Friday, 16 March 2012

Budget completely anti people

Government will recover additional one lakh crore rupees every year from the people with the help of this budget - Vijender Gupta

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the General Budget 2012-2013 will fuel price rise, increase inflation and is anti people. He told that in place of providing relief in the time of steep price rise, corruption and inflation. the Finance Minister has given only sermons to the people due to which there is great disappointment among the people. He told that Congress Government has now completely failed in running the affairs of the country because this Government has neither policy planning nor foresight. 

Shri Gupta told that in the General Budget presented today price rise will increase further. Behaving like a profiteer the Finance Minister has presented the General Budget in which even the food items have not been spared. By increasing service tax by 2% the Finance Minister has tried to put additional burden on the people. 3% people who are paying income tax were expecting that the exemption limit of income tax will be increased to 3 lakh, but this was not done. The exemption limit has been raised to two lakh Rs. only due to which there is great disappointment among the tax payers. This Budget will put additional burden of one lakh crore on the general public.

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