Saturday, 19 October 2013

BJP to formulate long term plan for corruption-free development in Delhi: Goel

·         Goel meets Saturday and Sunday club members in Lodhi Garden, shares BJP’s Delhi Vision
·         BJP to formulate long term plan for corruption-free development in Delhi: Goel

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel early this morning met more than 150 members of ‘Saturday and Sunday Clubs’ at Lodhi Garden and shared BJP’s vision for Delhi’s development to make it a world class city. The ‘Saturday and Sunday Club’ members comprising all age groups shared their concerns with Shri Goel over various issues bothering the city including high inflation and corruption among others.

Shri Goel had a frank exchange of views with the morning walkers. They discussed the matter of rising prices of essential commodities, widespread corruption, absence of governance in Delhi and concerns over safety of women among other issues in the city. People also put several queries to Shri Goel about how the BJP will solve the problems Delhi is facing. Shri Goel shared with them the broader framework that the BJP is planning to tackle the challenges, when it is voted to power, in Delhi.

Shri Goel said, “The BJP will bring down the power tariff by 30% in Delhi, when elected to power. It is one of the things that are easily doable to benefit the common citizens of Delhi. Power tariff is high in Delhi not because of cost equation but because of corruption and lack of political will on part of the government.”

Responding to a query on the inaccessibility of government, Shri Goel said, “The BJP, when voted to power, will make administration accessible to people, whose concerns will have the top-most priority for the government. The administration will be made transparent, efficient and sympathetic to people’s concerns under the BJP.”

Sharing BJP’s vision for Delhi, Shri Goel said, “The BJP will formulate a long term development plan for Delhi based on the ground reality of the city in the view of fast changing needs, socio-economic composition and landscape of the city. Delhi will be turned into a world class city in real sense of terms with proper planning and corruption free development.”

During their interaction with Shri Goel, people expressed dissatisfaction with the prevailing state of affairs in the city. They said that due to unabated rise in prices of onions and other vegetables, they are facing lots of hardship as the prices have been hovering in the higher brackets for far too long to be sustainable for most of the households.

Shri Goel shared the sentiments of the people and assured them of bringing price situation under control when the BJP is elected to power after the elections. He said that the BJP stands by the people of Delhi and is committed to the welfare of people and all-round development of the city.

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