Sunday, 15 September 2013

Goel punches holes in Chief Minister’s claims of prosper Delhi

·         Goel punches holes in Chief Minister’s claims of prosper Delhi
·         Delhi BJP counters false claims made by Delhi government,
·         Delhi government releasing misleading statistics, CM’s claims are pack of lies : Goel

New Delhi, September 15. The Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel today slammed Congress government for making false claims about the progress and prosperity of Delhi. The Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit’s claimed late last week on the occasion of release of Delhi’s Statistical Handbook that Delhi is the richest state in the country.

Shri Goel said, “The facts however speak otherwise indicating that the CM continues to disseminate pack of lies.  Around half of the Delhi population live in slums, JJ clusters and unauthorised colonies.

A few individuals might have got rich but the city has more than 1600 unauthorised colonies, 685 slum colonies, 45 resettlement colonies and no less than 685 slums according to government’s own official records. The sub-standard living conditions in most of these areas is visible to everyone. Yet the CM is saying that Delhi is the richest state in the country!”

“A state gets rich when most of its people get rich. With only a handful of people getting richer during Congress regime and most of the population being pushed to fringes, it is bizarre for any CM to make such claim,” he added.

Shri Goel said, “The CM should explain that if Delhi is richest state with per capita income of more than Rs. lakh, then how come 72 lakh persons in Delhi need to be covered under the Food Security Act. Can we call a city richest half of whose population needs highly subsidized food grains to survive!”

The Delhi government has tried to paint a rosy picture about public transport through this statistical handbook by saying DTC services were availed by around 46.77 lakh daily average passengers during 2012-13. 

Now let us look at the true picture of Public Transport in Delhi. As per the joint study by Institute of Urban Transport (India) and Urban Mass Transit Company Limited, the availability of public transport (buses and Metro) in Delhi per 1,000 people is a shocking 0.504. The average waiting time for all 517 DTC bus routes is 70 minutes, probably because of the less frequent bus trips in sparsely populated undeveloped areas.
The Delhi government has claimed that the health infrastructure has expanded substantially. As per the report, there are 940 hospitals with 43643 beds in Delhi as on 31st December 2012. That is again a lie.

“The Delhi Human Development Report which was release only a few days ago by Delhi CM herself nails this lie about improvement in health sector. The report says that the per capita availability of public health facilities in Delhi is dismally low, with less than 2 clinics per 10,000 people. The CAG report, 2013 says the health department's ambulances are misused or unused, and are not even equipped with basic facilities.    In August 2007, the announcement regarding starting seven hospitals was made. Apart from Burari where foundation stone was laid in February 2013, nothing has happened on grounds regards to hospitals at Madipur, Siraspur, Hastsal, Vikaspuri, Ambedkar Nagar, Sarita Vihar and Pooth Khurd.

The Delhi government has claimed through this statistical handbook that the total number of school in Delhi were 5122 during 2011-12 in which 41.54 lakh children were enrolled at different level. The facts again speak otherwise. The education scenario is grim in Delhi   Delhi government has shut down 80 government schools even as the population is increasing 4-5 lakh every year. More than 12000 positions of school teachers are lying vacant in Delhi.

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