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"10 Point Formula" of BJP to reduce the electricity rates in Delhi by 30%

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Dear Readers
The Sheila government in Delhi has connived with the power Distribution Companies (Discoms) to secure an unprecedented hike of up to 72% in power tariff in the past 2 years. This is done by indulging in unethical practices like buying power & power equipments at higher rates from their sister concerns, and fudging their accounts to show loss.
BJP is committed to follow " 10 Point Formula " to reduce the power rates in Delhi by 30% Let's understand how.
1 } Competition in Power Sector: DISCOMS have monopolized the power distribution in Delhi, which can be eliminated by introducing competition among them. As a result, Consumer can choose the company that provides cheaper and quality power.
2 } Transparency in the Working of DISCOMS: DERC recommends huge loss in the Statutory Advice, but the tariff order shows a surplus. A CAG Audit of Discoms' accounts will help in bringing the transparency in their working.
3 } Curtailing unnecessary Purchase of Power: Power Companies buy electricity more than the requirement of Delhi. As a result, eventually it is the consumer who bears the cost of this extra electricity by paying additional Rs 2 per unit.
4 } Accountable DERC: The DERC (Delhi Electricity Regulatory Commission) have lost its autonomy and credibility. We will strengthen the DERC by appointing the competent people as heads to establish control over DISCOMS.
5 } Conduct Energy Audit: The purchase, supply and use of electricity by all the stakeholders are not transparent, leaving immense scope for the DISCOMS to get away with power fraud. Energy audit will not only clear this mess, but will also help differentiate between a consumer and an electricity guzzler.
6. Power Purchase Agreements: Will be made public to introduce transparency & review the existing PPAs.
7. Providing Separate Neutral to each Consumer: To reduce the extra charges that consumer pays for the electricity he doesn't use.

8. Competitive International Bids for DISCOMS: This will ensure the efficient energy distribution.

9. Control the Power Theft: Because the losses caused due to electricity theft are passed on to customers in the form of higher rates.

10. Bringing DISCOMS under RTI: To make them answerable to the common people and enhance transparency in the working of power companies.

The power rates in Delhi are bound to reduce if Delhi CM implements these formulas.

I challenge Smt. Sheila Dikshit to debate with us on the power frauds and let the people decide who is befooling the citizens of Delhi.
Vijay Goel
BJP Delhi President
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