Monday, 28 October 2013

Goel invites Rahul Gandhi on a fact-finding tour of Delhi

  • Goel invites Rahul Gandhi on a fact-finding tour of Delhi
  • Delhi CM is misleading Congress leadership and people of Delhi: Goel
  • Congress govt. is spending money on superficial projects rather than basic amenities: Goel
  • Delhi CM should make her stand clear on statehood for Delhi: Goel

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today invited Congress Vice-president Shri Rahul Gandhi on a tour of Delhi so that he can have the first hand experience of the deterioration of the city in the last 15 years of Congress’s misrule. He said that the Congress Vice-president seems to be totally unaware of the ground realities of Delhi. Shri Goel also slammed the Delhi Chief Minister for creating confusion over the full statehood demand for Delhi.

In a statement issued today, Shri Goel said, “The Delhi Chief Minister is misleading not only the people of Delhi but even her party on the issue of development in Delhi. It seems that the Congress Vice-president only sees the picture presented to him by the Chief Minister and builds his opinion about Delhi completely oblivious to the situation at ground. I invite him to a tour of Delhi so that his myths are busted.”

Shri Goel said, “The Chief Minister should make her stand clear on the issue of statehood. She is creating confusion by referring to multiplicity of authorities but not supporting the BJP’s demand for full statehood for Delhi.

The NDA government had brought the Delhi Statehood Bill, but the then Congress government under the present Chief Minister had opposed the Bill in 2004. The Chief Minister had then declared that Delhi cannot get full statehood like other states.

Shri Goel said, “The Chief Minister gets senior Congress leaders including the Congress President to inaugurate government’s schemes with much fanfare but does not implement them properly thereafter. Schemes like Rajiv Ratna Awas Yojana, Annashree Yojana and Food Security Scheme have all proven to be non-starter.”

The Congress government had promised in 2008 to provide 60,000 affordable houses to the poor but, till date not a single house has been allotted to the target population. The failure of Annashree Yojana was recognized by the Congress government itself when it announced the Food Security Scheme, which in turn was announced without proper data of the beneficiaries.

Shri Goel further said, “The entire focus of the Chief Minister has been on the superficial projects rather than on addressing the core issues of Delhi. The Congress government is spending Rs. 1,131 crore on construction of the Signature Bridge while half of the population living in the JJ clusters and slums of Delhi do not have access to toilets and other basic civic amenities. Almost half of Delhi does not get clean drinking water from the Delhi Jal Board.”

The Signature Bridge project was announced in 2004 and it is still under construction. In between the estimated cost of the bridge has been revised at least six times leading to huge escalation of cost. The CAG questioned cost escalation by Rs 672 crore.

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