Friday, 6 September 2013

BJP releases counter report card, nails Congress’ lies

·        BJP releases counter report card, nails Congress’ lies
·        Congress turned Delhi into unaffordable, unplanned, unsafe and polluted city
·        Congress misleading people with false claims, No achievements to showcase in 15 years of misrule

New Delhi, September, 6:  The Delhi BJP today slammed the Delhi Government and Congress Party for providing wrong, factually incorrect and misleading information in its report card on its 15 years regime in Delhi. The party also released a report that counters the false claims made by Congress in its “Report Card.”

Addressing a joint Press Conference today the Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel and Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra said, “The Congress’s report card on the performance of the Delhi Government in past 15 years is nothing but a pack of lies. Both the Congress party and its government have resorted to false propaganda. The truth is that the 15 years of misrule and corruption have converted Delhi into an unaffordable, unsafe, unplanned and polluted city.”

In a joint statement, the two leaders said, “The report card released by the BJP today is actually the real report card unlike the one which was released by Congress government a couple of days ago.  It is shocking to see how the Congress Party, Chief Minister and all the ministers are collectively fudging the figures. This is an indication of the desperate situation of Congress which has nothing to showcase for its 15 years misrule.”

“The people of the city are suffering from high inflation, crime against women, skyrocketing power and water tariffs, poor availability of water, education, lack of adequate public transport, absence of government health services and a corrupt and inefficient PDS. Corruption and cover-ups have been the hallmarks of the Congress government in Delhi for past 15 years. The Chief Minister and her ministers have been indicted in several cases by Lokayukta, CAG and several other agencies.”

Elaborating about the counter report card released today, the statement said, “This is in fact just tip of the ice berg. The misdeeds and blatant lies of the Congress government are too many to be incorporated in one single document. However, it does provide a glimpse of the way Congress is trying to take common people for ride. This is also an indication that the Delhi government has nothing to show as an achievement in its report card.”

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Key Points
·          Delhi government claims that it is on the second position in GDP growth over past five years. But, the facts tell a different story: in 2005-06- Delhi was on the 18th position; in 2006-7 on 9th position; in 2007-8 9th position; in 2008-9- 12th position; in 2009-10 17th position; in 2010-11 18th position; and in 2011-12- 15th position.

·         In terms of GDP per capita growth rate, Delhi has been vacillating between 9th and 17th position in the country after 2005/6.

·         The unemployment rate has in fact increased since the Congress came in power 15 years ago. In 1999-2000, the unemployment rate was 3.6 while it is 4.0% now.

·         According to the CAG, poor planning and inadequate tax collection by the Delhi government has led to the loss of Rs. 2700 crore. (Revenue Loss)

·         According to the Delhi Human Development Report, the per capita availability of public health facilities in Delhi is dismally low, with less than 2 clinics per 10,000 people.

·         The CAG report, 2013 says the health department's ambulances are misused or unused, and are not even equipped with basic facilities.

·         The following data exposes the Congress’s claim of having improved health in Delhi completely as it shows that the government could not spend the money allotted for health sector:
Activity                                                                   Budget Approved                    %age Utilized
·         Maternal Health                                        Rs. 23.14 crore                         10.03%
·         Child Heath                                                Rs. 4.25 crore                           5.75%
·         Family Planning                                         Rs. 4.39 crore                           24.7%
·         New Construction/Renovation               Rs. 45.92 crore                         3.24%
·         Mobile Medical Units                               Rs. 46.45 Lakh                          0.0%

·         Delhi govt. has shut down 80 government schools even as the population is increasing 4-5 lakh every year.

·         More than 12000 positions of school teachers are lying vacant in Delhi.

Unauthorized Colonies.
·         The CAG has brought out that the Delhi government committed massive irregularities in regularizing unauthorized colonies ahead of last assembly polls, which resulted in genuine beneficiaries not getting any benefits.

·         In the name of regularizing unauthorized colonies the Congress government effected a scam of Rs. 2800 crore.

JJ Clusters
·         Of the promised 60,000 flats only about 15,000 were built. But, no flats have been handed over to targeted beneficiaries.

·         The Delhi Human Development Report says that more than half of the population living in JJ Clusters don’t have latrine/toilet facilities on their premises and are forced to defecate in the open.

·         According to the Perception Survey of the Delhi Human Development Report (DHDR) 2013, two-third of Delhi people termed Delhi roads as bad.

·         According to the government, the food security ordinance will provide for 73.5 lakh people in Delhi of its total population of 1.67 crore. This means till now almost half of the population of Delhi have failed to have food security during the 15 years regime of Congress.

·         According a reply (in May, 2013) sought through an RTI application, only 7,220 people were benefitted from its much hyped Annashree Yojana.

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