Friday, 15 July 2011


New Delhi, 15th July.  In a letter written to the Home Minister, the BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded for issuing white paper on the security arrangements in Delhi. He has asked the Home Minister that for how long the soft attitude of Government of India towards terrorism and terrorists will continue. The people of Delhi are afraid from the incidents in Mumbai. They are not trusting Delhi Police. BJP and the people of Delhi want to know from the Home Minister that if any terrorist incident happen in Delhi then who will be held responsible at the Government level.

            BJP Pradesh President has in his letter to the Home Minister said that all of us are sorry and offended due to the serial bomb blast in Mumbai on the 13th July, 2011. The security arrangement of the country and Delhi is again under question. The BJP workers are worried to know what are the security arrangements of Delhi from the Government point of view? From the latest statement of Home Minister and General Secretary of Congress Party Rahul Gandhi, it seems that the UPA Government and Congress Party is not ready to admit its failure. Home Minister, in a Press Conference said that the Mumbai incidents have happened after 31 months of 26/11. Government has succeeded in preventing terrorist incident in the mean time. This statement is not true. After 26/11 terrorist incidents like Pune Bakery bomb blast, firing on Taiwan citizens near Delhi Jama Masjid, bomb blast on Sheitla Ghat Varanashi in which 2 persons were killed including a girl, have happened. Rahul Gandhi has issued irresponsible statement that terrorist incidents will continue, which is demoralizing for the security forces of the country.
            Shri Gupta has written that one year has passed since the firing incident at Jama Masjid but Delhi Police has not arrested any suspected person or terrorist in the case. After the Mumbai incident the people of Delhi are afraid. Delhi has already been termed as crime capital. BJP has raised a question to the Home Minister that what arrangements have been made by the Home Ministry and Congress Government for fool proof security arrangements for Delhi. Home Ministry should issue a white paper and inform the people of Delhi and country and assure about the arrangements for security of Delhi. The white paper should include that if any incidents happen in Delhi in future then who will be responsible for it. BJP will be with the Government to fight against terrorism. If your Ministry and your Government adopts soft attitude towards terrorism and terrorists then BJP will strongly oppose your policies.

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