Monday, 6 February 2012


BJP Delhi Pradesh President Vijender Gupta written to the Prime Minister and demanded judicial enquiry on issuing fake Provisional Certificates in the year 2008 for the regularization of unauthorized colonies by Delhi Government against Chief Minister and Development Minister at the time of this scam and further demanded for their immediate dismissal till the report of the enquiry comes on the issuance of fake Provisional Certificates. 

Shri Gupta has also announced that if the Government fails to take appropriate action against the person responsible for this land scam, BJP will initiate strong movement in the entire Delhi till the present Delhi Government is not dismissed and culprits are brought to justice. He further said that Delhi Government’s motive behind issuing fake Provisional Certificates was to conspire and grab the Government land and played political fraud by false assurance with the people of unauthorized colonies for the sake of votes. In this land scam not only the officers have played major role but Chief Minister of Delhi and the Present Development Minister are also involved in this conspiracy. He demanded for immediate registration of FIR for the prosecution of those involved under IPC 120-B, 420, 466 and 468 sections in this land scam. 

Shri Gupta said the report of the DDA has proved that factual position was entirely different than falsely projected by State Government. The intention of the Delhi Government behind issuing fake certificates was to the unauthorized colonies with the motive that their close-aid can legally complete their mission to grab the Government land. For this reason colonies where neither population is inhabited nor houses exists on the Government land were also given the fake provisional certificates so that Government land can easily grabbed. 

Pradesh President Vijender Gupta said that there was no provision for issuing provisional certificates as per the notification issued by the Central Government for the regularization of the unauthorized colonies of Delhi. He criticized the Chief Minister of Delhi for creating terror among the bureaucrats of their departments so that they can’t think to take any adverse action against the political leaders of Congress Government in the scam. Despite the fact that CAG, Shunglu Committee has confirmed high level corruption committed by senior leaders of the ruling party and no criminal action is initiated against high profile leaders of Congress Party. 

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