Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Delhi BJP to set up development agenda for Purvanchalis at Purvanchal Sammelan

·         Delhi BJP to  set up development agenda for Purvanchalis at Purvanchal Sammelan on Wednesday
·         BJP top  leadership including Shri Gadkari to address the Purvanchal Sammelan
·         Congress government ignored Purvanchalis, challenged their dignity during its 15 years of misrule

The Delhi BJP today slammed the Congress government for ignoring the welfare of Purvanchali people in the city during its 15 years rule. The Delhi BJP will take up the issues concerning Purvnachali people in the city in the “Purvnachal Sammelan” on Wednesday which is organized by the Purvanchal Morcha of Delhi BJP. Among others, it will be addressed by BJP’s former National President and Delhi election in-charge Shri Nitin Gadkari, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and Delhi election co-incharge Shri R.K. Sinha.

In a statement issued today, the Delhi BJP said, “This Sammelan will set up the agenda for development of the Purvnachali people in the city. There are more than 30 lakh Purvanchali people living in Delhi for years contributing to the growth and development of the national capital but they seem to be living themselves on the fringes of development. Nothing has been done by the Congress government in last 15 years to bring civic solutions to the areas having settlements of people from Purvanchal.”

The Delhi BJP had recently converted its Purvanchali cell into Purvanchali Morcha which itself is an indication that the party realizes the need for a bigger effort and greater focus on challenges faced by Purvanchali households in the city.

The Purvanchali people face most basic problem of having an identity in the city as they find it difficult to get registered as voters, get registration of birth and deaths in Delhi, get their children enrolled in good schools, obtaining a ration card, get an LPG connection, get a telephone connection, secure driving license, get an Aadhaar card, get access to banking/opening of bank accounts or post-office savings accounts and be entitled to whatever schemes run by the government.

As a result they are not able to avail benefits of most of the government schemes.

A significant section of of Purvanchali people are compelled to live in unauthorized colonies as they are not able to get affordable houses. The Delhi government has failed to provide low cost affordable housing.  The purvanchalis feel compelled to settle in unauthorized colonies which have been consistently ignored in terms of availability of basic amenities like water, power, roads, sewage etc.

Purvanchal Morcha President Shri Vijay Bhagat said, “The Congress’s government of Delhi has never paid attention to the problems faced by the people from Purvanchal, a large section of whom is compelled to live in poor conditions. The Delhi Government has only made empty promises to Purvanchali people in the 15 years of its continuous misrule.”

While the Purvanchali people have contributed significantly in bringing development to Delhi and changing the face of the city, the Delhi Chief Minister blames the migrant people for rise in crime in Delhi.

Delhi BJP Spokesperson Aman Sinha said, “Instead of admitting her failure in making Delhi a safe city, the Chief Minister blames the migrants for rise in crime in the national capital. The statements made by the Chief Minister in the wake of spate of incidents of crime against women, challenge the dignity of the migrants.”

“Delhi Government has failed to check price rise in the city owing to a large scale mismanagement. The worst impact of this unprecedented hike in prices has been on the migrant population which has a large proportion of Purvanchalis”, added Shri Sinha.

The Delhi BJP is aware of the problems and difficulties faced by the Purvanchali people in Delhi in their day to day lives. 

To affirm party’s commitment to the general welfare of the Purvanchali people in Delhi, the top leaders of the Delhi BJP will interact with the people of Purvanchal at the Mavalankar Hall at the Constitution Club in New Delhi on Wednesday.

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