Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Accused of corruption of crores starts behaving in Talibani way


Reacting sharply to the baseless and false charges made by CM Sheila Dikshit, furious due to serious charges of BJP and unprecedented popularity of Jansangharsh Yatra, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta in a Press Conference told that Chief Minister has been a dictator but now she has crossed of the limits of public decorum and acting in a Talibani manner and making false allegation against him. Shri Gupta has taken the allegations seriously and told that he will file defamation case against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. Shri Gupta announced that BJP will soon publish a booklet on the bungling and scams during the tenure of Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit. Some of these are urban infrastructure development scam, power scam, water supply bungling, unauthorized colony scam, slum cluster bungling, Rajiv Ratna aawas yojna bungling, PDS scam, transport scam, Yamuna cleaning bungling, education bungling, health scam, industrial plot bungling, JLNURM mission bungling, wine bungling, PWD road scam, agricultural land bungling, smart card scam, co-operative group society land scam etc. 

            Shri Gupta further told that the Chief Minister is acting in a Talibani manner. She is suppressing the people raising their voice against her corrupt activities. The policy of the Congress is to misuse power openly and commit corruption. They do not care about laws and the Constitution. Whoever raises his voice should be suppressed with the use of police force and bullets. The way in which the Congress Government used lathis, tear gas against the social activist Anna Hazare, famous Nationalist Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev to crush their voice the same way the Congress Government is trying to do against the political parties and political persons. BJP always works in favour of the people. It takes the help of public movement, solving the problems of the people etc. No Congress Government can suppress the voice of the BJP. The people of Delhi have sounded bugle against the Congress. The Congress leaders very well know about it. Hence Government has started taking the help of conspiracy and false charges. 

Pradesh President gave this information to the press persons at the Pradesh Headquarters today. In this Press Conference Mayor Rajni Abbi, Vijay Jolly, Pravesh Verma, Yogender Chandoliya and Shubhash Arya were also present. He told that the Congressmen do not care about law or the Constitution although they are completely involved in corruption. Many Constitutional institutions – CAG, V.K. Shunglu Committee, PAC of Delhi Government, CBI, CVC, CPWD, Central Energy Department, Cenral Revenue Department, Income Tax Department, Lokayukta of Delhi have accused Sheila Dikshit of committing scams, misuse of position forgery, fraud etc. In spite of the fact that there is sufficient proof about it, she has not resigned from her post. 

Directly challenging the Chief Minister, Shri Gupta told that BJP will not give in to her pressure. He will continue to discharge the responsibilities as the President of Delhi Pradesh. Whenever Delhi Government will commit atrocities, corruption, fuel price rise and other anti people decisions, BJP will give a fitting reply through public movements and agitations. Signatures of 20 Lakh people of Delhi was submitted by the BJP Delhi Pradesh to the President protesting against the corruption, anti people policies of the Government, price rise etc. These signed forms have been submitted to the President of India by a BJP Delegation for necessary legal action. Due to this, the Chief Minister is on back foot and BJP will rest only after sending her to Jail. Mrs. Shiela Dikshit has lost her balance due to various charges and allegation against her.    

In spite of serious charges against Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit, Congress President Sonia Gandhi, PM Manmohan Singh, Home Minister P. Chidambaram, Urban Development Minister Shri Kamalnath have not taken any legal action. The Lokayukta had also accused Delhi Government of waving VAT of about 129 crores. In place of facing the charges, the dictator Chief Minister talked about curtailing the powers of Lokayukta. The PM appointed V.K. Shunglu Committee accused her of heavy corruption in 42 projects related to CWG then the Chief Minister rejected the report of Shunglu Committee. She also advised the CAG not to cross its limits. 

The anti people and dictator Chief Minister made scores of false promises and announcements at the time of every election to secure the votes of the people. In 2008 she got the provisional certificates for regularization of unauthorized colonies distributed through Congress President Sonia Gandhi. Now, efforts are being made to cover up the case. Chief Minister committed corruption of 12,500 crores in the privatization of power. The PAC of her Government confirmed it. The committee also recommended for CBI enquiry but no such enquiry has been done till date. During the Commonwealth Games, the Chief Minister committed corruption openly. She transferred the SC welfare fund of 680 crore rupees to the CWG fund in unconstitutional way. This money has not been refunded to the SC welfare fund till date. 

The Lokayukta of Delhi recommended removal of her favorite Minister Rajkumar Chauhan to the President of India but Shri Chauhan continues on his post. Her Parliamentary Secretary Tarvinder Singh Marwah got his daughter admitted to Mata Sundari College on the basis forged marksheet and forged certificate. When BJP lodged report to the police then the Chief Minister asked him to resign. All the three private power companies are earning profit from the first day of privatization (1st July, 2002). Inspite of this, the power tariff is being hike with the connivance of the Government. The former DERC Chairman had clearly stated that the companies are earning profits and hence they should reduce power tariff by 20 percent. The Government had to bow down to the strong movement of the people and BJP. Just after his retirement, Delhi Government allowed 22 percent power hike. Even after that, the Chief Minister gave bailout of 500 crore rupees to the power companies. Now, on the directions of High Court Delhi Government have filed an affidavit in the court indicating its intentions to get the accounts audited by CAG. Inspite of this Chief Minister is saying that regular audit by the CAG is not possible. BJP demands that the accounts of the power companies should be audited from 1st July, 2002 till they are in the business of power distribution. 

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