Sunday, 31 March 2013

Strength of BJP, its Cadre will be strengthened further: Vijay Goel.

·        Youth is  strength of BJP and not mere numbers.
·        Price rise & corruption endangering the very fabric of our society.

New Delhi, 31st  March. President of the Delhi Pradesh BJP Vijay Goel today said that strength of BJP has always been its cadre and this strength is further enhanced by going to booths with its dedicated team and organization. Addressing hundreds of workers at the BJP district karyakarta sammelans at Naveen Shahdara and North East Districts along with district Presidents Anil Gupta and Ajay Mahawar respectively Goel said that grass roots base of workers is being broadened and that they will be connected more aggressively with functioning of the party. Coordinated efforts in this regard have already begun all across the city.

Goel said that efforts have been initiated in planned manners to connect youth, who are feeling disconnected and alienated with the mainstream polity and have been left with a feeling of being used as mere vote banks rather than strength of this Nation.

Geol said that corruption and price rise, two core issues which is endangering the very fabric of civil society today needs to be handled very aggressively, urgently and with utmost thought today.

Delhi which is Capital of the Nation has been left wanting in basic spheres of human life like law and order, lack of water and electricity, education etc and lots is required to be done to catch up to bring back Delhi to its glorious days of the past. Path of all along inclusive growth has to be followed.

Former Member of Parliament from East Delhi constituency Lal Bihari Tiwari, MLAs from Delhi Vidhan Sabha  Mohan Singh Bisht, Sahib Singh Chauhan, Shri Krishan Tyagi who were present in these meetings shared the view that Delhi has been made to lose its way and sheen by successive congress regimes and that much needs to be done to bring it back to its trajectory of development.

Vijay Goel raises serious questions over the efficiency of DERC.

New Delhi, 30th March.  After the gherao of Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission by the BJP followed by 2 hours long meeting with the Chairman of DERC P.D. Sudhakar and other Members Shyam Vadhera, J.P. Singh, Jaisri Raghuraman, Anjali Chandra in a Press Conference today, the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel, Shri Anil Sood and Rajiv Kakadiya of ‘Chetna’ and RWA representative Shri Saurabh Gandhi have said that it is beyond doubt that the DERC and Discoms are acting at the behest of Delhi Government.  

Shri Goel said that the license of these power companies can be cancelled for violation of the conditions of license but the DERC have never served any notice to them.

DERC has admitted that according to the terms of agreement all the three companies had rights for distribution of power in entire Delhi so that there may be competition and power may be supplied at cheap rates like the mobile service.  But the reply of the commission was that since these companies are purchasing power from one source and at one rate and are allowed to sell at uniformed rate, hence it was not needed.  This statement of DERC is contrary to the Central Electricity Act, 2003, National Tariff Policy, 2005 and National Electricity Policy, 2005. There is provision for competition in these policies.

Shri Goel has raised a question that the power companies show profit in their Balance Sheet which is submitted to Power Finance Corporation and the Balance Sheet which is submitted to the Commission shows loss by the companies.  How the commission accepts such Balance Sheets? The Commission has replied that they do not know about it and shall inform us after enquiry.  Shri Goel said that when you get the audited account then your reply is not proper.  Even after that the Commission told that they shall enquire about it.  Anil Sood, Rajiv Kakadiya and Saurabh Gandhi told that the entire data has been submitted before the Commission under protest during the public hearing by DERC and it has no mention in any of the orders of the Commission. It shows that there is connivance between the Commission and Power Companies.

DERC Chairman has said that this experiment failed in Mumbai, whereas the reality is that many consumers have shifted to other power companies and are getting better service of higher quality.  After the submission of BJP delegation, the Chairman accepted the demand that he will study the Mumbai model and after that consider implementing in Delhi.

Commission has admitted its mistakes that they appointed the statutory auditor of power companies, Price Water House Cooper as their consultant whereas the same consultant is also with Reliance Infra. After being asked how it happened and what action was taken, the Commission replied that they are enquiring about it.  The reality is that the aforesaid consultant is still with them. How much amount they have been paid should be stated by the Commission and when they shall be removed?  

Commission admitted that the accounts of the power companies were so much lengthy that they had to seek the help of Institute of Chartered Accountants but the institute refused to help.  

  When Shri Goel asks who examines such lengthy accounts then they replied that the Forum of regulator has prepared a formula of keeping accounts and it is followed by them. But it was found that there is no system on the website of the Forum of regulator.

Chairman said that the loss shown by the power companies and the demand made according to that has been reduced by about 100 crores. Shri Goel asked what punishment has been given to these companies for submission of fudged accounts and to which hundred crore rupees had to be cut. This did not happen only once. Every year the companies exaggerate their expenditure and the Commission cuts the amount and even after that the power companies go for appeal to the APTEL and get decision in their favor after cancelling our order.  Why the DERC does not challenge it in effective way?

Shri Goel asked that the two power companies BYPL and BRPL have not submitted their statement of movable and immovable properties which have been studied by the committee appointed by DERC. What action has been taken by the DERC against both power companies? The Chairman P.D. Sudhakar replied that action will be taken during the true-up exercise of the power companies. (True-up: the power companies submit their estimated expenditure five years in advance and after five years it is tallied with actual expenditure). It is interesting that the true-up exercise has not been undertaken. 

Shri Goel said that the power tariff in Delhi has increased by 59 percent during the last two years whereas in Gujarat it increased by 6 percent only. What is the reason when all the power distribution companies purchase power from one source and the companies get cheaper power on long term PPA. In reply, the Chairman told that due to hike in the price of Coal, the cost of the product supplied by power companies in Delhi had to be increased.  In reply, Shri Goel told that will the Commission show the long term PPA signed by power companies so that this may be verified. The Chairman promised that he will provide the copy but we have not received as yet.  

The power companies had installed Common Neutrals in the meters of the consumers living in flats, which is illegal. Shri Goel asked what action you have taken against the companies. The Commission replied that we have instructed the power companies about it. Again Shri Goel asked, have the power companies complied with the directions? Will the Commission inform us?  The Commission promised to inform.

Shri Goel further asked what action has been taken by the Commission on the data supplied on power theft, transformer wise by the power companies.  The Commission replied that they don’t have any knowledge about it. Then Shri Anil Sood presented a reply under RTI before the Commission and said that when the power theft is 65 to 99 percent then why the power companies are supplying power? The Commission replied that we give a target for curbing power theft and if that target is not achieved we take action against power companies. There are many transformers which show negative loss and the Commission was asked to reply how the negative loss was shown and what action was taken by the Commission? The commission replied that they don’t have knowledge about it. This is a clear lie because the data was given to Shri Anil Sood by the Commission itself.

Shri Goel asked that what action has been taken by the Commission against the power companies till date? The Commission replied that we shall inform you about it. 

Friday, 29 March 2013

Vijay Goel challenges Kapil Sibbal for debate on corruption in Delhi Government and Delhi Municipal Corporations.

  • He should go through the report on corruption of Delhi Government in Commonwealth Games.
  • Kapil Sibbal is the Member of MCD also – why did not he raise his voice their?
  • Sheilaji has already praised Modi for development works in Gujarat

New Delhi, 29th March.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has strongly reacted to the statement of Central Communication Minister Kapil Sibbal. Shri Goel said that in view of the forthcoming elections to Legislative Assembly and Lok Sabha, Kapil Sibbal has termed the MCD as the most corrupt institution whereas almost 50 percent members belong to the opposition parties. It would be better if Shri Sibbal eradicates corruption from Delhi Government. He should go through the reports Shuglu Committee on Commonwealth Games, reports of CAG, PAC and Lokayukta in which the Chief Minister and Delhi Government have been found guity of corruption.  

Shri Goel told that perhaps he does not know that as the Member of Parliament from Delhi he is also the Member of MCD. Did he raise his voice in the house even a single day? Not only this Kapil Sibbal has not utilized his Area Development Fund of 5 crore rupees granted every year.

Mr. Sibbal does not know that the Commissioners of all the three Municipal Corporations have been appointed by the Home Ministry of his Government in consultation with Chief Minister and the Administrator of all the three corporations is the Lt. Governor appointed by Central Government.  Besides this, the Director of Local Bodies Shri R.K. Srivastava appointed for the resolution of disputes between the three Municipal Corporations, Mr. R.K. Srivastava has also been appointed by his Government.  Hence if there is corruption in the Municipal Corporation then the Central Government and Delhi Government of Congress Party are responsible for it.

Shri Goel further said that the corruption in the departments of MCD about which he is talking has been taken over by Delhi Government. It includes DESU, Jal Board, Sewer System, Slums and Roads.

Shri Goel said that the Government spent 70 thousand crore rupees on Commonwealth Games and tourists from various countries including India came to Delhi to see the Games. But the MP from Chandni Chowk Mr. Kapil Sibbal did not do any renovation work in Chandni Chowk neither he spent a single rupee on his constituency which is a historical area.

The people of Chandni Chowk are searching for their MP and Central Minister who is missing.

It would have been better, if Delhi Government debated about corruption. It would have called meeting of all the parties and should have discussed about corruption prevalent either in Delhi Government or the MCD.

It is regrettable that in view of the forthcoming elections they have downgraded their standard of politics and they sometimes harass the people to defame the BJP with the help of power companies by stopping supply of power to street lights. Everybody knows that Delhi Government is 50 percent share holder in the power companies then how the power companies can stop supply to street lights without consulting Delhi Government and encourage crime by plunging Delhi into darkness where the women are not safe at all.  

Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has forgotten that she has already praised the development work of Chief Minister Narendra Modi and all India survey have shown that Narendra Modi is the most popular leader.  

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Vijay Goel will soon visit dying water bodies of Delhi

  • Delhi government should issue white paper on the condition of drinking water
  • Dying water bodies of Delhi shall make the problem of drinking water more serious

New Delhi, 28th March.  After looking at the pathetic condition of Sanjay Jheel in Trans Yamuna area BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel announced today that a delegation under his leadership will soon visit the drying water bodies of Delhi.  He also demanded the government to issue white paper on this serious issue.

Shri Goel has warned that if Delhi government does not take its own report seriously then the problem of drinking water will be come alarming.  In a report recently issued it has been stated that about 263 water bodies in South, South-West and North Delhi areas have completely dried up.  This was also the main reason of scarcity of water on Holi.  It has also been stated that there is illegal encroachment on the rest of water bodies and their water is not worth drinking.

BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel further said that according to this report there are 1022 water bodies in the jurisdiction of various government agencies.  Government claims that so far 219 water bodies have been saved by the government.  Shri Goel has raised a question that why the rest 800 water bodies are like sewer even after spending crores in this regard.  The government has admitted that about 75 water bodies have become sewer, about 150 have become victim of encroachment.  Besides this illegal construction has taken place on 800 water bodies.

He has reminded that last year National Environmental Engineering Research Institute (NEERI) issued a report in which it was mentioned that in the samples of ground water in South Delhi, South-West Delhi and Central North Delhi, the quantity of fluoride and nitrate was more than the prescribed limit.  Due to this there was danger of digestive and bone diseases among the people drinking water from bore well in these areas.  NEERI had also found that there is dangerous quantity of lead in the ground water near Najafgarh drain and the ground water in East Delhi was not worth drinking.  Shri Goel has asked the Delhi government that why it is so much negligent on such important issue like drinking water.

Shri Goel has raised a question to Delhi government that why the condition in Delhi is so pathetic in spite of so called projects of the government?  Why pollution in the canal connecting Dhansa Bundh to Ghummanhera is increasing day by day?  The ground water of the neighboring area is also being polluted.  Shri Goel said that due to negligence of government the water body Neel Hauz has dried up.  Some years ago this was full of water.   Dumping of garbage in this water body has finished the existence of Neel Hauz.  
Shri Goel has also attracted the attention toward the judgment of Green Tribunal and said that the Yamuna river has turned into dirty drain and the water bodies are drying.  It shows that there is lack of good intention on the part of Delhi government and it has no policy on water.  He also said that the Congress leaders are looting the poor people in unauthorized colonies by exploiting ground water with the help of water mafia.  The lax attitude of Delhi government toward the water bodies is to benefits these people, he alleged.

Tuesday, 26 March 2013


New Delhi, 26th March. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has taken strong exception to the fact that roads of six key areas of North Delhi (Civil Lines, Pitampura, Keshavpuram, Vijay Nagar, Rohini and Wazirpur) faced a total blackout after Tata Power Ltd. disconnected power supply to street lights over the alleged non-payment of dues by North Delhi Municipal Corporation. This episode unveils the callous attitude of Delhi Government towards the people of Delhi. In this connection Shri Vijay Goel has raised the following questions:

  1. Did the NDPL consult the Delhi Government before taking this step, Delhi Government being a 49% stake holder in discom?

  1. The NDMC has been paying to the discoms at old rates and the dispute arose because the discom applied commercial rates for the supply of power to street lights. Did the NDPL file a recovery suite in a civil court before disconnecting power supply to the street lights? What is the ground for applying commercial rates for the supply of power to the street lights which is essentially for the public use? In this connection, it is worth mentioning that three types of charges are levied by the discoms: i. Domestic, ii. Industrial, iii. Non-domestic. NDPL is applying non-domestic charges to the street lights. Actually street lights are for the security and convenience of the public.  How can the Discoms levy commercial charges on the Municipal body which is providing basic amenities to the people?   It is illogical to apply commercial rates to basic services like street lighting. The non-domestic rate charged by the NDPL is at the rate of Rs. 7.25 per kw as per DERC orders dated 26th June, 2012.

  1. Did the NDPL take recourse to the process of invoking arbitration in this matter?

  1. The discoms have not been able to pay the dues to NTPC. Has the NTPC stopped supply of power to the discoms?

  1. Did not the discom get bailout package from the Delhi Government for paying their dues to the power producing companies? Why did not the discom seek the intervention of the State Government before causing such inconvenience to the public at large?

  1. Do the discoms have the right to plunge the streets of Delhi into darkness?

On the contrary Shri Goel has pointed out that the discoms have also to pay property tax to the Municipal Corporations. He said that the Joint Assessor and Collector Property Tax has informed that the Municipal Corporations have raised demand on account of property tax from against the discoms which are as follows:

NDPL                                       20.27 crores
BSES (Rajdhani)                     03.46 crores
BYPL (Yamuna)                       02.88 crores

The remittance in this regard is still awaited.

There is report that every hour four snatchings take place in Delhi. Crime against women continues to be committed. If any untoward incident take place due to the darkness in the concerned areas then the Delhi Government will be responsible for it.  Chief Minister may not be able to hide behind the excuse that she is not the boss of Delhi Police. 


New Delhi, 26th March. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Sh. Vijay Goel has reacted sharply on the gruesome murder of Deepak Bhardwaj the owner of Nitesh Kunj Hotel and Delhi Apartments Pvt. Ltd. at his farm house at Mahipalpur today and firing at Karkarduma Metro Station resulting injury to father, son duo. 

Goel said it is the bounden duty of the Government to protect life and property of the innocent people which is a right granted under the Constitution but it is very unfortunate that law and order situation is deteriorating in Delhi day by day. Therefore it has become utmost essential that a meeting of all political parties be held immediately in order to reinforce the confidence of the people. 

Goel further added that Sheila Dikshit cannot hide behind the veil by saying that even her daughter is not safe in Delhi and she does not boss the Delhi Police. However, she can always put the pressure on the Central Government which is run by her own

Monday, 25 March 2013

If Schools are closed due to plot size then as a protest children shall hold prayer meeting in Ramlila Maidan.

  • Quality of education should be criteria of recognition, not the size of the plot
  • There is Right to Education but on the other hand end of road for four and half lakh children.

New Delhi, 25th March.  Delhi BJP Pradesh President Vijay Goel has strongly criticized Delhi Government for creating atmosphere of uncertainty in the case of 2235 unrecognized public schools under Right to Education Act, 2009.

Shri Goel said that as a result of closure of 2235 schools, four and a half lakh children shall be deprived of education. Before implementing any provision, the Government will have to see what alternative arrangement for education of the children has been made by it.

Speaking in the Dharna by the Delhi State Public School Management Association today Shri Goel said that Delhi Government wants to close them because these schools do not have 800 meters plots as provided in the law.  When the school management threatened to initiate movement under the leadership of Goel, then the Government awakened and it is now talking about 200 metres in place of 800 metres. Why the provision for 800 metres was made earlier and why the provision for of 200 metres is being made overnight?

Goel said that the benchmark of recognition of schools should not be the measurement of the plots rather it should be the quality of education. When Delhi administration and MCD both have failed to ensure quality education system, parents across city were forced to make beeline to expensive public schools. Government should take the onus and initiative to streamline the education system first rather than taking such steps to finish the existing education facilities.
 Shri Goel further told that if the recognition of any school is cancelled on the basis of size of plots then as a protest a prayer meeting of four and a half lakh children will be held in Ramlila Maidan because we cannot see the children being deprived of education.

On the one hand the Government talks about right to education and on the other hand it is putting the future of four and a half lakh children in dark under the provisions of Right to Education Act.

Sunday, 24 March 2013

When BJP will come to power villages will be developed, not neglected-Vijay Goel

  • Our state governments have provided more facilities to the villagers and farmers-Rajnth Singh
  • Extension of Lal Dora, Three times higher compensation, No need for approval of lay out plan
  • BJP’s power movement reaches to the villages, announcement of 30% decrease in power tariff

New Delhi, 24th March, 2013.  Large number of people assembled in the Gramin Akrosh Rally organized by BJP Delhi Pradesh in Bawana area.  More than 50,000 villagers, farmers and laborers of rural areas assembled in this rally at fist sight.  These villagers have made the Congress government restless.  Under the Chairmanship of Pradesh President Vijay Goel, preparation for this rally started 15 days ago when he had decided to raise the problems of villages in the Panchayat of 360 villages.  In this rally Mukhiyas, Panch, Sarpanch of 360 villages were present on the dais.

Speaking on this occasion BJP National President Shri Rajnth Singh said that after late Dr. Sahib Singh, Shri Vijay Goel is such a leader of Delhi connected with rural back ground who does what he says and also do in future.  Hence the problems of the villagers will be solved only when BJP will come to power.  He further said that the people are fed up with the 14 years rule of the Congress.  Development in Delhi has not been as good as the development in BJP ruled state like Gujrat, Madhya Pradesh and Chhattishgarh.  In these states farmers are provided loan at 0% interest and the farmers-villagers are happy.  Government of these states provide all kinds of facilities to the farmers.  He further said that the Central Congress government is not going to survive for long time.  Corruption and price rise will finish this government.

Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel sought the co-operation of all the villagers for solving the problems of villages.  Shri Goel announced that when BJP will come to power it will extend Lal Dora area, provide tube wells within one month, three times higher compensation for land acquisition, 30% decrease in power tariff.

Shri Goel said that Section 81, 65-A, 33 will be abolished soon so that the land of the villagers are not taken away.  He alleged that Delhi government is completely neglecting the villages.  We shall make arrangements for good roads, sewer and water supply.  There will be no need to get approval of lay out plans in villages, the farmers shall be able to construct houses, godowns, educational institutions, nursing homes etc. so that villagers may get employment.

He also said that Delhi government is playing fraud with unauthorized colonies.  BJP will regularize them in such a manner that bank loans may be granted against houses and registry of sale/purchase may be possible.  The promise of providing flats to the J J dwellers has not been fulfilled by the Delhi government.  If we come to power we shall provide flats to each J J dweller.

Shri Goel announced that we shall fight for the people whose land have been acquired and no alternate plots have been provided.  Kisan Morcha National President Shri O P Dhankar criticized the Central government for the plight of the farmers.  Elaborating the polices of BJP for the Villages, National Secretary Shyam Jaju told that BJP will carry out all round development of villages.  The convener of rally Kulwant Rana said that such rallies will be held in every assembly constituency.  Prevesh Verma said that we shall realize the dreams of late Sahib Singh. 

Ramesh Bidhuri, Rajesh Gehlot, Tarachand Bansal, Vinay Rawat, Ravinder Bansal, Anil Jha, Mange Ram Garg, Narayan Singh, Ch. Chand Ram, head of Panchayas of 360 villages Ch. Ram Karan, Ch. Zile Singh, Ch. Ram Singh, Ch. Devi Singh Man, Master Jai Bhagwan Yadav, Vinod Sehrawat, Guggan Singh, Yogesh Koli and Satish Ved Prakash etc. were present in this rally,               

Saturday, 23 March 2013

BJP advances towards the Villages.

  • Massive Gramin Akrosh Rally at Bawana on 24th March. 
  • BJP will organize rallies in every village. 

New Delhi, 23rd March, 2013. Bharatiya Janata Party is now going to the villages and farms for solving their problems. The party has prepared a program for visiting 360 villages of Delhi. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel said that at least one meeting will be held in all the villages of any Legislative Assembly. This is being started with a massive Gramin Aakrosh Rally in Bawana on the 24th March, which will be addressed by National President Shri Rajnath Singh, Kisan Morcha President Om Prakash Dhankar, Satpal Malik and other leaders of the Pradesh. 

BJP Pradesh President Vijay Goel will preside over the program. Shri Goel told that he has prepared a 15 point program for the development of villages but the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has neither visited any village nor the Government has done anything for the villages of Delhi. Even the condition of basic amenities like water, sewer and roads is very bad in the villages. 

BJP has mentioned in its 15 points program that Lal Dora area will be extended, there will be no need to get approval of layout plans, section-33, 81 and 65 will be abolished, land consolidation in the villages will be completed soon, the compensation for the acquisition of land in the villages by the Government will be increased three times and loan will be provided to the farmers to build their homes. 

Vijay Goel briefs about the talk with DERC which continued for two hours.

· Power tariff is being increased at the instance of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. 

· Strong Demonstration by Yuva Morcha at the residence of Chief Minister, Goel arrested. 

· Goel challenges Sheila Diskhit to debate over power issue. 

New Delhi, 23rd March, 2013. After two hours discussion with the Chairman and Members of DERC, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has revealed that one of the members of DERC J.P. Singh has admitted that he was the Director of all the three power companies and the DERC has also admitted that they appointed persons as consultants of DERC who were also the consultant with supply companies. It clearly proves that the Sheila Dikshit Government, who is also 50% share holder in the companies, is hand in glove with DERC and power companies. Hence under the leadership of Shri Vijay Goel, more than 2000 workers of BJP Yuva Morcha continued the power movement for the 3rd day and gheraoed the residence of Sheila Dikshit. 

Shri Goel said that if the Government will loot the people then to whom the people shall request for relief. “I had advised the members of the DERC that they have retired and it is beyond their capacity to control the power companies, hence they should resign.” 

The police arrested Shri Goel and Yuva Morcha President Nakul Bhardwaj alongwith hundreds of workers and sent them to Tughlak Road Police Station. Goel is of the view that when Delhi Government is 50% share holder in the power companies then how power tariff is being increased? After discussion with Chairman and Members of DERC which continued for two hours, Goel is of the view that Sheila Government, DERC and power companies are hand in glove and for which the Chief Minister is responsible. Due to this the residence of Chief Minister was gheraoed. Power tariff can be decreased by 30 percent even today if Delhi Government wants to do so. When BJP will come to power it will reduce power tariff by 30 percent. Shri Goel said that he will make more revelation about the discussion held with him. 

Shri Goel has directly challenged the Chief Minister that she can debate with him at any platform and any channel on the power issue and we shall prove that power tariff is being increased with their connivance. 

Shri Goel said that his movement will spread in every village and every park.

Friday, 22 March 2013

Meeting between DERC and BJP delegation continued for two hours.

· Goel demanded resignation of the Chairman and Members in the Meeting. 
· Not satisfied with the reply, power movement will continue. 

New Delhi, 22nd March, 2013. An important meeting between the Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission and the BJP delegation was held today on the issue of power tariff hike which continued for two hours. Yesterday, under the leadership of BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel the Commission was gheraoed and Shri Goel had warned that if the Chairman of the Commission P.D. Sudhakar does not meet him today then he will again Gherao the Commission tomorrow. 

Besides Shri Goel the BJP delegation included Shri Rajiv Kakadiya, Shri Anil Sood, Shri Saurabh Gandhi and Shri Sumit Bhasin and on behalf of the Commission Chairman P.D. Sudhakar, Member Shri J.P. Singh, Shri Shyam Wadera and Mrs. Anjali were present. In this meeting of 2 hours discussion was held on the presentation of forged accounts by the companies to increase power tariff and the failure of DERC to properly discharge its duties. Besides this, the working of DERC, power purchase agreement, power performance, arbitrariness of power companies and presenting wrong balance sheet, failure to provide facilities to the consumers, continued power tariff hike were also discussed. 
Shri Goel clearly said the members of the Commission that if they cannot discharge their duties properly then they should resign. The entire proceedings of the meeting was recorded and after the preparation of minutes Shri Goel told that he will apprise about the other things later on. This power movement will continue. 

Shri Goel said that he is not satisfied with the replies of the Commission and the member of the Commission should resign because they are playing fraud with the people.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

• Demonstration will be staged again on the 23rd March if the delegation of BJP and RWA is not given appointment by the Chairman of DERC on 22nd March

·         Strong Demonstration by BJP workers and RWA at DERC.
·         Delhi Government and the Police is suppressing the agitation of the people.

New Delhi, 21st March, 2013.  If power tariff continues to be increased then the movement against it will also continue. BJP Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel has warned the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit that she should stop the hike in power tariff otherwise she will have to face acrimony of the people of Delhi.

BJP staged a strong demonstration at DERC Head Office in which thousands of BJP workers, RWAs, NGOs and people of all the sections participated. Shri Goel said that the Chairman of DERC did not think it necessary to give appointment to our delegation during the last 3 days because he had no answer to the 10 questions raised to him for which we had given him four days.

Shri Goel said that he had himself met the Police Commissioner regarding Dharna against the increased power tariff but first of all he allowed it and later on he refused. If the Delhi Government, DERC shall not listen to him and the police will not allow demonstration then how and where the people shall express their acrimony.

The Government should tell how the power tariff was increased by 59 percent during the last 24 months whereas in Gujarat it was increased only by 6 percent. Why the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is silent on this issue whereas the Delhi Government has about 49% share in these companies.

Lt. Governor says that after the income of 30,000  crore rupees, the power companies have earned profit then why power tariff is not being decreased. Why did not the Commission ask the power companies that from where and how much amount they are spending on purchasing power. The DERC has no knowledge about the movable and immovable properties of the companies, then how it is fixing the power tariff? Why the Central Electricity Act, National Tariff Policy are being violated? According to Central Electricity Act, power tariff cannot be increased more than once in a year then why power tariff is being increased many times in a year? DERC has not informed the people till date that what short coming they have found in the ARR of the companies and what action was taken so that the people may give their feedback.

Shri Goel announced in the demonstration today that if the DERC Chairman does not give appointment to the joint delegation of BJP and RWA on 22nd March then Dharna will be staged again on 23rd March. Tomorrow on the 22nd March, Shri Vijay Goel will address a big rally of thousands of people at Akshardham Temple, Yamuna Khadar. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

  • Budget speech of the Chief Minister indicates that she has no interest left in Delhi
  • There is lack of advance thinking in the budget
  • Old projects have been repeated in the Budget
  • 80% of Delhi has no basic amenities yet Delhi is international city

New Delhi, 20th March, 2013.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has said that the Budget speech of the Chief Minister indicates that she has no interest left in Delhi. There is lack of advance thinking in the Budget. Old projects have been repeated in the Budget such as Burari hospital. Why there is account of 15 years in the annual Budget?

Only 20% of total Delhi is like international city. Even this area belongs to NDMC. There is great scarcity of basic amenities like power, water, sewer, transport, education, health. Why the daughter of Chief Minister feels unsafe?  The Budget speech is full of misleading and false data.

No new tax has been imposed. But the Government has already increased water, power, sewer, charges, court fee, circle rate, registry fee etc. Cash subsidy to 2 lakh families below poverty line was promised, but provided to 45 thousand only.

Claim has been made for increasing water supply. But supply could not be increased although the charges increased many times. Group Housing Societies have been served water bills demanding arrears of lakhs of rupees. The RWAs have staged demonstration against it. BJP will call a conference on this issue.

It has been claimed that the per-capita income has increased five times during the last 15 years. In the mean time prices have increased 40 times. The pollution level in Delhi has also increased by 17%. The Government which claims that Delhi is free from load shedding, resorts to load shedding every day. Bawana power plant is reducing 400 MW power only although promised made for 1500 MW.

Promise of cheap houses to the poor is repetition of old data. Two lakh poor people were promised cooking gas connection but only 35 thousand were given cooking gas connection. Registry of sale purchase has not been started in unauthorized colonies. New construction works are not being carried out.

If foreign retail shops are opened then 5 lakh traders will be rendered unemployed. The poor people are now spending 1500 rupees on fuel in the kerosene free capital. Previously they used to cook their food with kerosene of Rs. 150 only.

It has been claimed that Budget allocation on Health has been increased by 30% but there is scarcity of Doctors, beds and medicines in hospitals. There is danger of 5 lakh children being deprived of education from 1st April, 2013.

Why the Government which talks about development, is silent on corruption, price rise. Preparations are being made to hike power tariff once again. The Chairman of DERC is avoiding to meet BJP leaders. Tomorrow BJP will stage demonstration & gherao the DERC.

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

DERC Chairman is avoiding to answer 10 questions raised by BJP and even to meet the Party representatives

* DERC Chairman is avoiding to answer 10 questions raised by BJP and even to meet the Party representatives 

* When Congress has majority in Assembly why hike in power tariff 

* BJP will initiate agitation against hike in power tariff with all the RWAs 

New Delhi, 19th March. Vijay Goel, President Bharatiya Janata Party Delhi in a press release said that DERC Chairman is intentionally avoiding to answer the 10 questions raised by the BJP. He said if there is any further hike in the power tariff BJP shall announce a massive rally at Ramlila Ground with the fully support and involving all RWAs of Delhi. 

Adding further Goel said it is surprising as to how power tariff can be increased without approval of the Delhi Government who is in power? Delhi Government is hand-in-glove with the power companies. Holding guilty the Chief Minister, Shiela Dikshit he said the days of congress Government now stands numbered as the people of Delhi are now fully aware of the congress misrule and corrupt practices. 

Goel said that till date DERC has neither the staff nor the mechanism to examine the accounts, ARR, fudged data. Even the work has not been outsourced yet by the DERC. DERC has no power to hike the power tariff without completing the audit of the accounts and other data presented by the power companies. 

Immediately on BJP coming to power it shall reduce the power tariff by 30% in public interest and to grant relief to the people of Delhi. 

Upon failure of the DERC to reply satisfactorily to the 10 questions raised by the BJP within four days then the BJP will have no other alternative but to hold massive protest demonstration before the DERC office and shall gherao its Chairman on 21st March.



New Delhi March 19th, Vijay Goel, President of Delhi Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party said that he may announce the new team by the month end wherein all sections of the society shall have adequate representation. He said that rumor mongers are mis-communicating that all sections of society may not get representation in the new team. 

Goel said the new team shall be fully dedicated for the party and shall unitedly fight against the mis-rule of the corrupt Congress Government led by Shiela Dikshit who now stands exposed amongst the common masses of Delhi. 

Goel further added that the team of District Presidents announced are fully capable and dedicatedly concentrate only on one issue i.e. how to ensure victory of the Bharatiya Janta Party in Delhi in the forthcoming Assembly Elections. 

Mandals, Districts and the new Pradesh team shall work in coordination with each other unitedly and shall ensure victory of BJP come what may

Saturday, 16 March 2013


New Delhi, 16th March, 2013. Once again the DERC has invited comments on ARR submitted which is precursor to hike power tariff in the near future.
In a letter written to the Chairman of DERC P.D. Sudhakar, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel has raised serious questions on submission of fudged data of the DISCOMS and has sought for reply from the Chairman, DERC within next 4 days, otherwise the party workers shall be left with no other alternative but to Gheraoe DERC office on the 21st March, 2013. DERC, DISCOMS and Government of NCT of Delhi are collectively conniving to hike power tariff at the instigation of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.

Shri Goel said that during the period of 18 to 24 months tariff has been increased by only 6 percent power in Gujarat but how power tariff has been increased by 59 percent in Delhi whereas in Delhi there are no farmers who have been provided subsidized power in Delhi?

Shri Goel said that on the one hand Lt. Governor said on the floor of the assembly that there has been profit of Rs. 30 thousand crores due to the privatization of power and on the other hand power tariff has been increased 8 times. The DERC is also favoring for bailout package of Rs. 20,000 crores otherwise there will be power cut in Delhi.

After deliberations with various RWAs and NGO ‘Chetna’, Shri Goel has demanded the reply of following questions:
  • Before fixing power tariff has the commission asked the Discoms:- 
  • What type of power (hydle, hydro, thermal) and the source from which the same is being purchased
  • Has the commission asked the Discoms that how much power they shall supply to the domestic consumers and how much to the commercial consumers (Shopping Mall, Multiplex)? 
  • The reason is that during the last few years the power consumed by domestic consumers has increased marginally whereas there is substantial increase of consumption of power by the shopping malls and multiplexes. DISCOM purchase costly power during peak hours to meet the higher requirement by this category, burden of which is passed on to the domestic consumers. 
  • According to Central Electricity Act, 2003, Section-62 power tariff should not be increased by more than once in a year. But last year DERC unilaterally, despite objections from the activists changed the slab twice due to which people consuming power more than 400 units had to pay more. How it was allowed against this provision? 
  • According to National Tariff Policy, the consumers should be supplied power at reasonable rates and there should be competition among the power companies so that the consumers may benefit. 
  • Did the commission try to find out the reasons for the loss declared by the Discoms and the reason of their bad financial conditions, when as per record submitted with Power Finance Corporation all the three DISCOMS have earned profits ? 
  • There should be provision for neutral for each meter of flats by advertised by the DERC to avoid recording of consumption due to residential backflow. DERC however forgot that the installation of Meters is the responsibility of the DISCOMS, who by design for reasons best known to them have installed common neutral in loop consequently the meters record higher reading shows on other meters. 
  • By fastening responsibility on the Consumer, DERC has just washed off its hand and the Consumers have of Delhi have been fleeced by an amount of Rs. 4,500 crores in the last 5 year. This amount of Rs. 4500 crores has been earned by the Discoms without supplying power. 
  • Did DERC ever publish its comments on ARR submitted by the DISCOMS in Public Domain about the issues that it has observed in the ARR presented by the DISCOMS that merit public debate during the Public Hearings and what action taken can be taken? The Consumers can provide the comments only when they are informed about what wrong has been seen. 
  • Why DERC did not follow the National Electric Policy 2005, in which it is obligatory on the part of the DERC to ensure that every house should be supplied power within the next 5 years which should be reliable and of high quality at reasonable rates? 
  • The question is that in many areas power is not being supplied many villages. Undeclared Power cuts and load shedding is also resorted to from time to time. 
  • Why DERC did not question the DISCOMS on its failure to install absolute earth potential on every third pole so that electric shock/spikes may be prevented. Non installation of the Absolute earth potential damages house hold equipments/gadgets and the consumers suffer. 
  • The DERC does not know how to reconcile the Financial accounts with Regulatory accounts then how it can assess the correctness of the claims made by the DISCOMS based on sucvh accounts.
  • DERC must disclose the fact that in absence of Asset Register of two power companies BRPL and BYPL, how the capital expenditure and depreciation to both these DISCOMS was allowed and entertained in the ARR? Having not done so how the Power tariff can be fixed? 
  • This fact stands proved from the facts that tender was invited for physical verification Assets of the two DISCOMS from institute of Chartered Accountants specifying the time frame in which this exercise can be carried out and the cost thereof. 
  • DERC must disclose that why it did not conduct prudence check while discharging its duties from the year 2002 till date? How DERC did render a finding in each order passed by it that it has conducted prudence check in each order passed by it? 
  • The DERC has now in March 2013 invited tenders for checking balance work of ARR, true-up exercise and prudence check for previous years. This means while passing order on 13-07-2012 the accounts were not ready, true up was not conducted. If that’s true then on what basis DERC has recommended bailout package of Rs. 20,000 crores by way of statutory advise? 
  • DERC to disclose that why it has not taken on record the objections after examining the ARR, filed by the Consumers on record, sought for explanation from the DISCOMS and gave its own views/finding and why such deliberations are part of the orders? According to the rules for fixing tariff regulation, it is necessary to mention every objection in its orders and also comment on them. 
  • DERC must explain the rates at which power is purchased as per PPA and on emergency basis and the source of procurement by the companies because the rates for sale of power under long term PPA and also as per Indian Energy Exchange are much less than the rates of purchase declared by the DISCOMS. 
  • On the one hand PWC was the auditor of Reliance Infra and at the same time was Consultant of DERC assisting DERC in drafting the tariff orders, is it permitted under law? 
  • Is it true that one of the Member of DERC J.P. Singh was one of the Directors of three DISCOMS and had signed the balance sheet of these companies? How can he now examine the balance sheet in the capacity of the member of DERC for the purposes of true up exercise?

Thursday, 14 March 2013

Enraged Chief Minister is getting false cases filed against BJP leaders

·          The Leader of the House should have talked to the Legislator about the incident.
·         She wants to divert the attention from corruption, price rise, issues of water, power and security of women.  

New Delhi, 14th March, 2013.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel has taken the case of filing FIR against BJP Legislator Ramesh Bidhuri seriously and has said that Chief Minister and Delhi Government are enraged and working with mala fide intention against BJP and its leaders. Chief Minister is also the Leader of the House. Did she try even once to know about the truth from Hon’ble Legislator? This is the incident of 7th Marcha and FIR is filed after five days. It shows that FIR against Shri Bidhuri is politically motivated. If the woman was harassed then she should have filed FIR the next day itself. Case has been filed against a respected Legislator who has also contested for Lok Sabha under Sections 509, 186.

In view of the forthcoming elections Delhi Government is conspiring to defame the BJP leaders. This FIR is result of this conspiracy.  If the Chief Minister wants to file FIR then she should file FIR against herself and other ministers for involvement in Commonwealth Games bungling and resign from her post so that enquiry in this case could be done in an transparent and impartial way.

If an elected Legislator finds the Ministers absent from his seat and goes to the concerned employee in connection with public complaint and the employee misbehaves then has not the Legislator any right to convey his points? Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit is enraged because BJP has been raising its voice against the incident of rape of Nirbhaya/Damini few months ago and the Chief Minister has herself admitted that even her daughter is not safe, then how she wants to defame BJP and its leaders.  

The people of Delhi expect decent behavior from an experienced woman Chief Minister and she should solve the problems like a Chief Minister and not as a Leader of the Party. I do not want to comment on Congress leaders because many of them have been involved in heinous crimes and cases of misbehavior.  

It is surprising that this woman employee and Legislator Ramesh Bidhuri complained in the department but the department forwards the complaint of woman to the Police Station. We believe that the woman employee has been pressurized.

Congress Government has started misusing the Police against the movement of the people for water, power, regularization of colonies previously by filing one sided FIR against BJP leader in Laxmi Nagar, Shakarpur incident. Attempt was made to arrest all of them. On the other hand, when we met the Police Commissioner then he assured that FIR will not be one sided and now the Police Commissioner is also being pressurized.  One can easily imagine about the pressure on Police Commissioner who has been accused by the Chief Minister many times.

Delhi Government and the Chief Minister are behaving in such manner only to divert the attention of the people from the issues of security, corruption, price rise, water, and power.  

Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Why Chief Minister’s Daughter feels unsafe


New Delhi, 13th March, 2013. Expressing his strong reaction to the speech of the Lt. Governor in Delhi Legislative Assembly today, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel said that the Lt. Governor has presented data showing profit of thirty thousand crore rupees by the Government on account of privatization of power. If the Government is earning profit then why the power tariff has been increased four times? The people are being served two to three times hefty power bills whereas the companies and the Government claims that power theft has been curbed to a great extent. 

The speech of the Lt. Governor is the reflection of the working of the Government. He has said that Delhi Government is a caring Government. If this is true then why Chief Minister’s daughter feels unsafe in Delhi? Why senior citizens, women, children of the capital feel unsafe in their houses. It has been said in the speech that the entire world is suffering from inflation but in Delhi inflation is under control. The truth is that even after fifteen years in power, the Congress Government has not been able to provide sufficient water, power, cheap food grains and fuel, fruits, vegetables etc. at fair price. 

Delhi Jal Board has increased water supply charges by about 10 times. In spite of this people are not getting clean and safe water. 40 percent of the people of Delhi depend upon private sources to get water supply. There are no proper facilities of transport in the rural areas of Delhi. On an average, seven persons become victim of accidents on the roads of the capital everyday and they meet untimely death or become handicapped forever. In Delhi four children are kidnapped every day. Media survey shows that 94 percent of women feel unsafe in Delhi. 

If Delhi is world class city then why there is no arrangements for education, health and other basic amenities. Government hospitals have become butcher houses. Data show that during the last 5 years 8 thousand children met untimely death in Government hospitals Safdarjung and Kalawati Sharan. Why 6 patients in Sushrut Trauma Centre died due to stoppage of oxygen supply some months ago? In spite of this the same oxygen supply company continues to get the contract for supplying oxygen in five Government Hospitals. 

Shri Goel futher said that the Lokayukta Justice Manmohan Sareen has made serious comments against the Speaker of Delhi Legislative Assembly Yoganand Shashtri. Government should take it seriously and take necessary legal measures so that the trust of the people may continue in the legal system.

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

BJP organizes massive Panchayat of 360 villages.

· BJP organizes massive Panchayat of 360 villages. 

· After coming to power BJP will rejuvenate villages of Delhi. 

· Village meetings all over Delhi, massive rally at Bawana on 24th March. 

· Goel will develop villages better than urban areas. 

 New Delhi, 12th March, 2013. In the Panchayat of Gram Pradhans, Sarpanchs and representatives of the villages under the chairmanship of BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijay Goel, it was decided that now the people shall not tolerate the neglect of Delhi by the Government. Shri Goel said that in this panchayat of 360 villages, it has been decided that meetings against the Delhi Government shall be organized in every village. First such rally will be held in the Bawana on the 24th March in which BJP will show its strength. The National President of BJP Shri Rajnath Singh will address it. 
The Pradhan of 360 villages Chaudhary Ramkaran offered turban to Shri Goel on behalf of all the villagers and requested him to fight for the villages. On this occasion Pradesh President Goel said that when BJP will come to power it will provide the facilities which were lacking in the villages. The steps will be taken to provide sewer, water, road etc. Its first priority will be the total development of villages. BJP will develop villages better than urban areas. 

In this Panchayat called under the banner “Chalo Gaon Ki Oar” the Pradhans of villages explained the grave problems being faced by the villages and requested Shri Goel to solve them. Goel told that after coming to power BJP will solve the problems of power, water, sewer, roads and provide basic amenities. Compensation for the land of villages will be doubled. Public transport, parks, hospitals shall be constructed. The opinion of the villagers on Section-33 and 81 of Land Acquisition Act will be heard. House tax will not be recovered till all the amenities are provided to the villages. Lal Dora area will be extended. Additional construction will be regularized. Priority will be given to the youth of villages in employment. New farm policy and master plan will be reconsidered. 
He further said that the Congress Government has discriminated against the villages for the last 14 years. In view of forthcoming elections the Chief Minister is executing sub standards projects in haste as was done by her during Commonwealth Games. Roads constructed under these projects shall break down just after construction. He told the people who participated in the Panchayat that they should dislodge the Congress Government of Delhi and pave the way for BJP Government so that there may be all round development of Delhi. 
Pradhans, Sarpanchs of the villages who participated in the Panchayat namely S.Shri Chaudhary Ram Karan Solanki, Dhara Singh Pradhan, Shrichand Chokan, Zile Singh Pradhan, Sher Singh Dagar, Rajesh, Ramesh Sokhanda, Tej Singh, Master Dayal Chand, Ishwar Singh, Om Prakash, Master Karan Singh, Harish Chand, Jia-ul-Pradhan, Doli Singh, Natthe Ram, Jagdish, Veer Singh Rana, Chaudhary Devi Singh Bhan, Chaudhary Narayan Singh, Chaudhary Ram Singh, Chaudhary Chand Ram, Tek Ram Yadav, Suresh Khatri, Dr. Bhoop Singh, Baljeet Singh, Sube Singh Sehrawat, Mahender Singh, Lal Singh Sehrawat, Kishan Singh, Balbir Gehlot, Mahender Singh Rana, Mahesh Awana, Shobha Ram Sharma, Amrish Kumar, Srichandra Sharma, Chaudhary Kishan Chandra, Devraj, Rajpal, Ranveer Singh, Master Sardar Singh, Chaudhary Roop Chandwana, Chaudhary Chater Singh etc. submitted their demand before Goel. Legislator Ramesh Bidhuri, Dharmdev Solanki, Manoj Shokeen, Sat Prakash Rana were also present in the Panchayat. Vijay Jolly, Pravesh Verma, Kulwant Rana etc. leaders addressed the people present in the Panchayat.