Thursday, 9 February 2012

People of Delhi invited to see the Exhibition


          New Delhi, 9th February.  BJP Delhi Pradesh has organised an exhibition at its Pradesh Headquarters on the burning issues related to the people which may be raised during the Jan Sangharsh Yatra by Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta from 11th to 25th February.  The issues of exhibition are - power, water, price spiral, corruption, betrayal in case of unauthorised colonies, corruption in CWG, pollution of yamuna etc.  All the citizens of Delhi are invited to see this live exhibition.  BJP has called upon every citizen that they should participate with full force and zeal in Jan Sangarsh Yatra.
          The titles are 'Badhal Sadke - Na Bijli Na Pani - Coloniyon Ke Saath Har Bar Hoti Beimani', Hai Mehgai - Ab Bhi Aap Chup Rahenge?  98 crore rupees were spent on constructing Jawahar Lal Nehru Stadium, but due to corruption in CWG 950 crore rupees was spent on its renovation?  The people want account for every paisa from the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit.  Previously electricity bill of 1000 rupees was sent to the people but now the amount of bill has gone upto 3000 rupees? Will you remain mum even now?  People craving for drops of water - fighting over bucket of water?  Will you keep silence even now?  3000 crores spent, but why yamuna is more dirty?  Will you tolerate and remain silent?  Power companies earned profit of thousand of crores yet Government increases power tariff - Will you not speak now - remain silent?
          Shunglu Committee, CAG, Public Accounts Committee found Delhi Government guilty of corruption of crores, but why no action was taken?  Power companies given bail out package of 500 crores, but no subsidy to the people.  This Jan Sangharsh Yatra is to awaken the public.  BJP appeals to the people to come along with us to remove current Congress Government.

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