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Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Vijay Goel, Vijay Kumar Malhotra write letter to the President of India

New Delhi, November 7th.  In a letter written to the President of India, BJP’s Chief Ministerial Candidate Dr. Harsh Vardhan, Pradesh President Vijay Goel, Leader of the Opposition in Delhi Legislative Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra have demanded that he should direct the Prime Minister and Central Home Ministry to take punitive action against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for misleading the people.  

In the year 2008 Smt. Dikshit had distributed provisional certificates to 50 lakh residents of unauthorized colonies through the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi with the assurance of regularization for ensuring victory in the forthcoming elections. Lakhs of rupees were spent by the Government on the advertisement. The Chief Minister and the Government were aware of the fact that the hon’ble Supreme Court has banned the regularization of unauthorized colonies before providing the basic amenities in those colonies. The Government distributed provisional certificates to the colonies which came up on public land, gram sabha land, forest land, ridge area, ASI land, water bodies and the land under notified area only for securing votes.  

Dr. Harsh Vardhan had filed case in the court of the Lokayukta of Delhi against the Chief Minister for misleading the people by misusing her position and influencing the voters and requested the Lokayukta to take action against her. The Lokayukta ordered for enquiry on the complaints of Dr. Harsh Vardhan on 31.8.2010 and the enquiry found that the Chief Minister Sheila Diskhit gave false assurance for securing the votes in Assembly Elections. The Government issued big advertisements in the newspapers and TV channels to mislead the people spending lakhs of rupees.

Just before the Assembly Election in 2008, the Government had issued Provisional Certificates for regularizing the unauthorized colonies. Similarly, on 4th September, 2012 just before the assembly elections the Delhi Government issued notification separately for amending the rules for regularizing the unauthorized colonies.

The purpose of the Government was to get the votes of about 50 lakh people of unauthorized colonies in favor of the Congress party by misleading them in the elections held in 2008 and to be held on 4th December, 2013. Taking serious view of the case the Lokayukta on 5.11.2013 held that the issuance of provisional certificates to the colonies was violation of Code of Conduct by the Chief Minister.

On 5.11.2013, Lokayukta found the Chief Minister guilty in this case. The same day he wrote a letter to the President of India Shri Pranab Mukherji requesting that he should caution the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit not to mislead the people in future. It is necessary to mention that the Lokayukta had written a similar letter to the then President of India Pratibha Devi Singh Patil to caution the Chief Minister. But Mrs. Sheila Dikshit did not stop. Smt. Sheila Dikshit issued big advertisements in the media with the photographs of Ministers Raj Kumar Chauhan, A.K. Walia, Yoganand Shahstri, Harun Yousuf, Mangat Ram Singhal and Arvinder Singh Lovely after spending public money.



Dr. Harsh Vardhan has requested the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Delhi Government to answer following questions to the people:-

  1. Provisional certificates were issued in October, 2008. Assurance was given to regularize the colonies within a year. Chief Minister should state what is the legal sanctity of provisional certificate? If the colonies are being regularized on the basis of Provisional Certificates then why final certificates are not being issued to the residents?

  1. When the Supreme Court had given orders to the Government not to regularize the colonies without providing basic amenities then why did the Chief Minister gave illegal assurance of regularizing the unauthorized colonies deliberately?

  1. Is not the Congress President Mrs. Sonia Gandhi equally liable for this crime?

  1. If the colonies have been regularized then why the registry of the properties has not been started?

  1. If the colonies have been regularized then why the employees of revenue department and Delhi Police are recovering money from the residents of the colonies for construction work?

  1. If the colonies are regularized then why the Government is not providing sewer, roads, water, power, transport, drainage, education, health facilities, community centre, employment, industries ?

  1. Why the DJB is not supplying drinking water to all the unauthorized colonies when the Chairperson of the DJB is the Chief Minister herself?

  1. Why Delhi Government treated the unauthorized colonies in step motherly way during the last 15 years? Why this treatment continues even today?

  1. Chief Minister should answer, has she regularized the colonies which have come up by grabbing the Gram Sabha Land, Public Land, Forest Land, ASI Land, Water Bodies, Ridge Area, Protected Land. If it has been done then under what law and rules of the country?

  1. Had the Congress Government and Chief Minister been serious about regularizing the unauthorized colonies then why they did not go to the Supreme Court for relaxing the ban imposed by it on the regularization of unauthorized colonies 15 years ago in its order on petition number 725/1994 ?

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