Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Statement of Dr. Subramanian Swamy, Former Union Cabinet Minister

1.As an anti-corruption activist and on behalf of the Delhi Pradesh BJP I am addressing this Press Conference to enthusiastically support the cleanest and most experienced candidate for the CM of Delhi, Mr. Harshvardan, the former State Minister of Health.

2.The Congress Party which is presently wallowing in cesspool of corruption is shocked by his unanimous choice for CM candidate.

3.Lacking necessary credentials to counter with a corruption free name, the Congress high command seems to have entered into an unholy agreement with the AAM AADMI Party [AAP} Chief Mr. Arvind Kejriwal to do its work for countering Mr. Harshvardan’s impeccable credentials during the electioneering after the date of scrutiny of nominations.

4.But Mr. Kejriwal’s moment of truth is at hand. He represents a motley crowd of anti-nationals, sleazeballs, and financial manipulators.

5.This crowd is attracted by AAP as yet camouflaged ideology. It therefore attracts anti-nationals such as those who want to hand over Kashmir to Pakistan, espouse the cause of Maoists and Naxalites, and pander to rabid Muslim fundamentalists such as Maulana Tauqir Raza who had announced a Rs 5 lakh cash prize to anyone who would behead a defenceless woman called Taslima Nasreen, not to mention Rs 1 crore for assassinating the US President George Bush.

6.Mr. Kejriwal claim to fight corruption is limited to addressing press conferences. This is called the shoot and scoot strategy. In the Vadra case all the material he presented were already in the publicly domain. But in his press conference re-disclosing the same he specifically said that he found no wrong doing by either Ms. Sonia Gandhi or Priyanka Vadra. That is Vadra is an independent power centre, which is laughable.

7.Mr. Kejriwal has failed to answer the allegations of financial donations from the very sources which he condemns. These allegations that have been published for example in Mail Today of November 4, 2010 and recently in Economic Times require for the sake of transparency in public life to be fully answered by him.

8.It is apparent that the AAP has no presence of experienced workers at the booth level. Hence the party will find it difficult to open its account in the Assembly elections. The Congress Party which has emerged as a defacto patron of the AAP is habituated to ditching allies when convenient politically, and that is what we will witness four days before the polling date.

9.Hence, I urge all those who want a clean Delhi Administration to back Mr. Harshvardan and give the BJP a sizeable majority in the new Assembly

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