Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Workers of Unorganised sectors neglected by Delhi government: Goel

Delhi BJP promises to set up Welfare Board for Unorgansied Workers

New Delhi, August 7: The Delhi Bhartiya Janta Party’s Unorganized Worker’s Morcha today held a “Roji Roti Adhikar Rally”at Jantar Mantar to highlight the government’s apathy towards their pitiable state. Thousands of workers from across the city gathered to hear their leaders on the occasion. Shri Vijay Goel, Delhi BJP President and Shri Anand Sahu, President, Delhi BJP’s Unorganised Workers’ Morcha addressed the workers and promised to resolve their problems once BJP government comes to power in Delhi.

Accepting that the conditions of about 10 lakh people working in unorganized sectors of the capital has become awful due to their neglect by the Delhi government since past 15 years, Shri Goel assured them to look into all the demands of Unorganised Worker’s Morcha immediately after coming to power in Delhi.

“The workers are the back bone of any economy and there can be no real progress if the workers have fail to progress with other sections of the society. Going by this yardstick, the condition of our workers in this city is horrific, thanks to their step-motherly treatment of Delhi government. But, I promise to change all this once our government comes to power in Delhi. All your demands will be met immediately,” Shri Goel declared to the delight of the audience.
Meanwhile, blaming Delhi government for ignoring the conditions of these workers, Shri Sahu demanded constitution of a Welfare Board to look into the grievances of these workers. He further said that introduction of FDI in retail will destroy the ordinary working man as not only will they lose their jobs when foreign companies will come and gobble up the local retail houses but will also sow seeds of foreign rule.

“The Congress government will not rest till it has finished off the common man. The condition of workers in this city is already bad, with introduction of FDI in retail, even those who can barely meet their ends will find it difficult to survive as they will lose their jobs. Those who will manage to save their jobs will have to work like slaves under the inhuman conditions and poor salaries,” said Shri Sahu adding that the only alternative before the people to save themselves from such treatment will be to vote BJP in power.

Former Mayor Meera Aggarwal and Shayam Jaju, National Secretary, BJP also addressed the people on the occasion.

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