Saturday, 16 July 2011

More than five hundred Muslim brothers join BJP and resolve to make the Party more broad based in Delhi

New Delhi, 16th July.  More than five hundred Muslims from Keshav Puram District joined BJP in the presence of BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and resolved to work with BJP for the unity & integrity of the country for their whole life and provide broader basis to the BJP. 

            The Minority Morcha Pradesh President Shri Atif Rasheed, Keshav Puram District President Rekha Gupta were present in the function.  Members of the minority community joined BJP under the leadership of Faimuddin Saifi.

Addressing the people present on the occasion Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta told that BJP is in real sense helper and well wisher of the minority.  Hindus and Muslims of the country can progress only under the leadership of BJP.  Congress has use the Muslims of the country and Delhi as their vote bank. Congress never wanted that the Muslims should join the main stream of the nation and develop and become modern.  This is the reason why the Muslims of the country could not join the main stream of the nation and remain neglected.  Congress is responsible for it.  He assured the members of minority community who have join the Party that BJP will make every effort for their progress and respect for which they are entitled.

            The Minority Morcha President Atif Rasheed told that BJP is the only Party of the country in which there is no discrimination between Hindus and Muslims.  Congress and other Parties have only misled the Muslims and after securing their votes forgot them. Due to this the Muslims of Delhi and the country are feeling to have been cheated and neglected even after 63 years of independence.  Now the Muslims have awakened.  They understand that the BJP can help them to progress.  He called upon the Muslims that they should join the BJP in large numbers and progress with BJP.

            District President Rekha Gupta told that the minority community of Delhi including Keshav Puram District have understood the reality that their wellbeing is with the BJP.  In future Muslims in large numbers will join BJP and expressed their willingness to develop Delhi together with BJP.

            SarvaShri Hazi Munna, Yusuf Abbasi, Hazi Nawab, Aslam Mohammad, Bundu Khan, Fazuluddin Saifi, Shabbir Saifi, Mohammad Adil Qureshi, Master Zahir, Ask Mohammad Saifi, Furkan Bhai, Javed Bhai were the prominent persons who joined the Party in the function today.  On this occasion office bearers of Keshav Puram District Manjit Singh, Virender Goel, Neeraj Gupta, Kishan Bimar, Mamchand Jain etc. were present.

(Vivek Sharma)
Media Convener

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