Sunday, 5 February 2012

Purvanchalis of Delhi resolves to remove Congress Government: In BJP conference Naidu, Jaitely, Malhotra, Vijender attacks Congress

Today workers Sammelan was organized at Talkatora Stadium more than ten thousand Purvanchalis of Bihar and Uttar Pradesh participated and shown their unity and political strength in Delhi. The main feature of the Karyakarta Sammelan was the address of National President Shri Nitin Gadkari by video conferencing from Goa. In his address he raised question to the Delhi Congress government that where are the houses for the poor people of Delhi as promised by the Congress for the last many years? He further said in the NDA rule under the leadership of former Prime Minister Shri Atal Behari Vajpayee our government has planned several schemes for providing houses to poor especially for the Purvanchalis living in Delhi but (in place of implementing these schemes the Delhi government has thrown those schemes to dustbin) without execution of those schemes Delhi government has thrown these plans in the dustbin. BJP’s motto is to work on Rashtravad, Sushasan and Antodaya.  He further said in the tough time of price spiral BJP is committed to fight and get justice for the rights of the Purvanchalis. He appealed Purvanchalis to support Bharatiya Janata Party so that lesson can be taught to the present Congress government. Karyakarta Sammelan was presided over by Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and the programme was conducted by Purvanchal Prakoshta convenor Shri Abhay Verma.

            Addressing to the Purvanchalis Sammelan BJP former National President and incharge Delhi Pradesh Shri M. Venkaiya Naidu said that 50 lakhs Purvanchalis living in Delhi works hard to earn their bread & butter and has considerable contribution in the development of Delhi. But Congress government always gives step-motherly treatment and has always said they are outsiders. BJP strongly criticize the mindset of Congress party for the Purvanchalis living in Delhi. In the last 55 years the Congress has ruled the country but their policies are always in the favour of black marketers, hoarders and anti poor. Due to the Congress misrule discrimination has been increased year by year with result rich has become richer and poor has become poorer.
The Leader of Opposition in the Rajya Sabha Shri Arun Jaitely said that Delhi has become cosmopolitan city where financial and political activities are more faster than other cities. People from all the states migrate to such cities to earn their livelihood and settled there. They also contribute equally in the progress and development of such cities. He further criticizes the Congress government and said again and again Congress party make false allegation on the Purvanchalis that they are burden on Delhi. In fact Purvanchalis are hard working, intelligent, committed to their work and have good analytical mind. He said the government is not at all worried for the common man because day by day it has tangled in corruption, scams etc. Criticizing the UPA government he said it is unfortunate that government is adamant to tarnish the image of the Army chief of the country, which has diminished the moral of our armed forces. He further said the present government is destroying the values of constitutional institutions of the country, insulting country’s renowned scientist working day & night for the country and they are inspiring all efforts to loot national treasury. Addressing the Sammelan Sh. Jaitely said that in the last 6 year of NDA rule has completely changed the direction of Bihar. Now our Bihar is being counted in progressive state of the country. Once the same Bihar state was famous for the poorest Law and Order, starving state of the country but last 6 years of NDA rule the same Bihar has become one of the progressive state of the country and has also been identified internationally. 

Pradesh President Sh. Vijender Gupta addressing the big gathering of Purvanchalis congratulated the state convenor for making there best efforts to organize the such big Sammelan. He said such high presence of thousands of Purvanchalis in programme indicates that now Purvanchalis are awaken. BJP Delhi Pradesh in their membership drive of Purvanchalis has made one lakh members in Delhi. Criticizing the state Govt. he said from now Congress will not be able to cheat Purvanchalis they ready befitting reply to their anti people policies. Sh. Gupta said when the responsibility of the pradesh president was given by the BJP my senior leaders Sh. Nitin Gadkari and Sh. Jaitely has told me specifically that right from the day one you have to work hard to win the confidence of Purvanchalis of Delhi. From that day onwards I kept in my mind that Delhi BJP will not tolerate any kind of step motherly treatment with brother and sisters Purvanchalis in Delhi and always tried my level best efforts that they should join the party and to promote and give space in Delhi Pradesh BJP. Sh. Gupta said that rejecting the demand of holiday on Chhat festival by CM Sheila Dikshit has shown that she has challenge the power and strength of Purvanchalis. He said Purvanchalis will not tolerate in justice done with them and will reply in the comming elections.

National Genl. Secy. Sh. Vijay Goel said that when the Shunglu Committee and CAG has indicted Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Lokayukta has recommended for the removal of Rajkumar Chauhan why the Congress party failed to take any action and why PM and Sonia Gandhi is trying to save them. Now the people have seen the double standard of the Congress party.

Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra addressing the Sammelan said that wherever our Purvanchalis migrates in the country they always make remarkable contribution in development of the state and they can live wherever they want in India our constitution provides such fundamental rights their despite working hard to all their bread & butter there making best efforts to contribute in the progress and development of the Delhi. Party National Secy Vani Tripathi in her address said Purvanchalis and Uttanchalis are life line of Delhi. They play major role in the progress of our national capital Delhi  she said I am proud to be Purvanchalis and BJP always give equal importance  to every common man migrated from any state in Delhi because BJP always work with the positive thinking for the country development without considering they will be our vote bank or not. Sate Co-incharge Sh. Rameshwar Chaurasia said at the time of RJD rule when Lalu Prasad was the CM of Bihar was counted as a poor state of the country but you people have seen how NDA rule of 6 year has changed the face of Bihar whether its law and order, infrastructure, health, education. He said in Delhi the way Sheila Dikshit is playing with sentiments of Purvanchalis this shows the mind set of Congress that how much they are concerned for the welfare of Purvanchalis and in the comming elections Purvanchalis will reply them for the deeds. Purvanchalis Prakosht President Sh. Abhay Verma moved two resolutions in the Karkarta Sammelan resolved that our party will make all efforts to remove the word unauthorized used in describing unauthorized colonies and said Purvanchalis cannot tolerate more to be identified with such word. Second resolution was demanding state holiday on the Chhat festival in the Sammelan. Former MP Sh. Lal Bihari Tiwari, Dr. HCL Gupta, Smt Poonam Azad also address the Purvanchal Karyakarta Sammelan at Talkatora Stadium.               

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