Tuesday, 19 July 2011

1984 anti Sikh riots

Sajjan Kumar should be sent to jail for threatening the witnesses-BJP

            New Delhi, 19th July.  In a joint statement, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Vice President Shri R.P. Singh have demanded that the main accused of 1984 riots Congress leader Sajjan Kumar should be immediately arrested and sent to jail because by misusing his influence he is terrorising and influencing the witnesses of riots. 

            It may be mentioned that by making objectionable comments on two eye witness women of the riots, Shri Sajjan Kumar has indirectly threatened them.  Shri Sajjan Kumar is at present on bail.  The legal provision is that if any accused person released on bail threatens, terrorises or influences any witness or tries to bribe then his bail should be cancelled immediately and sent to jail.  Shri Sajjan Kumar has been escaping arrest since 1984 on various excuses.  Even the CBI is afraid of arresting him.  Eyewitnesses have shown great courage whose evidence is sufficient to send Sajjan Kumar to jail.  Shri Sajjan Kumar knows it very well.  Hence he is trying to threaten poor women witnesses in various ways. 

            Former Cabinet Minister A. Raja, Mrs. Kanimozi and other high profile accused persons were sent to jail in 2G Spectrum case because they could influence the witnesses.  When a Cabinet Minister can be sent to jail in economic offence then why Sajjan Kumar involved in the riots can not be sent to jail on the charge of influencing the witnesses?  Congress Party and Prime Minister Manmohan Singh do not want that any Congress leader should be sent to jail on the charges of 1984 riots.  Prime Minister Manmohan Singh is himself a Sikh yet he has appealed to the Sikhs that they should forget the 1984 riots.  No Prime Minister of a democratic country ruled by law has appealed like this till date.

            Both the leaders told that if Sajjan Kumar is not immediately arrested and sent to jail then the trust of Sikhs and Indian citizens in the laws will be finished.  In such situation people are compelled take laws in their hands and start judging themselves.  It is necessary in the public interest and justice that accused Sajjan Kumar's bail should be cancelled immediately and he may be sent to jail so that the witnesses may be depose without any fear.

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