Wednesday, 31 July 2013

  • Delhi govt’s advertisements at taxpayers cost on power tariff are misleading:Goel
  • Many states and cities have cheaper power tariff than Delhi
  • Seven councillors join BJP to get Delhi rid of Congress misrule

New Delhi, July 31st. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today slammed the Congress government for “Misleading” publicity campaign which falsely claims that Delhi’ites are getting cheap power.

Addressing a press conference today along with Delhi election co-incharge Sh. Navjot Singh Siddhu, Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said that the recent advertisements splashed all over the media at the cost of taxpayers’ money, in which Delhi government has claimed that higher electricity rates compared to Delhi exist in four other states, are completely misleading. A majority of consumers have consumption of more than 200 units.

Shri Goel said that out of 28 states, perhaps, there are most likey only four states which have higher electricity tariffs than Delhi and the CM is claiming otherwise.

He further added that to protest the unabated hike in power tariff and expose the Congress government’s nexus with private DISCOMS, the BJP will hold a massive rally on 11 August at Ramlila Maidan as a part of its ongoing Bijli Andloan.

“Our Bijli Andolan is symbolic of the entire gamut of inflation that the country is facing today under Congress’s misrule. Be it petrol or diesel, food grains or groceries, buying house or renting, the prices of everything is going beyond the reach of a common man. We are protesting against this back-breaking inflation under the aegis of Bijli Andolan and organizing a historic rally on August 11 at Ramlila Maidan that will shake the very foundation of this corrupt Congress government,” said Shri Goel.

Sh. Goel informed that that in a meeting with Delhi Elections Incharge Shri Nitin Gadkari today morning, every Mandal president, District President, MLA, Councillor etc has been asked to put his entire weight behind making the August 11 rally a grand success.

Earlier in the day, seven municipal councilors - who either contested as independents or on other party tickets - joined the BJP along with thousands of their supporters. The names of the these Councillors are Shri Suresh Garg (Independent, Ward No. 61, Trinagar), Shri Naresh Balyan (Independent, Ward No.126, Nawada), Shri Pradeep Kumar (Independent, Ward No.133, Chhawla), Shri Krishna Kumar Sehrawat (Independent, Ward No. 144, Mahipalpur), Shri Pramod Tanwar (Independent, Ward No. 152, Naraina), Shri Rahul Pradbhudayal Sai (BSP, Ward No. 39, Sultanpur Mazra), Shri Chander Prakash (JD (U), Ward No. 195, Govindpuri).

They were formally inducted in the party by Shri Goel and Shri Siddhu in a function held at Delhi BJP’s office this afternoon.

The newly inducted concillors reposed faith in the leadership of Shri Goel and vowed to assist him in his fight to dislodge the present Delhi government. Welcoming the councilors in party folds, Shri Goel stated that the joining of these councilors is a sign of things to come as people suffering at the hands of Congress misrule of 15 years are looking upon BJP as the most viable alternative for good governance.

Tuesday, 30 July 2013

  •  Delhi BJP denounces DJB move to extract hefty water surcharge from lakhs of Delhiites.
  • Highly inflated bills up to 15 lakhs sent to around 5000 group housing societies to extract more than 250 crores(apx.) from people of Delhi
  • BJP will accord top priority to improve water services in Delhi and work to change the flawed DJB water pricing mechanism & lower the water tariff.
  • BJP would reconsider the whole issue of water surcharge and reduce and exempt surcharges to maximum possible extent. 
  • BJP demands a special audit by CAG into accounts of DJB. 
New Delhi, July 30. The Delhi BJP has denounced the Delhi Jal Board’s move to extract hefty amounts in garb of ‘surcharge’ from around 5000 group housing societies in Delhi as unjust & unfair. This move is bound to affect lakhs of families living in group housing societies.

Shri Sinha stated that highly inflated Bills ranging from Rs.3 lakhs to Rs. 15 lakhs as surcharge levied retrospectively from year 2004 have been sent to housing societies all over Delhi. This hefty surcharge is levied in addition to regular water bill which is raised by DJB. These bills have been raised without any basis or criteria. Even by conservative estimates the approximate figure sought to be collected by DJB from ordinary members of housing societies is Rs250 crores (apx.) without extending any additional service on this account.

Delhi Govt. has notified the last date of making the payment of surchage as 31st July 2013. Despite repeated requests of RWA to reconsider the issue, the Govt. of Delhi did not even extend the payment date. Recently, Confederation of group housing societies of East Delhi led by its President, Dr. Ramesh Verma met Shri Aman Sinha and requested him to raise this in interest of lakhs of residents of Delhi. The confederation representatives stated that when they met Chief Minister of Delhi, She told them point blank to pay the surcharge or else their water connection shall be disconnected.

Uptill now Societies were paying water charges on the basis of bulk meter. The DJB now wants ordinary members to pay surcharge on the basis of per dwelling units, although they have no individual water meter connection. The group housing societies are arranging water supply to individual flats and maintain all necessary infrastructure themselves by raising money from its members. Now the members are sought to be charged by DJB also on account of fixed charges/surcharge although they provide no such services. This is in addition to the regular Water bills being paid to DJB by entire housing society.

In the DJB’s Circular dated 29th January 2005, group housing societies were not included in the list of premises on which “fixed access charges” were to be levied. However in the DJB Board meeting held on 30-3-2005, chaired by Chief Minister, it was decided to issue another Circular which was notified on 7th April 2005 in which group housing societies were deliberately included as it is far easier to coerce societies and compel them to pay such charges howsoever unfair. The Delhi Govt. is perhaps under illusion that Societies residents do not come out in large numbers to cast their votes in elections and as such their vote-share does not count much.

The Section 51 of Delhi Cooperative Societies Act 2003 which grants exemption from certain taxes, fees and duties was blissfully ignored by Delhi Govt. When the matter came before the Hon’ble High Court the Delhi Government did not apprise the Court about the exemptions already being given to lakhs of societies all over the country under similar provisions.

To compound difficulties of residents, DJB has now raised the Bills starting from year 2004 whereas Circular to include societies was issued on 7th April 2005. It is a treacherous move to amass huge sums from gullible societies to unfairly enrich DJB and enable private parties who are expanding their base in the garb of “PPP” model to have their playfield without hassles.

Shri Aman Sinha stated, that the Delhi Jal Board under chairmanship of Chief Minister Sheila dikshit has made the water situation miserable in Delhi. The water tariff has been increased by 1000% in past 15 years of Congress rule in Delhi. The water tariff in Delhi is the highest in any metropolis in the Country. Water rates are about 8-9 times of prevailing tariff in Mumbai. Despite these huge rates, in a recent survey 80% of DJB water samples were found contaminated. The average per capita supply is 3.84 litres against the prescribed norm of 172 litres. These are ominous signs of coming events which may possibly result in Water fights in streets of Delhi.

Shri Aman Sinha said that the BJP when it comes to power in Delhi would accord top priority to improving the water services in Delhi. The BJP will review and reconsider this whole issue of levy of huge water surcharge on citizens of Delhi and substantially reduce and exempt surcharge wherever possible.

Shri Aman Sinha also added that BJP will review the flawed water tariff pricing mechanism of DJB and it would be endeavour of the BJP to lower the water tariff in interest of people of Delhi.

Shri Sinha stated that Govt. is wary of placing all material facts before the people and running away from a transparent healthy debate. Shri Sinha stated that BJP demands a special audit by CAG into the entire working of DJB with participation of experts in the field so as to un-earth the hidden privatisation plans of Delhi Govt. Government appears to have decided to convert DJB into a private fiefdom on the lines of electricity services in Delhi and is acting under their ill-conceived proposals to extract money from common citizen of Delhi.

Sunday, 28 July 2013

BJP launches “Bijli Andolan”, Goel leads Torch & Candle March to CM residence


  • BJP leaders trying to reach CM’s residence lathicharged, arrested
  •  Party units hold protests against power tariff increase across the city
  • Massive “Bijli Rally” on 11 August at Ramlila Grounds

New Delhi, July 28- Giving vent to the anger, disappointment and frustration of the common people over yet another hike in power tariffs and the complete sell out of people’s interests to DISCOMS by the Delhi government, the Delhi BJP today launched a massive agitation all across the city with the Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel leading a protest Torch & Candle March from party’s nation office 11 Ashoka Road to Delhi CM’s residence.

Despite holding a peaceful Torch & Candle march, the party cadres led by Sh. Vijay Goel were lathi charged and water cannons were used against them by the police personnel. As the BJP leaders and party cadres tried to proceed further and reach near CM’s residence, Sh. Goel and other party leaders with hundreds of party cadres were arrested and taken to Tughlaq Road Police Station

Next on the party list is Power Minister Haroon Yusuf at whose residence the party will soon organise protest against raised power tariffs

With the latest hike in power tariff, over the last two years, there has been a 72% increase in power tariff in Delhi. And it is likely to continue to increase unabated. The BJP’s stand is that instead of increasing the power tariff, it can be reduced by 30%. The party has promised to do this when it comes to power in Delhi.

As Sh. Goel was leading the protest march over the unabated power tariff hike, similar demonstrations, protest marches, chakka jam etc were held across the city at 80 places where thousands of BJP workers gathered. Those who participated in it included among others-Sh. Tanweer Ahmed, Sh. Lal Bihari Tiwari, Gopal Narain Singh, Trivindra Rawat, Vijay Sonkar Shastri, JK Jain, Kiran Ghai, Suyapratap Sahi, Anil Jain, Ashok Pradhan, Anil Sinha, Nirmala Sitaraman and Rameshwar Chaurasia.

Addressing a huge gathering party cadres on this issue, Sh. Goel said, “The Congress government and the DERC have become stooges of the DISCOMS. The DERC and Delhi government are getting ready to dole out Rs 19,505 crore as outstanding regulatory assets(claims by the private DISCOMS which will be charged from the common people through hike in power tariff.) This would translate into a hike in power tariff of more than 300%.

The Congress government has just postponed this hike till assembly polls to contain backlash from common people. But it has officially accepted this suggested 300% hike and this will be implemented immediately after assembly polls.”

A 300% hike means that the lowest cost of the per unit power will not be less than Rs 12 to 13. This would be unbearable for most of the city residents but as power is a basic necessity in this city now, so this nexus of DERC,DISCOMS and Delhi govt. is blackmailing the common people by raising power tariffs randomly.

Sh. Goel said that the BJP strongly opposes the way Delhi government has given a free run to the DISCOMS. The outstanding balance on regulator assets that will be claimed from consumers by the DISCOOMS through hike in power tariffs will be based on the figures provided by DISCOMS. No cross verification has been done by the DERC. Why there is no independent verification of these figures which are clearly fudged to benefit the DISCOMS?

When DERC did not have data from DISCOMS from 2007-2012, how did it provisionally approve these regulatory assets through statutory advise?

Sh. Goel informed that the agitation will continue over the next two and a half weeks and will culminate with a massive “Bijli Rally” on 11 August at Ramlila Grounds

Saturday, 27 July 2013

Delhi BJP launches “Bijli Andolan”, Massive “Bijli rally” at Ramlila Grounds on 11 August

  • Get ready for power shock of more than 200%, Delhi govt sold out interests of common people to DISCOMS
  • Power subsidy is sham, yet another way of filling DISCOM pockets with public money
  • 22 lakh households to get affected by recent power tariff hike
New Delhi, July 27 : The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today announced the launch a city wide agitation against unabated increase in power tariffs making power consumption increasing unaffordable for all sections of society, especially the poor and the middle class. The party will hold a massive rally on the issue at Ramlila Ground on 11 of August. The party will hold candle light marches all over the city tomorrow including the one in front of Delhi CM’s residence and that will be followed by agitation at the local level by the party at District and Mandal levels.

Announcing the launch of the BJP agitation at a press conference, the Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “The common people of Delhi are bearing the brunt of a complete sell out of their interests by the Congress government of Delhi and DERC to the private DISCOMS. It is shameful that the government instead of protecting the interests of common people working in hand in glove with the private DISCOMS. The Delhi BJP will not tolerate this. We are very clear about this that instead of increasing power tariff, there is an immediate scope of reducing the power tariff by atleast 30%.”

The recent 5% tariff hike has resulted in an increase of 72% in power tariff over the last two years which is unparalleled and completely unjustified.

“In fact the hike announced yesterday is just tip of the iceberg. The DERC and Delhi government are getting ready to dole out Rs 19,505 crore as outstanding regulatory assets (claims by the private DISCOMS which will be charged from the common people through hike in power tariff.) This would translate into a hike in power tariff of more than 200%. The Congress government has just postponed this hike till assembly polls to contain backlash from common people. But it has officially accepted this suggested 200% hike and this will be implemented immediately after assembly polls,” Shri Goel added.

Here are some of the key facts :-

  •  From 2002-11, the DISCOMS claimed regulatory assets worth Rs 7232 crore. Out of this Rs 6919.04 were approved by the DERC and Delhi government. Out of this, last year Rs 928 crore were doled out to DISCOMS. This led to 15% tariff hike.

  • From 2011-13, the DERC and Delhi government accepted claims of a bailout package for DISCOMS for Rs 12,586 crore.

  •  Through 8 % surcharge imposed on consumers to dispose off these regulatory assets for year 2012-13, Rs 1228 crore have been recovered by DISCOMS through this surcharge.

  • That still leaves us with 18277 Crore outstanding claims of DISCOMS from 2002-13.

  • If doling out Rs 927 crore resulted in 15% tariff hike, that clearly implies that to dole out the rest of Rs 18277 crore there has to be more than 200% hike.

Shri Goel said, “This outstanding balance is based on the figures provided by DISCOMS. No cross verification has been done by the DERC. Why there is no independent verification of these figures which are clearly fudged to benefit the DISCOMS?”

“When DERC did not have data from DISCOMS from 2007-2012, how did it provisionally approve these regulatory assets through statutory advise,” asked Shri Goel.

“The Power Purchase agreements of the DISCOMS are not made public. It is on basis of these PPAS that the DISCOMS are claiming losses and the DERC and Delhi government introducing power tariff hikes. Why these agreements are not made public so that everyone can see what is the reality ?”

Shri Goel said, “There is complete lack of transparency and the Delhi government and the DERC have become stooges of the DISCOMS. The ultimate sufferer is the common man.”

The biggest evidence of this “Crony governance model” of Delhi government is the fact that while a 5% tariff hike has been announced even though the DISCOMS had asked for hike of 1.8% and the NDMC had sought a hike of o.83%.”

Blasting the Congress government over announcement of providing subsidies, Shri Goel said, “The public money is used for subsidizing and in the garb subsidy this amount is also going into the pockets of the DISCOMS robbing public exchequer of thousands of crores of rupees over the last few years.”

Commenting the recent power tariff hike, he said, “There are 25 lakh domestic meters in the city. Out of them 22 lakh consume more than 200 units and above. All of them will be severely affected with immediate effect. Thus the promise of subsidy by Delhi government is a sham.”

Friday, 26 July 2013

Delhi BJP slams power tariff hike, demand immediate roll back, to launch city wide agitation

  • Common people robbed of millions by Delhi Govt., DERC to benefit Discoms
  • Massive power tariff hikes in offing after assembly polls : Goel
New Delhi, July 26 : The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today slammed DERC and the Delhi government for introducing yet another hike in power tariff. The party termed the latest hike as yet another clinching evidence of the nexus between Congress government in Delhi, the DERC and the private discoms.

Already reeling under the onslaught of inflation and corruption, the common man on the street would be hit very hard by this power tariff hike announced by the DERC today despite strong case put up by the BJP, RWAs and several other organisations.

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “This hike is a shocking case of complete sell out of people’s interests by the Delhi government and the DERC to the private DISCOMS.

To protest this “sell out” of Delhi government and DERC in the hands of DISCOMS which is causing great deal of harassment to the common people, the Delhi BJP will launch massive city wide protest to oppose this power tariff hike,” said Shri Goel.

Never in the history of Delhi has any government been so meek, corrupt and anti-people. Shri Goel said, the Delhi government, DERC and DISCOMS are already planning another power tariff hike after assembly polls which could be around 50 to 55 per cent.

“Why don’t the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit come out in them open and reveal the dubious plans of introducing completely unjustified power tariff hikes which are completely biased in the favour of DISCOMS,” Shri Goel added.

The irony is that with an honest approach, the power tariff can be easily brought down by atleast 30%. But the Chief Minister is just not ready to engager herself with any such possibility. Instead she is busy advising the people that if they cannot afford continuous increase in power tariffs, they should not use ACs and Coolers!

The BJP is committed to bring the electricity tariff down by atleast 30% and it will do so immediately when it comes to power. Meanwhile it will expose the role of Congress government in Delhi in robbing the common people of their hard-earned money through unjustified hikes in power tariff.

Thursday, 25 July 2013

BJP gets ready to launch "Mass Contact programme" among JJ clusters

  • Massive rally on issues related to JJ clusters on 4 August
  • JJ Cluster heads slam Congress for false promises, assure BJP of full support 
  • BJP will provide house to every JJ household, Congress duped them: Goel
New Delhi, July 25 : To consolidate as well as expand the growing popularity of Delhi Bharatiya Janata party among Jhuggi Jhopri residents who are completely disillusioned with the Congress government and are providing tremendous support to the BJP , the Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel will launch a mass contact programme among JJ dwellers through a padyatra at Lal Bagh JJ cluster (in Model Town) on Friday.

The mass contact programme under which thousand of BJP cadres will span out in more than 680 JJ clusters across the city is a part of party’s “outreach” strategy which has already been successfully implemented by launching similar campaigns for youth, dalits and the minority.

The first phase of this mass contact programme will culminate with a massive rally of JJ cluster residents at Talkatora Stadium on August 4.

Addressing a gathering of heads of JJ clusters on the eve of the launch of the mass contact programme for JJ clusters, Shri Goel said, “ The BJP has a positive agenda for the JJ clusters which involve providing every Jhuggi dwelling household with a house at the place where they are residing now, single point electricity scheme to reduce their inflated and unaffordable power bills, a corruption free PDS, highly subsidized LPG cylinders, providing regular water supply, sewerage health care facilities and education facilities near their doorsteps.

It may be recalled that Congress has failed to deliver on all these fronts for JJ clusters. The Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojana is a case in point which was meant for the poor but has remained on paper! Dilli Annashree Yojana, Annapurna Yojana are some of the other schemes which were meant for poor but did not reach them in reality.

There are currently more than 2.2 million people living in JJ clusters across the city. The Planning Commission has itself said in a report that the JJ clusters in Delhi are devoid of basic amenities that should have been provided by the Delhi government.

Shri Goel said, “During the last 15 years, Congress government has done nothing for JJ clusters. Their living conditions have deteriorated. Delhi Urban Shelter Improvement Board which is supposed to improve their living conditions has become den of corruption. To cover-up scam of crores of rupees in DUSIB, the Congress government did not allow a CBI enquiry to take place in 2010. There should be a high level probe and action should be taken against those who have pocketed money meant to be spent on the poor.”

The heads of JJ clusters in Delhi assured Shri Goel that millions of JJ dwellers are fed with the false promises of Congress government and they would support the BJP to teach the incumbent government a hard hitting lesson in coming assembly polls.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Sh. Goel sends moneyorders to Sonia, PM, CM and Montek challenging them to spend a single day in Rs 33

  • Congress govt.flaunting fake figures on poverty , people feel miserable in Congress rule

New Delhi, July 24 - The Delhi Bhartiya Janta Party (BJP) today strongly condemned the twisted figures used by the Planning Commission of India to claim shrinking of poverty in the country and said that Rs.33 per capita per day criterion taken as a poverty line benchmark in the urban centres is laughable.

To mark their protest against the utter lies of the Planning Commission, Sh. Vijay Goel despatched Rs.33 money orders to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, UPA Chairperson Sonia Gandhi, Deputy Chairman of the Planning Commission Montek Singh Ahluwalia and Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. He challenged that they should try and spend a single day on Rs 33 if that is what is the benchmark for poverty line.

Hundreds of BJP worklers followed Sh. Vijay Goel and sent money orders to the above mentioned as a mark of protest 

Dismissing the Planning Commission’s claim, Delhi BJP State President Shri Vijay Goel said that government has adopted not only flawed but unrealistic formula to calculate the daily survival needs of an individual. “It is yet another cruel joke by this insensitive government. I do not think that anyone in right frame of mind can agree to government’s calculation that Rs.33 per day is enough for an individual to live in a city like Delhi. Even if we do not go into the flawed yardsticks adopted by the this government’s foreign educated economists, a common man living in this city could have told them that this is not just enough,” said Shri Goel.

The fresh poverty estimates by Planning Commission are based on controversial Tendulkar methodology that has been under scanner for fixing poverty lines that were too low at Rs.22.42 per person in rural areas and Rs.28.65 in urban areas. The Tendulkar poverty line is wholly insufficient and glaring when one looks at the breakdown of the Rs 33 packet, which includes, for instance, just about one rupee per day for health expenditure.

Following that, the government set up another committee under the chairman of the Prime Minister’s economic advisory council, C. Rangarajan to look at a methodology for determining poverty lines and estimating poverty. Interestingly without waiting for the Rangarajan's report, the Plan panel went ahead with new poverty estimates giving rise to the motives behind the hurried declaration.

Shri Goel informed that the figures has manipulated by the Planning Commission by not including the figures of the National Sample Survey in  2009-10, as it was a drought year. “ Why did the government leave out this particular year when many lower middle income groups must have been pushed below poverty line due to severe drought conditions  which UPA government failed to handle?,” asked Shri Goel.

He further informed that about the calculation made by the BJP regarding the minimum requirements of a family of 5 living in a city like Delhi. Against the Planning Commission calculation of around Rs.1000 per capita per month, BJP believes that Rs. Rs.8697.75 is the minimum that is needed for a family to survive in the city with constant hike in rents, power, fuel & food items etc.

Shri Goel added that living becomes all the more difficult in this city for the poor since the Public Distribution System (PDS) of the Congress government is in tatters and hardly anyone is getting the allotted ration at subsidized rates. “The fact is that conditions of poor in the city are going from bad to worse since no relief is coming to them through PDS. Government has not only failed to provide food items to more than 15.85 lakh APL card holders in the city but also about 11.53 lakh Stamped APL card holders. Even BPL card holders are not getting regular supply,” said Shri Goel.

Monday, 22 July 2013

BJP delegation meets LG, demand high level probe in schemes for poor, action against Corrupt Cong. Govt.

  • Money meant for JJ clusters siphoned off under patronage of Congress government: Goel
  •  Delhi govt. made false promises to poor, now fudging data to cover tracks
  • BJP to organise massive rally of Jhuggi Jhopri dwellers on 4 August

New Delhi, July 22. A delegation led by Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today met the newly appointed Lieutenant Governor of Delhi Shri Najeeb Jung today and handed him a memorandum concerning complete collapse of governance of the city. The delegation comprised all three Mayors, BJP general secretaries Smt Shikha Rai and Sh. Ramesh Bidhuri and other senior BJP leaders including former Delhi BJP President Sh. Mangeram Garg.

Shri Goel expressed deep concern over the way the poor and the residents of JJ clusters have been treated over the last 15 years of Congress rule. To highlight the issues concerning Jhuggi Jhopri dwellers, the party will be organising a massive rally on 4 August, he informed.

Addressing a press conference after meeting with the LG, Sh. Goel said, “The LG agreed with our proposition that an immediate relaxation in cut off or some other preference formula can be implemented in colleges of Delhi government in the DU. We have urged him to push this issue with Delhi government who has failed to perform its task of providing affordable higher education to all students passing out of Delhi schools.”

“Another important issue which we have taken up with the LG is the state of urban poor in the city, especially the JJ clusters. None of the schemes meant for them has delivered any benefit on the ground and we have demanded a high level probe into these schemes where money is meant for the poor is being siphoned off,” Sh. Goel added.

Sh. Vijay Goel said, “From Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojana to the PDS schemes, the resources allocated for the poor are being robbed off under the patronage of Congress government. The result is visible on the ground with drastic deterioration in living conditions for the poor.”

Sh. Goel said, the biggest evidence of siphoning of money from the schemes meant for JJ clusters is the fact that their condition has worsened over the last 15 years. The Planning Commission in a 2011 document has clearly said about JJ clusters in Delhi that—

  • Around 70 per cent JJ clusters are not covered by the Delhi Administration when it comes to providing toilets.
  •  More than 55 per cent of JJ clusters do not get regular water supply from Delhi Jal Board
  • 83 per cent of the slums do not have basic infrastructure and services like bus stand, roads, schools and colleges.
  •  More than 65 per cent JJ clusters are plagued by serious law and order problems including eve teasing

Add to the above mentioned facts the fact that the much talked about low cost housing schemes for JJ clusters have failed to take off. The CM had announced building 60,000 low cost flats under Rajiv Ratan Awas but only about 14, 000 could be built (are in various stages of construction). No houses have been allotted under this scheme so far.

Similarly DSIIDC announced building 7000 dwelling units for industrial labourers in 2007, but only about 1500 units built in Bawana and Narela areas have been constructed till date.

In Commonweath games, thousands of Jhuggi dwellere were uprooted withour being provided alternative polts. The BJP would like to ask what happened to the houses for Jhuggi dwellers whose foundation was laid prior to previous assembly polls in kathputli Colony, Kusumpur Pahadi(Vasant Vihar) and Kalkaji by senior Congress leaders like Ajay Maken and Subhash Chopra.

The PDS meant to provide cheap rations for JJ clusters has collapsed. For more than 17 lakh ration cards in the city, there are less than 2500 Fair Price shops. The Dilli Annashree Yojana, started with much fanfare in December 2012 has failed to cater to even 8000 families while the government is blatantly lying by claiming on paper more than one lakh beneficiaries. The Annapurna yojana for the destitute has only 72 beneficiaries so far!

The BPL ration card holders are hardly getting rations. Various surveys and reports have pointed out that rations meant for the poor are being pilfered. There is no attempt to weed out fake ration cards. No new ration cards are made for the poor. Only less than one LPG connections have been provided to the poor ration card holders and the rest of them are compelled to buy LPG cylinders from open market at the rate of Rs 120/Kg. They are not being provided with Kerosene oil on ration cards any more leaving little to their choice.

“The BJP will provide LPG cylinders of 4kg at highly subsidised rates to the poor,” said Sh. Goel.

The JJ dwellers are charged with huge electricity bills ranging from Rs 1000 to Rs 4000 every month. The “Basti Vikas Kendras” set up by the BJP in the JJ clusters have been shut down by the Congress government.

“When the BJP will come to power, the party will provide power to all JJ dwellers through “single point scheme.” They will be provided affordable houses within fixed time frame. A special plan will be prepared to upgrade the provision of basic amenities,” said Sh. Goel.

The delegation submitted 10 point demand before the Lt. Governor, which are as follows :-

  • Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna be implemented soon.
  • Construction of houses for JJ dwellers be started soon in Kathputli Colony, Kushum Pur Pahari and Kalkaji. 
  • Construction of Hospitals on the plots allotted by the government be started soon and treatment of patients in super specialty hospitals at Janakpuri and Tahir Pur be started immediately.
  •  New Collages be opend in Delhi to provide higher education and all the vacant posts of teacher be filled as soon as possible.
  •  Free hold rights be granted to the residents of rehabilitation colonies.
  •  New ration cards under PDS not being issued for the last 15 years and 16 lakhs card holders not being issued ration. Immediate action be taken in this regard.
  •  Ration should be issued to the poor people under Annashri Yojna.
  •  Food Security Bill is only to mislead the people. All the APL and BPL card holders be provided ration.
  •  Power theft has gone down from 55% to 15%, hence power tariff be reduced. 
  •  Water supply be increased to 1050 MGD and 10% automatic increase in water charges be withdrawn. 

Sunday, 21 July 2013

BJP successfully launches next leg of campaign to bring more Dalits to party fold

  • Dalits, Balmikis, Backward communities slipping down on growth trajectory in Delhi during 15 years of Congress misrule: Goel

  • BJP’s roadmap for Dalit welfare to focus on skill development, higher education, economic empowerment of Dalit youth
New Delhi, July 21. Amidst huge support from Dalit and backward communities in the Capital, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Sh. Vijay Goel today conducted a “Padyatra” in several predominantly Dalit colonies thus launching the next leg of party’s “Outreach” campaign to bring more and more Dalits in the party fold. In the earlier phase, the party had held a “sahbjoj” with more than 16000 Dalits which received tremendous response.
Sh. Goel started his “Padyatra” in Dalit abd Balmiki bastis, the first of its kind by any political leader in the Capital in the recent past, from Ranjit Nagar and visited a number of Dalit bastis in the surrounding areas. He was accompanied a a huge number of local community leaders and a number of BJP leaders including Sh. Krishan Lal Dhilod, president of the Delhi BJP”s SC Morcha.

After the padyatra, in another unique initiative, Sh. Goel also decided to spend the night at Pandav Nagar along with a Dalit family. Addressing the community members as well as the BJP cadres who accompanied Sh. Goel during his padyatra and night stay, the Delhi BJP President said, “The Dalits, Balmikis and Scheduled Castes have been left in the lurch as the policies of the Congress government in Delhi have benefitted only vested interests who have pocketed most of the money meant for welfare of Dalits.”

Sh. Goel said, “ Rs 744 crore were diverted from Special Component Plan (SCP) meant for the welfare of Dalits, to projects directly or indirectly linked to Commonwealth Games by Delhi government and it ultimately reached pockets of corrupt Congress politicians and officials who indulged in unabated looting of public money as brought out by investigations later on.”

The Chief Minister Sheila Dikshi, herself, has been strongly indicted for her dubious role in Commonwealth Games scam. This shows how this corrupt and inefficient government has taken Dalits and backwards for a ride.

The neglect of Dalits and backwards in Delhi duing the last 15 years of Congress’ misrule is evident from the fact that In Delhi the literacy rate of SC and Dalit population is at least 10-15 per cent below other communities. Among SCs and Dalits literates, only 5.2 per cent are graduates and above. The SC/ST department of Delhi government has utilised only Rs 130 crore out of Rs 325 crore in the 2012-13 financial year.

Sh. Goel said, “The Dalits have been treated as vote bank by Congress but as the facts reveal that their welfare has never been priority of Congress. “It is time to change this government which has taken the poor and the Dalits for the ride,” added Sh. Goel.

Elaborating on BJP’s vision for the Dalits , Balmikis and other backward communities Sh. Goel said, “After coming to power, the BJP will run special time bound programmes to support and encourage higher education, skill building and employment oriented training for the youth among Dalits, Balmikis and other backwards.

“The BJP has already prepared a roadmap for the economic empowerment of Dalit and other backward communities. The party will focus on special financial assistance schemes to promote entrepreneurship amongst Dalit youths. The party will prepare “Special Component Plans” which would focus on the holistic growth of Dalits and other backward communities. And this will be done in a time bound manner,” informed Sh. Ghilod, President, Delhi BJP’s SC Morcha.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Delhi BJYM launches agitation to press for 4% relaxation in cut off list for Delhi students

BJP will implement a new admission policy for Delhi students : Goel

New Delhi, July 20. Amidst heavy downpour in the city, large number of students gathered at Jantar Mantar in the capital today to protest the denial of opportunity to them to get admission in Delhi University Colleges due to acute shortage of seats with Delhi government failing to open a single new college during the last 15 years.

Addressing the students, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, the BJP is in favour of a new admission policy in which all the students who have passed out class 12 from Delhi should get atleast 4% relaxation in cut off-marks for the DU admissions. He said, this can be implemented immediately in Delhi govt. run colleges but the current congress govt. in the city lacks the will to do this.

"I am going to take up this issue with the newly appointed LG Delhi with whom I would be meeting on Monday," informed Shri Goel.

He further added that braving such heavy downpour, so many students have joined the protest which clearly indicates the anger of thousands of class 12 students who are being denied opportunity in the city to get affordable high education.

Addressing the gathering, Delhi BJYM President Shri Gaurav Khari said a large number of students who come from lower and middle income groups can not afford to study in private expensive colleges. Their only hope is to study in a DU college. But due to acute shortage of seats and no preference being given to them, they lose out on the chance to have higher education.

To change this dismal scenario, the Delhi BJP had already presented a blue print a few days ago which suggested that there should be 4% relaxation in cut off lists given to students passing out from Delhi schools.

It also suggested opening of 15 new colleges, starting evening classes in morning colleges, opening chapters of prestigious colleges in neighboring cities and states to reduce pressure of students from other states on the DU. 

Currently, more than 1.3 lakh students are passing out of Delhi schools and they get less than 10,000 seats in DU colleges.

Shri Khari said that as the Delhi government has failed to respond on this issue concerning future of the youth in Delhi so the BJYM has launched an agitation.

Shri Goel, meanwhile, assured the youth that the BJP, when it comes to power in Delhi will immediately implement the blue print mentioned above.

Friday, 19 July 2013

Delhi BJP launches “Karyakarta Sammelan”, calls for “Majboot Sangathan, Nai Sarkar”

  • Delhi is ready for change, people fed up with 15 years of misrule of Congress: Swaraj
  • Battle ready BJP cadres will oust Congress govt which has failed on every front: Goel
New Delhi, July 19.-Inaugurating the first of the 280 “Karyakarta Sammelans” being organized by the Delhi BJP, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha and senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj today called upon the BJP workers to ensure that the common people who are completely fed up with the Congress rule should reach the polling booths on the day of election and cast their vote. The call during these Karyakarta Sammelans is “Majboot Sangathan, Nai sarkar” (Strong organization, New government).

The BJP is organizing these Karyakarta Sammelans to mobilize its crack teams at all 11763 polling booths in Delhi. Through these meetings, the party is training its 3.5 lakh specificially identified cadres who have been organized in more than 11000 teams. Each team has 32 members and each team is manning one particular polling booth.

Smt. Swaraj said, “The general mood of people is totally against Congress. The Delhi residents are fed with 15 year misrule of Congress in the city and there is a change in the offing. The BJP workers need to ensure that this change is brought by effectively converting anger of people into votes.”

“The key for BJP’s victory in the coming assembly polls in Delhi is in the hands of party cadres at the grassroot level. Effective polling booth management is going to make the real difference and the current exercise by the Delhi BJP of mobilizing the party cadres through these sammelans is the right step in the right direction at the right time,” she added.

Addressing the party cadres which gathered in huge numbers for this first Karyakarta Sammelan, which will go on till 4 August in all parts of the city, Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said, “The Congress government in Delhi has proved to be a disaster on all fronts be it power,water, basic services, education, health, law and order, safety of women and welfare of the vulnerable sections of the society.”

“Inflation and corruption are the two evil pillars on which this government is standing and it is time that the Delhi BJP ensures that this corrupt and inefficient government is done away with. To do that the party cadres will be visiting every household in the city and they would be equipped with the facts and figures to explain to every household in this city , how this scam-ridden and ineffective government has failed to deliver on any front,” he added.

After the BJP will come to power, the crack teams constituted at polling booth level will remain active and ensure the welfare for every household that has been assigned to them. This would be unique initiative in terms of connecting the common people with the government on day to day basis to resolve issues concerning them effectively and in a time bound manner.

Sh. Goel welcomes appointment of Sh. Gadkari as in-charge of Delhi polls along with Sh. Siddhu

New Delhi, July 19-Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party President Sh. Vijay Goel today welcomed the appointment of Sh. Nitin Gadkari as in-charge of Delhi Assembly elections along with Sh. Navjot Singh Siddhu. Sh. Goel said, “I am confident that the experience and dynamism of these two leaders will help all the party cadres immensely.”

Delhi BJP demands audit of purchase of iron tablets for government schools

Delhi government fails to act on the incident of students falling sick after taking iron tablets

New Delhi, July 19. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today demanded a high level probe into the incidents of children falling sick after taking iron tablets in Delhi government schools. The party also demanded that an audit should be done immediately of the Delhi government’s purchse of iron tablets which are being given to children in the schools.

Expressing concern over the lackadiasical approach of Delhi government, Shri Vijay Goel said, “The health of the children studying in govt. schools should be of utmost concern to any government. But even after so many children fell sick, the Delhi government failed to react and initiate even an inquiry in this issue.

“The Delhi government has been neglecting health of school children. There should be atleast a quarterly check up of health for all govt. school students. And this should happen in reality, not only in papers. The BJP, when it comes to power in Delhi, will ensure this measure is implemented effectively immediately,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shri Goel has also directed all the BJP leaders in the MCDs to ensure that the quality of mid-day meals meet the required standards in MCD run primary schools. “I have asked all the senior leaders in the MCDs to personally ensure that good quality mid-day meals are served to children in primary schools,” said Shri Goel.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

BJP workers sell tomatoes at cheap rates in Mahavir Nagar

New Delhi, July 18. For providing a relief from price rise the BJP workers under the leadership of Pradesh Spokesperson Shri Rajiv Babber sold tomatoes at the rate of Rs. 35 per kg in Mahavir Nagar of Tilak Nagar AC. Large number of people assembled in this programme. Most of the women came out of their houses and stood in queue to purchase tomatoes sold by the BJP workers. Shri Rajiv Babber told that this is symbolic way of awakening the people and fight against price rise.

A 70 years old lady Amrit Kaur praised the efforts of BJP and told that the people shall not forgive this profiteer Congress Government. Prominent workers including Mandal President Anil Mahana, Amit Kumar, Bittu Chopra, Rajesh Kumar, Shanti Prasad contributed in this campaign.


  •  4 percent relaxation in cut-off marks to the students passing from Delhi Schools for admission to DU colleges. Branches of reputed DU Colleges be opened in various states.
  •  New colleges be opened in Delhi as soon as possible. 
  • Seats in various courses of Delhi University be increased. 
  • Evening shifts be started in all the colleges. 

New Delhi, July 18. Supporting the demand for 4 percent relaxation in cut-off marks to the students passing from Delhi schools for admission in DU, BJP Delhi Pradesh Yuva Morcha President Gaurav Khari requested the Sheila Government to accept the demands soon, otherwise a big movement will be initiated for it. 

Holding the demand for 4 percent relaxation to the students deprived of admission to DU as justified, the BJYM President said that this step will provide justice to the youth of Delhi. Accusing the Sheila Dikshit Government he said that not a single new college has been opened in Delhi during the last 15 years which indicates that the Congress Government is disregarding the youth of Delhi. He also said that during the last 15 years, seats in DU have remained stagnant whereas the number of students passing 12th exams has increased immensely. 

It may be mentioned that there are 54,000 seats in DU at present whereas 1 lakh 23 thousand students are seeking admission. Even out of these 54 thousand seats, students passing from Delhi schools are able to get admission to less then 10,000 seats. 

Shri Gaurav Khari clarified that his demands includes the students from all the states who pass 12th exams through Delhi schools. Lastly BJYM President told that if branches of reputed colleges of DU are opened in other states then the pressure of outside students on DU will also decrease. Government should be serious in this direction also.

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

BJP fully geared up for polls, 12000 crack teams, 3.5 lakh party cadres in place to lead poll charge

  • Top national, state leaders to get to ground zero through 280 Karyakarta Sammelans from 19 July-4 August
  • Battle ready BJP cadres are ready to bring change in Delhi : Goel
New Delhi, July 17. Unveiling the organisation strategy for coming assembly polls in Delhi, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today said the party is battle ready with successful completion of its exercise to put crack teams on all 11763 polling booths in the capital.

The party is adopting "Back to the basics" philosophy in which party cadres at the polling booth level are slated to play the key role.

In the assembly poll battle, the flag bearers of the party at ground zero will be 11763 crack teams comprising more than 3.5 lakh trained and well equipped party cadres. Tactically, it will not be the 70 odd party candidates but the 3.5 lakh strong crack teams which will contest these polls.

These crack teams and party cadres will be rallied from 19 July-4 August in 280 mandal level "Karyakarta Sammelans" which will be addressed by a galaxy of leaders from national and state.

Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha and senior BJP leader Smt. Sushma Swaraj will inaugurate the fisrt Sammelan at Narayana on July 19 at 4 pm. The theme of these Sammelans is "Majboot Sangathan, Nai Sarkar"

Over the last 90 days, in a mammoth and unique city wide exercise carried out at polling booth level, 10,000 crack teams have already been put in place. From poll strategy point of view, Delhi BJP leadership has divided the city into around 11,763 polling booths under 280 mandals and 14 districts of the BJP. Each assembly constituency has around 4 wards and each ward is looked after by mandal where a crack team of 32 members has started working full time for the assembly polls.

Elaborating further, Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said, "On every polling booth we are constituting a 32 member crack team. Around 10,000 teams are already in place. This task was done over the last 90 days. The team comprises of 12 BJP workers over 30 years of age, 12 BJP workers below 30 years of age and 8 women."

There are around 250 families at every polling booth. The task assigned to this 32 member team is to reach every family. Thus every member of the team will approach around seven families over the next few months and will constantly remain in touch with them convincing them how important it is to bring a change in Delhi.

The party cadres will expose the misdeeds of the Congress government and will mobilise common people at the household level.

Shri Goel said, "BJP is a cadre based party. In our party, it is not the leader but the party cadres which content elections. In days to come these crack teams comprising 3.5 lakh committed party cadres will lead the poll charge and they will be backed by support at all levels from the party."

He further added, "After formulating these teams, our next step is train, engage and equip them. Thus we are holding "Karyakarta Sammelans" in all 280 mandals from 19 July to 4 August."

Each of this meet will be attended by the mandal level party workers and addressed by one of the senior state or national leaders. The focus of these "Sammelans" is three pronged- Training the party cadres, sharing of perspective by party cadres and taking a resolve to end the misrule of Congress.

The party will be sharing "information kits" with the party cadres at these meets so that they can take down the right kind of message with the right perspective to every household.

"Not only the top state level leaders but senior national leaders are going to be addressing the Karyakarta Sammelans. This is because our leadership has a clear view that it is the party cadre at the grassroot level which plays a key role in any election strategy. So the top leadership will be leading from the front at the grassroot level as our crack teams get going," said Shri Goel.

In addition to many other senior leaders, those would be addressing the "Karyakarta Sammelans" include Shri Rajnath Singh, Shri Ram Lal, Shri Nitin Gadkari, Shri Venkiah Naidu, Shri Anant Kumar and Shri Thawarchand Gehlot.

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

MCDs agree to provide relief on Commercial Tax after Delhi BJP President’s intervention

  • Traders’ delegations meet Shri Goel to thank for the relief in commercial tax
  • Lakhs of shops, establishments to get benefit of tax relief
New Delhi, July 16. In a move to provide relief to lakhs of shops and establishment owners in the Capital, the three municipal corporations of Delhi have decided to provide relief from hike in commercial tax by bringing it down to 12% for those on whom the rate was hiked to 20%

The decision was taken after a series of meetings over the last couple of days to thrash out this issue. This would release in a relief of around Rs 300 crore to the common residents of Delhi.

The decision was taken after Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel asked the BJP leadership in the MCDs to roll back the commercial tax. This would benefit atleast four to five lakh commercial property owners.

“Those who have already deposited the increased tax would be given relief by either refund of the increased amount or by adjusting it against their future tax liabilities,” said Shri Goel.

During the course of meetings with MCD leaders, Shri Goel emphasised that the loss of revenue due to roll back of commercial tax needs to be compensated by the alternative sources of revenue.

The MCD leaders assured Shri Goel that all three corporations would augment their revenue through innovative schemes for revenue augmentation.

Sh. Goel emphasised that the focus of the BJP ruled MCDs is on people friendly policies and the recent decision of roll back of commercial taxes is a part of the same.

A number of traders organisations met Sh. Goel today and thanked him for taking the initiative to provide relief in the commercial tax.

Those who met him included delegations from Delhi Mercantile Association, Kirana Merchant Association, Chemical Merchant Association,Wedding Card Manufcaturing Association, Khari Bavli Sarvavyapar Mandal, Delhi Saree Mercantile Association, Cloth Market Association, Marwari Charitable Trust.

BJP organizes sale of tomatoes at cheap rates in Khayala J J Colony.

New Delhi, 16th July. In order to provide relief to the poor people suffering due to unprecedented increase in the price of vegetables, under the leadership of BJP Pradesh Spokesperson Rajiv Babbar, BJP leaders organized sale of tomatoes at the rate of Rs. 30 in Khayala, J.J. Colony under Tilak Nagar AC. Large number of housewives assembled to get the benefit of this sale. They appreciated this effort of BJP and said that price rise under Congress rule has become un-controlled and the poor people are not getting relief anywhere.

Shri Rajiv Babber said that this price rise is due to the wrong policies of Congress Government. BJP will continue to awaken the people in various areas in this manner. On this occasion, Shri Raj Kumar Parashar, Smt. Sarita Koli, Shri Vikram Nayak were also present.

State BJP organizes Prayer meet for the deceased and missing pilgrims in Uttarakhand

  • State BJP President Shri Vijay Goel hands over more than Rs 45 lakhs in relief donations to Smt Sushma Swaraj, Hon’ble Leader of Opposition (Lok Sabha)
  • Smt Suushma Swaraj flays centre’s and Uttarakhand state government’s efforts in effectively tackling disaster aftermath

New Delhi, July 16: The Delhi State Unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today held a prayer meeting to remember and honor the memory of the thousands of dead and missing pilgrims due to severe calamity that struck Uttarakhand more than a month back. On this occasion, the Leader of Opposition, Lok Sabha, Smt Sushama Swaraj, and the President of the State unit of BJP, Shri Vijay Goel were present and addressed the meet. A sum of Rs 45,59,213 was handed over by Shri Goel to Smt. Sushama Swaraj. Prayers were offered for the safe return of those still missing and for eternal peace of the soul of those who had left us forever. The prayer meet was presided by the globally renowned Sant Shri Dr. Vallabh Joshi and he was accompanied by the redoubtable Bhajan singer, Jitendra.

Smt Sushama Swaraj said, “The Uttarakhand tragedy has left many families in despair and broken. My deepest sympathies and condolences are with these families always.’ She further added, “Even a month post the tragedy, the state and the central government have not been able to even arrive at the correct figure of those dead and missing. The government has completely failed in anticipating and managing this disaster at all levels. The government at the centre has not taken any efforts to determine the fate of the affected families.” She praised the Army men for saving lakhs and paid tributes to the 20 Airmen who sacrificed their lives.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Vijay Goel Said, “I have spoken to the Delhi Chief Minister many times time in this context but she has ignored my submissions. My party then tried to reach the affected Delhi families through advertisements and announcements in the media and this has resulted in our getting hold of over 400 names. We have submitted this list to the concerned authorities. 

He further added, “Each of MLA has donated a sum of Rs 10 lakhs from their assigned fund and this sum would also be added to the other efforts already underway to mobilze aid and assistance for the affected families.”

Shri Goel has accepted the resignation of Shri Husain.

New Delhi, 16th July. In a letter to Shri Vijay Goel, President Delhi BJP, Shri Aamir Raza Husain, Vice President Delhi BJP has stated that while holding an important post of the party he should not have made comments which could cause hurt to senior leader of the party. His intention was not to cause anguish against any leader.

He has tendered his resignation from the post and also stated that his best wishes are always with the party.

Shri Goel has accepted the resignation of Shri Husain.