Thursday, 2 February 2012


Delhi Pradesh BJP President Shri Vijender Gupta took a serious note on the situation arosed due to the non-payment by the Discom for their outstanding dues. He criticised the power companies and demanded that DERC should intervene this matter to ensure the balance payment to be paid by the private power companies to the power producing companies. In its order DERC has directed these power companies to make the pending payment latest by 1st February, but despite directions of DERC power companies failed to make payment in time and the matter is still due to the irresponsible role of the private power companies. 

Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta surprised to see that on both the companies for BSES outstanding payment of NTPC around 1400 crores and to NHPC several crores due to be paid to these power producing companies. He further said if no compromise is reached between power distribution companies and power producing companies then severe load shedding crisis is ahead in the coming days of Delhi which will be the shameful situation for the present Congress Government ruling Delhi for the last 13 years. 

Mr. Gupta said that only few days back DERC has found serious irregularities in the audit accounts of power distribution companies, BRPL and BYPL and raised serious objections on their financial statements and it is more surprising that after the valuation of these audit accounts, DERC has found that financial stability of these companies are not so bad as they have been projected by these companies and it was also revealed by the DERC that these companies were then having sufficient funds in September, 2011 to clear the outstanding of power producing companies and deliberately submitted the false figures before the DERC in their financial statements of power companies to get the bailout package from the Government. He further criticised the Government for giving Rs. 500 crores of bailout package which is hardened money of the common man of Delhi and despite this package. He asked the Government that despite the bailout package was given to the power companies why they have not cleared their outstanding of power producing companies.

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