Monday, 18 July 2011

Vijender Gupta & Ramesh Bidhuri announced in Press Conference

BJP will start a strong movement against Government atrocities on the residents of unauthorised colonies

New Delhi, 18th July.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and General Secretary Shri Ramesh Bidhuri have in a joint Press Conference warned Delhi Government that it should immediately stop atrocities on the 50 lakh residents of unauthorised colonies of Delhi otherwise it will have to face combined movement of the BJP and residents of these colonies.  BJP will raise this issue strongly on 21st July at Delhi Secretariat.  Besides this the Party along with the residents of unauthorised colonies will start movement in Delhi.  Both the leaders demanded the Delhi Government that all the SDMs and DC Revenue should stop the notices being served by them on the residents of unauthorised colonies.  Due to these notices the life of the people of the colonies has become dificult.  The Government should pave the way for regularisation of these colonies immediately instead of serving notices to them.  They should take positive steps for their development works.

            Shri Vijender Gupta has raised a question to Delhi Government that why the police is oppressing the people living in the colonies which has come up on agricultural land.  The Congress Party & and its Government which played fraud with the residents of these unauthorised colonies by distributing provisional certificates to them, was not aware of the fact that the colonies have come up on the land purchased from the villagers?  If the police atrocities are not stopped then the BJP will start a big movement with the people of these colonies. Shri Gupta has raised question to Chief Minister and Congress President Sonia Gandhi that if the unauthorised colonies have come up on the agricultural land then why provisional certificates were distributed through Sonia Gandhi and Sheila Dikshit?  They have demanded the Government that all the 1639 unauthorised colonies should be declared regularised immediately.  All the essential development work should be started immediately.  The police atrocities stopped immediately.

            Due to indifferent attitude and negligence of the Government and DDA 40% people of Delhi do not have houses of their own.  The Government and DDA did not provide sufficient houses to the residents of Delhi, due to this the people purchased land from the villagers to have roof over their heads and started construction.  This way 1639 colonies came up in Delhi which is termed by the Government as unauthorised colonies.  On every occasion of election Congress Government makes promises to the people of these colonies living in hellish conditions to regularise them and provide basic amenities.  On the 4th October, 2008 the RWAs of these colonies were given provisional certificates through Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit and Central Minister Ajay Mekan with the promise that all these colonies will be regularised within a year without charging any development fee.

            Shri Vijender Gupta and Shri Ramesh Bidhuri told that the Government forgot its promise after winning the election and the people of the colonies are feeling to have been cheated.  What to talk of regularising these colonies the task force formed by the Government is raiding these unauthorised colonies and arresting the people who have made some minor construction work.  SDM of the area is the head of task force.  Under this force of many departments have been included and named task force for the exploitation of these people.  The houses of people whose floor have gone down due to the roads and the water accumulated due to it and the walls are affected and the owner wants to make minor construction for protecting from rain water, the police rushes there and says that you have done illegal construction on agricultural land and hence you are being sent to jail.  There is great acrimony and fear among the residents of unauthorised colonies due to this unfair act of the Government.  Many people have planned to migrate out of Delhi.

            Shri Bidhuri told that when they had to secure votes then they made promises and now the helpless people are being subjected to various atrocities so that the people of unauthorised colonies of Delhi may sell their land at dirty cheap prices and migrate out of Delhi and the Government and Congress with the connivance of builder lobby may purchase land to construct multi-storeyed buildings and benefit from it.  BJP will never allow the happen.  The unauthorised colonies have greatly contributed to the development of Delhi.  If these people migrate out of Delhi then the economic structure of Delhi will collapse.

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