in eve teasing of two girls student in Model Town area. The girl student called their brother on mobile and only after they could save themselves.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

BJP women workers protest and burn effigy against insulting comments of senior Congress leader against women

Hundreds of women workers agitated due to insulting comments against national leader Ms. Uma Bharati during election campaign by a senior Congress leader of U.P. Pramod Tiwari staged demonstration at 24 Akbar Road, the national Headquarters of Congress Party under the leadership of Pradesh President Ms. Shikha Rai and burnt effigy of Congress Party. Agitated women workers were raising slogans 'Congressiyon Hosh Mein Aao - Mahilao Ka Samman Karo', 'Mahila Samman Kar Na Sake Jo Woh Sarkar Chalane ke Kabil Nahi' etc. 

Addressing the women workers at the site of demonstration Pradesh Vice President Shri Pawan Sharma and Mahila Morcha President Shikha Rai told that in cultured country like India where women are worshipped even today, insulting comments by any political leader can not be forgiven. The people know the truth. They will never votes for the candidates of the Congress Party which has insulted the women. 

Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that apprehensive of its defeat in five States Congress Party has become furious. Some times his prince Rahul Gandhi is saying that Uma ji is outsider whereas the Congress President is herself of foreign origin. Now Tiwari has also used insulting language against Uma ji. He has advised the leaders to restrain their language and no body will accept the insulting words used against women. 

Mrs. Simmi Jain, Balwaninder Kaur, Mamta Nagpal, Sandhya Verma, Sudha Sharma, Simmi Garg, Renu Sharma and many other women leaders besides hundreds of other workers participated in the demonstration today and warned the Congress Party that if any of its leaders will use insulting words against women then the consequences will be serious. 

DTC's name should be changed to 'Dirty Transport Corporation' - B.J.P

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that due to corruption in Delhi Government not only the public transport system in Delhi has collapsed, but also become almost dead for which the Chief Minister is fully responsible. 

          The CAG of India should enquire into the bungling in DTC and after that CBI should investigate into it because since the last 10-12 years this bungling continues and this is in the series of bungling committed by Delhi Government and this may be bigger than CWG bungling on the basis of financial irregularities in it. 

          A new way of earning by political leaders has been invented in the name of cluster buses in Delhi.  These buses earn less then 40 Rs. per km whereas Rs. 55 per km. are being paid for running it.  Due to this crores of public money are being looted. 

          The name of DTC run by the Government should be changed to 'Dirty Transport Corporation'. Uncontrolled drivers, running condemned buses after repairing, showing five thousand buses on the roads, but actually only half of this number is running, heavy bungling in the purchase of buses, increasing loss, open violation of traffic rules, incidents of pick pocketing every day, but not lodged by the Police and every day accidents are the character of DTC.

          The people were afraid of blue line buses, but now the credit for such terror is being given to the DTC buses.  The surprising, regrettable and shameful fact is that the DTC buses which transport the children to the schools are very often old and mechanically weak buses which can be the cause of a big accident.

          In the name of improvement in the transport system of Delhi not only bungling was committed in the purchase of low-floor buses, the people are compelled to use the low-floor buses of the DTC which has not the full capacity to provide transportation to the poor people who have to use DTC for earning their livelihood and this has added to their sufferings.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Corruption in Commonwealth Games

Bail to Kalmadi but No action against Sheila Dikshit accused of corruption of crores - Vijender Gupta

          New Delhi, 19th January.  BJP has asked the Home Minister of India that why no legal action is being taken against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit accused of corruption in Commonwealth Games whereas the CAG of India and Shunglu Committee appointed by the Prime Minister had proved corruption in crores by her? 

          Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Central Government is fully trying to save Chief Minister of Delhi who is the main accused persons of corruption.  Hence small player like Suresh Kalmadi had to go to jail for nine months, but the main accused of corruption of crores, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is scot free.  Why no stern action has been taken against her inspite of the report of the CAG?  He further said that BJP will not allow the Congress Government to succeed in saving the Chief Minister.  It will have to account for each paisa of hard earned money of the people wasted in corruption in the CWG.

          Shri Gupta told that after the bail of the Chairman of O.C. Suresh Kalmadi the responsibility of investigating agencies has increased.  Now they should take legal action against main accused persons immediately and should not allow covering up the case.  BJP has been alleging corruption of thousands of crores in the CWG at the instance of Delhi Government and Chief Minister of Delhi.

          The CAG and Shunglu Committee had confirmed it one year ago.  It has been alleged in the report of CAG in 2012 tabled in Delhi Legislative Assembly that Delhi Government worked on 40 projects related to Games.  Out of these 15 projects are still incomplete.  CAG has again accused Delhi Government of corruption of crores in the Game projects.  Inspite of this the Central Government is not taking any action.

BJP condemns Delhi Government decision

Appointing Recovery Agents for DJB dues is an oppressive & despotic decision - Vijender Gupta 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has termed the decision to appoint private agents for the recovery of bills of Delhi Jal Board as a despotic decision and said that this decision of Delhi Government is one more step in the direction of privatisation of water supply. This decision will lead to oppression of poor consumers and increase corruption. 

The Chairperson of DJB is the Chief Minister herself, but inspite of it she has completely failed to curb water theft being committed in the name of water leakage. DJB is the most corrupt department of Delhi Government. In place of punishing the corrupt Engineers and Officers of DJB which has become a den of corruption, Government has always tried to cover up their corruption. The truth is that water theft in Delhi is being committed with the connivance of DJB and private water mafia since years. Many high profile persons of the ruling party are involving in it. Hence the Chief Minister has not taken any concrete steps to end corruption in the DJB in her 13 years tenure. 

 Shri Gupta told that now water is being supplied at higher rates than the power. Although water is more costly yet 50% of Delhi's population is not being supplied filtered water. People are getting supply of water from private sources at any cost. During the last three years the water charges have increased by 250%. Inspite of this hefty bills are being served to the people. Notice for disconnection of water supply is being served in case of failure to pay the bill. Earlier in the slum clusters and rehabilitation colonies water bill of only Rs. 150 was being served. Now this bill is of less then Rs.1600. In the year 2008 the minimum water charge was zero. Now this charge is Rs. 2.20 per kilo litre. In addition sewer charge at the rate of 60% is also being recovered. DJB is recovering minimum of Rs. 27.50 per kilo litre from the poor also. Besides this service charge is also recovered. Under commercial category the maximum charge is Rs. 110 per kilo liter. Nowhere in the country water supply is so much costly. 

According to the latest rates of DJB if any person uses 110 or more kilo litre of water then he will have to pay at the rate of Rs. 110 per kilo liter. Besides this he will have to pay service charge of Rs. 990 also. In West Delhi the people are complaining of arbitrary bills. In Janak Puri, Vikas Puri, Tilak Nagar, Rajouri Garden, Tagore Garden, Punjabi Bagh, Moti Nagar etc. areas, bill for the period of two months is of 4 to 8 thousand rupees. When people complaint nobody listens to them. They are also being threatened of disconnection of water supply.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

All the parties agree to reserve first seat for women

BJP demands reasonable reservation of seats for women and SC

 In the all party meeting with the State Election Commission, the BJP delegation has demanded that the MCD elections should be held in the second week of April.  Delhi Government should delegate all the powers related to elections to the State Election Commissioner through a notification so that the Election Commissioner may complete the process of reservation of seats etc. for the MCD elections.  This way the State Election Commission will get all the constitutional and legal rights to conduct these elections in a transparent and impartial manner.

          The BJP delegation included Leader of the Opposition in Legislative Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Leader of the MCD House Shri Subhash Arya and Pradesh General  Secretary Pravesh Verma.  BJP demanded to make the reservation of seats reasonable, transparent and legally valid so that it may not be challenged in the court.  It was demanded that for the purpose of reserving 50% seats for women, seat No. 1 to 272 should be reserved in such a manner that the ratio of seats reserved for women and women of S.C. and seats for general category are equal in number.

          It may be mentioned that in the year 2011 the Central Home Ministry delegated the Delhi Government powers to issue notification for the reservation of seats by amending the MCD Act BJP delegation has demanded that this right should be delegated to the State Election Commissioner so that the notification for MCD elections may be issued by the Election Commissioner immediately.

          Delegation pointed out that there are four holidays in the first week of April.  If election date are declared in the first week then it will affect the voters because the voters may plan other programmes and will not turn out in large numbers which will affect the result.  Shri Vijender Gupta told that there is uncertainty among all the political parties regarding elections.  There is short time for the parties to make preparations and select candidates for the elections.  Hence the election notification should be issued immediately so that parties may start their election preparations.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Promise of the Government to provide pucca houses to the EWS is an election stunt

Government should issue white paper on providing pucca flats to EWS of Delhi - B.J.P. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Government that it should issue a white paper on providing pucca houses to the EWS of the capital under Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna so that it may be ascertained that whether the Government really wants to provide houses to the EWS or it is only showing golden dreams on the occasion of MCD elections. 

In the Cabinet meeting yesterday, Delhi Government has decided that the houses under Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna will be allotted by the month of March this year. The J.J. dwellers belonging to S.C. category will be provided houses free of cost. S.C./S.T./Minority Welfare department will bear the cost of initial deposit required from these categories. Cabinet has also decided that the cut-off date for eligibility under this scheme will be extended from 31-12-2002 to 31-12-2007. On this basis people who became residents upto 2007 will be eligible for allotment of houses. 

BJP Pradesh President said that this promise of the Government is an election stunt for securing votes because the Government is talking about allotting 13,700 flats by March, 2012 whereas by the second week of February the ideal code of conduct will come into force for MCD elections. The Government will not be able to allot houses to the poor after the code of conduct comes into force. The Government also knows it hence it is trying to mislead the EWS of Delhi. 

BJP has also raised to some questions to Delhi Government. Has the Government conducted any survey of EWS eligible for houses under Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna? Has the Government the datas of the poor in Delhi. About two lakh people have applied for flats under this scheme who are eligible by the year 2002? 

After extending the period to 2007 this number will increase to 10 lakh. Will Delhi Government be able to provide houses to 10 lakh people? Government has said that slum clusters of Delhi will be removed from Delhi by the year 2015. Has the Government frame any strategy that after 2015 there will not be any slum in Delhi or allowed to come up? The reality is that the Government has no authentic data of the poor in Delhi. 

Monday, 16 January 2012


BJP Legislator from Palam Constituency Shri Dharmdev Solanki has alleged that due to political rivalry 12 lakh people in his Assembly Constituency and neighboring areas have been deprived of the supply of drinking water. The Water Command Tank No. 1 situated in Sector-7, Dwarka is waiting for supply of the water for the last 8 years but the Chairperson of DJB Chief Minister has not arranged water for command tank. 

Shri Solanki told that he met the Chief Minister dozen times on the issue of water supply. He also raised this issue in Legislative Assembly. He also staged Dharna/Demonstration with the people of the affected area but the deaf and dumb Delhi Government did not listen and lakhs of people are craving for even a glass of water. The people living in Palam Village, Raj Nagar-1, Raj Nagar-2, Vijay Enclave, Bengali Colony, Madrasi Colony, Mahavir Vihar, Nursypur Village, Kailashpuri, Durga Park, Nursypur Pocket-6 Dwarka, Pocket-13 DDA Park, Sadh Nagar, Manglapuri, Palam Main Bazar etc. are craving for portable drinking water even after 64 years of independence. 

Senior BJP Legislator Shri Solanki has requested the Chief Minister that she should start supply of filtered water through pipeline in the Water Command Tank No.1 so that the people may get drinking water. If the CM does not do justice with the people of Palam area and continues her political revenge then thousands of citizens of the area will gherao the residence of Chief Minister. He told that many citizens are ready to commit self immolation on this issue. Warning the Chief Minister, Shri Solanki told that if the problem of water supply is not solved then he will be compelled to commit mass self immolation at CM residence. If this happens then the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit will be fully responsible for it.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

BJP stages Dharna-Demonstration at 70 places to protest against corruption in Commonwealth Games: burn effigies of Delhi Govt.

 Thousands of BJP workers agitated protested in all over Delhi due to the failure of the Govt. to take any criminal or legal action against any Congress leader in spite of the fact that the CAG has again confirmed bungling of thousands of crores by Delhi Govt. in the Commonwealth Games, workers burnt effigies of Sheila Govt. at 70 places of the capital.

The workers came out in groups in Nangloi East, Mangol Puri, Rohini South, Chirag Delhi, Grater Kailash, Maujpur, GTB Nagar, Bhalswa Jahangir Puri, Mukherjee Nagar, Uttam Nagar, Bindapur, Narela, Libaspur, Preet Vihar, Chitranjan Park, Endruz Ganj, Punjabi Bagh, Subhash Nagar, Rajauri Garden, Madipur, Hari Nagar, Kondali, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Tuglakabad, Harkesh Nagar, Sangam Vihar, Rampura, Shakur Pur, Narayana, East Patel Nagar, Moti Nagar, Minto Road, Palam, Pushp Vihar, Mangol Puri East, Kamruddin Nagar, Peeragarhi, Mudaka, Prem Nagar, Nithari, Jharoda, Malka Ganj, Bhajanpura, Timarpur, Chohan Bangar, Tukmirpur, Ghonda, Matiyala, Nawada, Rohini North, Bakhtawarpur, Punthkala, Bhalswa, Ghondali, Shahpur Jat, Kotala, Munirka, Vikas Puri, Nangal Rai, Vinod Nagar, Tehkhand, Shalimar Bagh, Jahangir Puri, Pusa, Dev Nagar, Mahavir Enclave etc places and demanded the resignation of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and her Govt. and on many crossings the agitated workers burnt the effigies of Govt.

Addressing the demonstrators at Narela BJP Delhi Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta told that in spite of heavy corruption of thousands of crores no action has been taken against completely corrupt Delhi Govt. and Smt. Sheila Dikshit because she has the protection of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress President Sonia Gandhi. This is the reason why even after providing proofs by the CAG, Shunglu Committee, CVC etc the top investigating agencies have not taken any action against the Chief Minister and other corrupt persons. Now the people will have to come in the streets and demand the account of 76 thousand crores of public money from the corrupt Congress Govt. which have been wasted on the Games.

Besides Pradesh President, Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra, National Genl. Secy. Sh. Vijay Goel, Nation Secy. Sh. Shyam Jaju, Sh. O.P. Kohli, Sh. Om Prakash Dhankar, Sh. Rameshwar Prasad Chaurasia, Smt. Meenakshi Lekhi, Sh. Mange Ram Garg and Pradesh Office bearers, Lagislators also led the demonstrators at various places. S/Sh. Pawan Sharma, Vijay Jolly, R.P. Singh, Satish Upadhyay, Vishakha Sailani, Dr. Kanwar Sen, Radheyshyam Sharma, Imran Ismail, Ramesh Bidhuri, Pravesh Verma, Ashis Sood, Narender Tondon, Birender Jual, Simmi Jain, Rajan Tiwari, Ravinder Gupta, Kuljeet Chahal, Kamaljeet Sehrawat, Urmila Choudhary, Sunil Yadav, Anil Goel, Rajkumar Ballan,

Krishan Lal Dhillor, Shikha Rai, Meva Ram Arya, Sambit Patra, Virender Sachdeva, Subhash Arya, Sarita Choudhary, Anil Sharma, Harish Khurana, Rajesh Yadav, Parmanand and Legislators S/Sh. Jagdish Mukhi, Shyamlal Garg, Manoj Shokeen, Harsharan Singh Balli, Sahib Singh Chauhan, Mohan Singh Bisht, Anil Jha addressed the demonstrators.

Addressing thousands of demonstrators Sh. Gupta told that BJP wants all round development of Delhi. Hence during the tenure of former Prime Minister Sh. Atal Bihari Vajpayee an honest and hard working officer like Mr. Sridharan was appointed to head the Metro Rail project of Delhi and the Congress Govt. appointed person like Suresh Kalmadi so that corruption may be committed in the Commonwealth Games. The basic difference between Congress and BJP. He further said our party always utilizes every paisa of public money in a proper way but when the Congress comes to power it starts loot of public money. He got the worker to resolve that they will not remain silent till the Congress Govt. is removed and BJP Govt. formed . He further told that BJP will continue its agitation till Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and other persons involved in corruption are sent to jail.

Saturday, 14 January 2012


Delhi Pradesh BJP will protest against the corruption committed by Congress Government in Commonwealth Games and demand their arrest, thousands of workers of BJP Delhi Pradesh will stage protest demonstration and padhyatra at Nangloi East, Mangol Puri, Rohini South, Chirag Delhi, Grater Kailash, Maujpur, GTB Nagar, Bhalswa Jahangirpuri, Mukherjee Nagar, Uttam Nagar, Bindapur, Narela, Libaspur, Preet Vihar, Chitranjan Park, Endruj Ganj, Punjabi Bagh, Subhash Nagar, Rajouri Garden, Madipur, Hari Nagar, Kondali, Mayur Vihar Phase-1, Tuglakabad, Harikesh Nagar, Sangam Vihar, Rampura, Shakurpur, Narayana, East Patel Nagar, Moti Nagar, Minto Road, Palam, PushpVihar places of Delhi. 

These demonstrations will be led by BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta, Leader of Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra and BJP Pradesh Office Bearers Ramesh Bidhuri, Pravesh Verma, Ashish Sood and Legislators Jagdish Mukhi, Manoj Shokeen, Harsharan Singh Balli, Sahib Singh Chauhan, Mohan Singh Bist, Anil Jha. Pradesh President will participate in protest demonstrations at Andrews Ganj, Narela and Rohini and demand resignation of the Chief Minister. 

CAG has submitted its latest report on the corruption in Commonwealth Games this year and this was led on the table of the house yesterday. In this report the CAG rejected all the replies and explanations given by the Government regarding corruption in the Games. These replies and explanations were baseless. Delhi Government committed bungling of thousands of crores deliberately which was confirmed by the CAG in the year 2010 and 2011 also. The Shunglu Committee formed by the PM also corruption in the Commonwealth Games. 


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded the Central Government that Delhi Government should be dismissed immediately and a Judicial Commission under the Chairmanship of a Delhi High Court Judge be constituted to enquire into the bungling in Commonwealth Games by the Chief Minister because according to CAG bungling of thousands of crores of public money was committed in awarding contracts disregarding all the rules in a planned manner. 

Shri Gupta told that CAG on the basis of the records provided by Delhi Government proved bungling of thousands of crores under the patronage of the Chief Minister of Delhi but she is holding the officers responsible for it and using political pressure to escape responsibility. Everyone knows that bureaucrats cannot commit bungling of such large scale at their own level and swindle away thousands of crores. 

He said that the IOA had estimated expenditure of 1200 crores for the Commonwealth Games at the initial stage. But it was increased 7 times to Rs. 18,532 crores subsequently. Piece meal decisions were taken under a well considered strategy for this purpose. 

Shri Gupta alleged that due to the incompetence of Delhi Government out of the 40 Games projects which should have been completed before the start of the Games 18 projects are still incomplete. CAG rejected all the arguments given by Delhi Government in its favour on the basis of the records and found that all the charges of bungling given in the report are true. 

Shri Vijender Gupta told that since this is the case of the Congress Chief Minister of Delhi hence efforts are being made to cover it up for one and a half year. All the circumstances of this case are like the 2G scam in which a non Congress Minister A. Raja is in jail. Suresh Kalmadi has also been sent to jail for bungling in Commonwealth Games on the basis of CAG report. Although the circumstances are similar against the Chief Minister of Delhi yet the Central Government is not taking any action due to political pressure. 

If the present Chief Minister continues on her post then there is possibility that the documents related to the bungling may be tampered with and all the efforts will be made to implicate the bureaucrats for it. The CAG in his report on Commonwealth Games has clearly noted that at the time of awarding contracts the consultants and contractors were selected without following the criteria fixed for it. 

He further told that the CAG in his report has clearly shown that there was no need for street escaping. The work which could be completed for 5 crore rupees was completed after spending 51 crore rupees. Those consultants who were found unfit even for work of 30 crore rupee were awarded work for 204 crore rupees. According to the Delhi police the wireless set given to it were useless and said that these were purchased without taking into consideration the needs of Delhi police and other Agencies and these were purchased more than needed. Even the Special Police Commissioner termed this system as failure. 

According to audit report the contractors who were awarded contracts for Talkatora and Shivaji Stadium were not technically competent for these works. Not only this, 3 crore rupees extra was paid for steel work out of the Nut & Bolt account in Tyagraj Stadium. 

In Barapoola Nala project extra payment was made for fixed quantity of steel of about 3 crore rupees. It is surprising that in its first reply to the CAG, Delhi Government had said that no soil testing was done for Barapoola Nala project but now it is saying that soil testing was done. 

In spite of high rates paid for Street Lighting system the concerned firm completed the work in 21 months which should have been completed in 12 months but no penalty was imposed for it.

Friday, 13 January 2012

Vijender Gupta asks 10 questions to the Chief Minister in a Dharna at R.K. Puram


Accusing the Delhi Government of making the condition of the capital from bad to worse in a big Dharna organized against Delhi Government in R.K. Puram today, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta said that the Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit misled the people of Delhi on the issue of unauthorized colonies in her vote of thanks on the address of the Lt. Governor in Delhi Legislative Assembly. He alleged that the Chief Minister betrayed 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies and has asked 10 questions related to regularization of unauthorized colonies:-

  1. According to the notification of Government of India dated 2nd June, 2008, the responsibility of fixing the boundaries of unauthorized colonies was of the Delhi Government. Chief Minister should answer whether boundary of a single colony has been fixed in the last four years, if not, who is responsible for it?

  1. Fictitious provisional certificates were issued on the vacant lands. Chief Minister should answer why FIR or any criminal case was not filed against any person in spite of such a big land scam?

  1. In October, 2008 after issuing provisional certificates, it was claimed that the colonies have been regularized. Chief Minister should answer why not a single development work has been done according to the norms of regularization colonies which have been issued provisional certificates? Is it not a fraud with the common man?

  1. Congress party issued provisional certificates for regularization of unauthorized colonies but why there is ban on development work. Chief Minister should state why there is ban on constructing any building?

  1. Chief Minister should also state that if boundary of any colony could not be fixed during the last four years then how the boundaries of 1500 colonies will be fixed within 15 days? 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies demand answer to it.

  1. Chief Minister should also state that the procedure of layout plans of how many colonies have been completed according to Section-313 of the MCD Act?

  1. According to the directions of Supreme Court only those colonies may be regularized in which there is more than 50 percent inhabitation till February, 2000. Chief Minister should state that issuing provisional certificates on vacant Government land is not open violation of the directions of Supreme Court?

  1. Chief Minister should state whether promising about regularization of colonies at the time of every election is not betrayal of the people? Then why the Congress party made promise to regularize colonies in its three Assembly Election Manifestoes?

  1. If the Chief Minister holds multiplicity of agency responsible for failure in regularizing the colonies then she should tell the people whether simplification of the multi agency system is not the responsibility of Delhi Government?

  1. Chief Minister should also state that why the conditions of the colonies which were issued provisional certificates of regularization four years ago has become bad to worse?

Today’s Dharna was organized in New Delhi District was presided over by District President Pankaj Jain. Thousands of people participated in it and resolved to dislodge the Congress Government in the presence of Pradesh President. The prominent persons present in the Dharna include Radhe Shyam Sharma, Shikha Rai, Anil Sharma, Kapila Gaud, Anita Gupta, Rakesh Gulia, Manish Aggarwal, Nitin Sardare, Lakhi Ram Sharma, Gultaran Rathore besides District and Mandal Officebearers.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Series of Demonstrations of BJP against the Government


Under the series of public campaign initiated by the BJP against Delhi Government, a strong Dharna/Demonstration was organized at Kanjhawla Chowk by the Outer Delhi District. Under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and District President Chaudhary Sansar Singh thousands of workers burnt the effigy of corrupt and anti people Delhi Government today. The workers raised slogans ‘Mukhyamantri Sheila Dikshit, Isteefa do-Isteefa do.’ Women and local citizens participated in large numbers in the demonstration.

On this occasion Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the anti people Sheila Dikshit Government of Delhi has stopped the development works in all the unauthorized colonies by issuing an order suddenly. Due to this 50 lakh people have been affected because they have been living in hellish conditions. MCD was executing development works in unauthorized colonies but due to political rivalry Delhi Government stopped development work in unauthorized colonies which is anti people behaviour of the Government. The Government gave bailout package of 500 crore rupees to profit earning power companies deliberately. If this amount of 500 crore rupees was spent on the development of Delhi then the people could have been provided better basic amenities. 

He further told that the Food Adulteration Prevention Department of Delhi Government and Indian Food Security Standard Authority have published survey report in various Newspapers. In this report, it has been stated that 70 percent samples of milk being sold in the Capital is adulterated. There was adulteration of detergent powder, fat, urea and water in 69 percent samples. Treating this news seriously, the Delhi High Court issued notice to Delhi Government and asked it to reply by 25th January about this adulteration.

According to data of Home Ministry of Indian Government 68 percent of the population of Delhi live in unauthorized colonies where basic amenities are not available. Government increased the price of milk, CNG, water, power, sewer charges etc. This Government favours only the rich and it has nothing to do with the common man. Hence BJP has resolved to dislodge Shiela Government and will not remain silent till the party provides good governance of the BJP to the 2 crore people of Delhi. Dr. Sambit Patra, Rajiv Babbar, Jayendra Dabas, Devendra Dahiya, Sanjay Chawla, Balvinder Sharma, Anesh Jain, Anita Gehlot, Seeshpal Aadhti, Md. Harun etc. leaders  participated in the demonstration today.

150th Anniversary of Swami Vivekanand


In a grand function organized at BJP headquarters on the occasion of 150th anniversary of the source of inspiration of 51 crore youth of India, Swami Vivekanand, BJP National President Shri Nitin Gadkari announced that the party will observe 2012 as ‘Yuva Sankalp Varsh’. Series of youth programs will be organized in all the states of the country and the capital Delhi this year. The BJP youth will become the ray of hope for the disappointed, frustrated people standing in the last line of the society. They will engage in the works of social service, character building, patriotism, education, health, nutrition and personality development so that a bright India of the dreams of Swami Vivekanand may be developed. The program was presided over by Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and was organized by BJP Delhi Pradesh.
            National General Secretary Shri Ananth Kumar, General Secretary Organization Shri Ramlal, Secretary Sham Jaju,Vani Tripathi, Pradesh Co-Incharge Rameshwar Chaurasiya and others senior leaders and workers of the party were present in the anniversary program of Swami Vivekanand.

Shri Gadkari told that Swami Vivekanand did not like to see even a sign of frustration, weakness, fear and envy in the youth of the country. Hence he had clearly told that the youth should determine their objective of life. You should always follow truth and finally victory will be yours. He had said that the future of India will depend on the method of working of the youth of the country. Swami Vivekanand had said that ‘we require some youth of India who may be ready to sacrifice everything for the country. When this will happen success will be ours.’ On the basis of these thought the BJP has called upon the youth to observe 2012 as dedicated year to the development of India.

Presiding over the anniversary function, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that for success in life one requires clarity of thought, right direction and proper guidance. If we keep in mind the enthusiastic thoughts of Swami Vivekanand and start our day with seeing the picture of Swami and resolve to follow his path then the youth can face the contradictions developing in our social structure and social system and make the country a developed nation. We are fortunate that out of 125 crore population of India 1 crore people belong to age group 13 to 35. If only 10 percent out of the 51 crore of youth dedicate their life to the country then India will again become prosperous and provide guidance to entire world.

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Vijender Gupta address workers in Karyakarta Sammelan in Raghuvir Nagar & Kasabpura Mandal


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta spoke in detail about the corrupt and anti people Congress Government of Delhi and evil deeds of Congress Government in Karyakarta Sammelan at Raghuvir Nagar Mandal and Kasabpura Mandal and called upon the workers that they should apprise every household of Delhi about the corruption of crores of rupees by Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and about the bailout package of 500 crores of rupees given to the power companies by Delhi Government.

He told that the data show that 70 percent of the Milk being sold in Delhi is adulterated and toxic. But the Government is not ashamed of it. The Health Minister of Delhi Dr.Ashok Kumar Walia is rejecting the survey by Central Government Agency and says that the Milk being sold in Delhi is safe. He asked the Government to inform how many samples of Milk were taken for testing by Delhi Government during the last one year and how many were found to be safe?

Shri Gupta told that all the three power companies of Delhi had earned profit of 6000 crores in the year 2010. Even after that the Government allowed 22 percent increase in power tariff. In the New Year the people will be served power bill with 10 percent fuel surcharge added to it.  The sewers, water supply charges, price of CNG have been increased. The Government could have decreased the prices of essential commodities by reducing VAT but it has taken a vow not to do anything in public interest.

District President Rajiv Babbar told that Delhi Government committed land scam of thousands of crores in the name of provisional certificates to unauthorized colonies and now it is trying to cover up the case. CAG, CVC, Shunglu Committee, PAC, Lokayukta of Delhi, High Court have accused the Chief Minister of committing corruption and anti people works but the Government is not worried about it.

Legislator Harsharan Singh Balli, Councillor Prathvi Raj Sahani etc. addressed the workers in the conference. Bansi Lal Khurana presided over the program and Ravi Lakhan Pal conducted the conference. Besides Pradesh President, Vice President Pawan Sharma, Pradesh Secretary Simmi Jain, Councillor Imran Ismail, District President Jai Prakash, Bimla Khare etc. participated in the workers conference in Kasabpura Mandal. The workers resolved to dislodge the corrupt and anti people Delhi Government. 

3rd day of movement of BJP against Government


Thousands of BJP workers of Naveen Shahdara District staged strong demonstration at DC office on the issues of anti people decisions of Delhi Government, price spiral, corruption, adulteration and demanded resignation of Government. The workers present on this occasion raised strong slogans against the Sheila Government and demanded the resignation of Chief Minister. The BJP workers were agitated due to the problems of power, water, sewer, transport, traffic jam etc in Naveen Shahdara District.  The citizens of the area participated in large numbers in the Dharna and expressed their acrimony.

District In-Charge of Naveen Shahdara District Shri Anil Goel, Legislator Naresh Gaud, Pradesh Vice President Pawan Sharma, District President Kailash Jain, Mahila Morcha President Shikha Rai and all the Mandal Presidents and senior workers participated in the Dharna and resolved to dislodge the Congress Government. The Dharna was organized under under the series of program of public movement by the BJP against the Government today. This Dharna continued for more than 4 hours. This will continue in the coming days also.

In his address to the workers Shri Anil Goel told that the reality of the capital Delhi which is described by the Chief Minister as a world class city is that 68 percent people live in hellish conditions in the unauthorized colonies. Congress Government is not ashamed of making the condition of Delhi pathetic. He called upon the workers and the local citizens that they should dislodge the anti people and completely corrupt Delhi Government and establish good governance of BJP.

Pradesh Vice President Pawan Sharma and Legislator Naresh Gaud told that 2 crore people of Delhi are badly suffering due to the atrocities of Congress and the Government is completely involved in corruption.  The party in its monthly meeting in Talkatora Stadium on 9th January had resolved to dislodge this Government and form BJP Government in Delhi. Under this resolution Public Awareness Campaign has been initiated. The BJP workers are organizing Dharna/demonstration, effigy burning etc. programs at various places in Delhi and expressing their acrimony.
District President Kailash Jain thanked the local citizens and BJP workers for organizing strong demonstration against the Government and told that the Congress Government has made the life of the people hellish during the last 13 years rule.  Now, Delhi is among the worse capitals of the world. The condition of Trans Yamuna area, unauthorized colonies, slum clusters and villages is the worst.