Thursday, 28 July 2011

CBI should enquire into the bunglings during CWG - Vijender Gupta

New Delhi, 28th July.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that there is great difference between practice and prophecy of the Government.  Even after the report of the Shunglu Committee that the high level leaders and officers of Delhi Government committed bungling of more than 1500 crore rupees no action has been taken as yet.  It proves that the Congress and its top leaders are protecting the corrupt and scamsters.  The people of Delhi did not get any benefit even after spending 70 thousand rupees on the Games. 

          Strongly criticising the hiring of emergency communication service disregarding the objections of Delhi Police during the CWG, Shri Gupta told that Delhi Police was not in favour of TETRA service which had already heavy wireless network, but Delhi Government and the Raj Bhawan hired this service for seven years.  This service could not be used properly because telecommunication department did not allow it to connect with other telecom network.  It was used only by the sanitation and horticulture department.  The audit department has raised many questions which could pose problems to the Raj Bhawan.  Delhi Police was not in favour of TETRA and wanted to reduce the quantum of tender.  But the advise of Delhi Police and was not heard and in December 2009 HCL Motorola was given orders of 99.81 crores. 

          Pradesh President has also mentioned about bungling in another project for streetscaping in Delhi during the CWG.  Under this project the footpaths of Delhi were to be decorated at the cost of Rs. 5.32 crore rupees per kilometre.  The work of streetscaping was not transparent, was arbitrary and in favour of the contractors.  Investigating agencies have found that hundred of crore rupees were wasted on the work of streetscaping.  Shri Gupta told that it is obvious that Delhi Government has looted the public money in the name of CWG.  Demanding CBI enquiry into these bunglings, BJP Pradesh President told that BJP will also take action against this corruption of Government through filing PIL regarding CWG bungling.

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