Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Even after seventeen years Congress presents inflationary budget.

President of the Delhi Pradesh Bharatiya Janata Party Vijay Goel today while talking to media people said that CM of Delhi who had boasted to make a Shanghai out of Delhi could not extract anything beneficial for Delhi durinbg the rail budget. No kind of modern facility exists in railways and stations. Stations lack even the basic security cover. Railway charges for first class where as the amenities are not worth even the third class. 

Talking about Delhi Goel said that granting a corpus of one hundred crores for Delhi is grossly inadequate as not even a proper road can be build in this amount. Roads in Delhi and its infrastructure are pressurized due to Railways lack of planning. Lakhs of people use roads daily just in order to commute to reach the railway station. Four passenger stations namely at Anand Vihar, Okhla, Dwarka and Holambi Kalan were to be build but none other than Anand Vihar has come up and four freight terminals were to be build in Delhi to decongest but nothing has happened so far. Satellite towns were to be connected via dedicated lines but nothing materialized. 

Linking of ticket prices to the fluctuation of diesel prices in market is nothing but mockery as railways is still is a common mans mode of transport. Covertly increasing charges like tatkal, cancellation etc. and not increasing the prices directly is nothing but fooling tactics. After seventeen years a Congress minister was presenting the budget but their feelings for common person was made visible with presentation of this budget. 

After seventeen years a congress Railway minister presented the budget but it was an inflationary rail budget. In January last rail fares were increased and now in budget freight etc have been increased. 

Goel said that Congress never had a human face and that this budget proves the point beyond any doubts. It has lost the will and moral to rule.

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