Wednesday, 27 February 2013


New Delhi; 27 February 2013. Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit while presenting the annual report on working of Delhi Government had house sparrow on the cover of that report seemingly is denoting that all the schemes of Delhi government have vanished like the house sparrow from the vicinities of Delhi. Like the humble sparrow which has vanished from Delhi people in Delhi are forced to leave Delhi for a better prospect elsewhere. 

Even taking to task by the Delhi Lokayukta could not prevent Delhi from becoming a slum where forty lakh people live in unauthorized colonies, thirty lakh people live in JJ clusters and another ten lakh live in slums. Yet she claims that the capital is world class city and made false promises. Even after making announcements freehold rights have not been given to the slum dwellers. That was another claim that CM of Delhi promises to make an international city out of Delhi. 

Unauthorized colonies where you still cannot officially buy or sell a house or slums whose dwellers were promised houses are the biggest living example of this and remained as a scheme only on papers. Yes, CM has kept her word on making Delhi another Paris which she has atleast as far as cost of living is concerned. Even the CM who claims 24 X 7 electricity doesn’t knows how many hours electricity is supplied. People across city are forced to compromise on their living standards just to pay for electricity bills. Electricity theft which has been reduced from 55% to 15% has not resulted in reduction of tariffs proves beyond a doubt the connivance of CM with these discoms and all knows why this is not taking place. Claims of 850 MGD of water supply are fake as this claim nearly has remained same since 2006. Water is still a flash point across much of Delhi and if we take claim of CM as truth why is the water not reaching homes. In education, claims are made of 99% pass because the truth is that no annual exam takes place and hence no one is failed nowadays. Poor still have to look forward to the poor quota to get their children educated. 

Shunglu committee formed by the Prime Minister himself had directly blamed Sheila government for the massive corruption in commonwealth games. Much famed high priced buses have a rate of 25% of remaining out of service due to one fault or other. 

During her last years too, the plan expenditure has not been utilized as per the government norms. Chief Minister is asking for funds for elevated roads and flyover but one needs to know what has happened to all the projects during the last fourteen years which have gone defunct like Yamuna cleaning which has drowned nearly three and a half thousand crore of rupees, construction of bridges over Yamuna, completion of Signature bridge, east-west corridor, under pass at Kalindi Kunj etc. etc. 

She claims that all her efforts are working perfectly in social sector where as people are still deprived of pension funds. During the last fourteen years she has brought only a couple of lakh people under the scheme of pension where as lakhs and lakhs of people still are in need of widow, old age pensions and people are still not getting this without political intervention. 

With lots of fanfare Delhi was declared a kerosene free city but only 80 thousand people out of three and a half lakh have received LPG connections so far and on the other hand their kerosene supply too has stopped. Crores of rupees have been spent on advertisements in connection with this scheme. Hence the people call Sheila as a fraud Dikshit.

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