Thursday, 7 June 2012

CAG exposes thoroughly the anti people Government : loss of 4,000 crore rupees to the exchequer


Referring to the CAG report presented in the Legislative Assembly, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that on the one hand the departments of the Government openly looted and on the other hand it failed to utilize the fund received for the welfare of the people. In 2471 cases of Tax recovery, CAG had found serious irregularities. Due to this the Government lost revenue of 2019 crore rupees in the year 2010-11. The Government benefited the rich people by less recovery of taxes and by wrong assessments. The works meant for the welfare of the people were deliberately delayed.

Shri Gupta told that the Urban Development Department suffered the most due to the failure of Government. 96.51 percent fund of arrear of the budget of this department was not utilized. This amount is of Rs. 12659 crores.

Delhi Government benefitted the power companies also. They were given loan of thousands of crores by violating the relevant rules.  These companies did not refund the amount of loan on time. Damages of 4 crore rupees should have been recovered from them. But the Government did not recover the damages from the private power companies. The same was the condition of Delhi TRANSCO Ltd. It openly allowed the contractors to delay the work. They were paid additional amount of 1 crore rupees and damages worth 83.83 Lakh rupees was not recovered from the contractors. Indraprastha Power Generation Company also allowed the contractors to violate the rules. Due to this, it sustained a loss of 22.68 Lakh rupees.  Due to the wrong policies of the Government, the DTC also incurred loss of 33.14 Lakh rupees. 

CAG has said that various methods were used to commit corruption. Plans were framed in a wrong way, due to which the PWD, Food and Civil Supplies Department, Information and Broadcasting Directorate, DTC, Urban Development Department incurred loss of crores of rupees. It is surprising that on the one hand the Government failed to utilize the funds received for the public welfare works in various heads and on the other hand fudged the accounts to show saving although the Government lost thousands of crores due to its mistakes. Amount of Rs. 2303.02 crore rupees was not spent on the infrastructural development of Delhi. Amount of hundred crore rupees meant for pension to the senior citizen was not spent by the Government. DJB was allotted 250 crore rupees for three sewerage projects. Out of this amount 75 percent money was not spent. Had this amount been utilized then the fate of unauthorized colonies would have changed. The CAG has strongly criticized almost every department of the Government and has said that the Government committed various acts of for forgery for committing corruption and bungling in the projects of public welfare. On the one hand, the Government failed to spend thousands of crores on development projects and on the other hand it imposed many new taxes in the name of deficit. Government has for the first time imposed luxury tax up to 10 percent on the Banquet Halls, Gyms, Hotels etc. Due to this the common man will also have to pay luxury tax to the Government for functions like marriage etc. 

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