Saturday, 17 March 2012

Central Government cuts the budget assistance to Delhi by Rs. 158 crores

BJP will fight from the streets to Parliament against the Central and Delhi Government to protest against reduction in the assistance to Delhi - Vijender Gupta

 Due to inefficiency of Delhi Government, the Finance Minister has adopted insensitive attitude and reduced the Central assistance by 157.86 crore in the budget allocation for the current year..  Last year the Central Government had allotted 1257.86 crore to Delhi.  Delhi Government did not utilise this fund on the public welfare schemes.  On this basis the Central Finance Minister and the Planning Commission adopted indifferent attitude towards Delhi and reduced the Central assistance meant for Delhi.  This way the people of Delhi had to suffer double whammy.  The burden of taxes continued to increase and the development of Delhi was hindered due to reduction in the Central assistance for development.

            Pradesh President told that had the Central Government been concerned about the development of Delhi then it could have asked the Delhi Government to explain its failure to utilise the Central fund.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has held the inefficiency of Delhi Government directly responsible for this heavy cut and said that the Central Government also adopted insensitive attitude and has not done justice to two crore people of Delhi by reducing the amount of assistance. Due to this the image of Delhi will be tarnished in the entire world.

            Shri Gupta told that Delhi BJP will raise this issue of cut in the Central assistance in the Parliament also after consulting the senior leaders.  A high level delegation of Delhi Pradesh will meet the Lt. Governor protesting against the discrimination and inefficiency of Delhi Government and also demand increase in the amount of assistance.  BJP will also take this issue to the general public so that the people may be able to know that although taxes are being increased, Delhi Government and Central Government have hindered the progress of Delhi. 

            He further told that on the one hand Chief Minister of Delhi Sheila Dikshit plays the drama of changing Delhi into Paris and on the other hand she is not able to utilize the Central assistance for the city.  Due to this 40% people of Delhi do not get water supply and 30% people do not get power supply.  Last year the Finance Minister had allotted 900 crore under JLNURM.  Delhi Government could not spent 400 crore rupees out of this.

            Last year the Central Government had allotted 500 crore rupees for the development of urban infrastructure in Delhi, but due to redtapism and inefficiency only 215 crore rupees could be spent.  Hence this year the amount has been reduced to 400 crore rupees.  The condition of Rajiv Ratan Aawas Yojna is so bad that the Central Government has allotted only 10 crore rupees only in the year 2012-13.  How many poor shall be provided free houses for 10 crore rupees?

            Under first aid programme, the Central Government had provided 390 crore rupees.  The Government could not utilize even this amount and hence this amount has been reduced by 100 crores and only 290 crores have been given.  When the media asks Delhi Government about it then it replies that the Government has sufficient funds for development projects.  But this statement of the Government is not appreciated by any Delhiites.  Due to fault of the Government two crore people of Delhi shall be suffering.  The cut in the development fund of the Government of its own party in the capital by the Central Government shows that Delhi Government has nothing to do with the common man.  This Government is busy in price spiral, corruption and black money.
(Vivek Sharma)
Media Convenor

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