Monday, 12 March 2012

Delhi BJP makes MCD elections high tech

All the informations, forms connected with the MCD elections available on-line

 After making all the public services on-line by the MCD under e-governance, now BJP Delhi Pradesh has made the procedure connected with MCD elections on-line.  This way the BJP Delhi Pradesh has made elections high-tech.  Now the Party workers will not have to waste their valuable time visiting the Pradesh Headquarters and the important leaders.  The ticket seekers and other persons wanting to get information or giving suggestions, getting important forms etc. can log on to and also for filing their biodata on the format given on the website and username through : mcdelection2012 and password - pantmarg and send directly to the Party Headquarters.

            Giving this information, Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that the Party has already decided that those people who shall visit Party office or the houses of senior leaders for getting ticket or pressurizing them will not get any benefit.  BJP is a disciplined Party.  At the time of elections the senior leaders have been given important responsibilities and they are busy in it.  In such situation wasting the time of senior leaders will be treated as indiscipline. 

            The Party workers sitting their houses can have access to important documents and exchange suggestions.  The present time is of e-governance.  Hence the Party has made available all the information and facilities on-line.  Any person or institution can get and provide the required information on computer, laptop, tablet, mobile etc.  Pradesh President told that BJP is a big Party and its learned workers should fully utilized this facility.  The meeting of the election committee will be held soon.  In this meeting the names of eligible candidates will be considered and the most suitable candidates will be given the tickets following the procedures and norms of the Party.

            Shri Gupta has appealed to lakhs of workers of Delhi that they should leave the work of distributing tickets for the Party and should start public contact programme to make the BJP victorious.  The present conditions are conducive for the victory of BJP. The people are bent upon dislodging the Congress Government.  Congress Government of Delhi has made the capital from bad to worse during the last 13 years.  Two crore people of Delhi are not getting sufficient water, power, public transport, education, health services, employment and housing facility.  Due to this the people of Delhi have made up their mind to bid good-bye to Congress Party.  The result of recently held elections in five States have confirmed the rout of Congress.

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