Friday, 27 September 2013

There huge response from Muslim Ulamas (religious head) for 29th Sept. Modi ji Rally.

 There huge response from Muslim Ulamas (religious head) for 29th Sept. Modi ji Rally.

BJP Samvad Cell Delhi Pradesh Convenor Khem Chand Sharma and Cell Media Incharge Ekta Gauba Bhaskar wanted to conduct a meeting at Turkman Gate with Muslim Ulamas on their request to get support from Muslims for the Rally of Shri Narendra Modi in Delhi. But unfortunately Delhi Police denied the permission for the same. 

Thereafter on short notice an exclusive meeting only with Muslim Ulamas (religious head) had been conducted at BJP Pradesh Office with BJP leadership Shri Khem Chand Sharma, Shri Raman Malik and Shri Vijay Jolly. Participants express their full support on behalf of their society and has taken an oath to educate all about misusing of minorities by Congress and good work done by Modi Ji and other BJP Government by minorities. 

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