Sunday, 24 February 2013

“Today we have been asked to stop using electricity, tomorrow we will be stopped from using water as well – Delhi CM is conspiring to deny basic rights to Delhi’s citizens” – Vijay Goel

Vijay Goel, the Delhi Chief of BJP, has expressed dismay at the recent statement from Delhi Chief Minister on the high electricity bills. The Delhi Chief Minister said that if the electricity bills are becoming unaffordable, people should use one bulb instead of two; they should stop using coolers, fans, fridge and TV. Criticizing the statement in strong words, Vijay Goel has said that instead of taking a stand for the people who are reeling under high electricity bills, the Chief Minister seems to working for the benefit the Electricity Companies. 

“Can the Chief Minister of Delhi inform us how many Air-Conditioners, Bulbs, TVs, Fans, Fridges, etc., she has in her home? How much public money is being used to pay her electricity bills every month?” - Vijay Goel demands an answer to this question. 

When the private companies had been brought to Delhi, then it had been promised that people in the city will have access to 24X7 cheap power. Now that the electricity tariffs have gone through the roof, the CM is saying that people should switch off. They should consume electricity only for 5 hours, or even less. 

The Delhi Government is paying only Rs. 600 for ration, and it seeks to extract Rs. 6000 from citizens in name of electricity. The Delhi Government is in hand and gloves with these Discoms for looting the common citizens. According to the original terms, the private electricity companies were supposed to pay Rs. 2300 crore to the government. Instead of recovering that sum, the Delhi government has ended up providing a Rs. 500 crore bailout package to these Discoms. In this loot of public money, DERC and Delhi government are equally responsible. 

It is not just electricity whose prices have gone through the roof. Even water has caught fire. In a city that is blessed with River Yamuna, people are being denied the basic right of clean and cheap water. In few days, the Chief Minister will claim that people should stop drinking water, if they can’t afford the price. BJP will not stop from agitating on behalf of the people. Today Vijay Goel met with representative of more than 200 Dhobi Ghats, which generate employment for thousands of dhobis. The representatives told that they were now being harassed for paying commercial rates for water. 

This is a shocking state of affairs. There is complete anarchy in Delhi. The government is failing to fulfill its responsibility of ensuring cheap water and electricity for the people.

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