Wednesday, 27 June 2012

Party will get signatures of 10 lakh peoples against tariff hike


BJP will stage protest demonstrations in entire Delhi on the 29th June to protest against 75 percent increase during the power tariff in the last 10 months and general price rise. Party will also initiate signature campaign in entire Delhi against the connivance between Delhi Government power companies and DERC. Under this campaign signatures of more than 10 lakh peoples will be taken against power tariff hike. The movement started against power tariff hike on 29th June will continue indefinitely. 

Giving this information to the press person, BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta and Leader of Opposition in Delhi Assembly Prof. Vijay Kumar Malhotra told that this has happened for the first time in the history of Delhi that the DERC gave more than the demanded hike by the power companies. Delhi Government is equally responsible for this hike in tariff and hence it cannot escape the liability from it. In order to benefit the companies, the DERC fixed the rate of Rs.4 per unit for the slab upto 200 units. It has also been decided that if the consumptions increases even by one unit then the rate of the slab from 0-400 will be applicable. In this slab, the rate of tariff will be increased from Rs. 3 per unit to Rs. 5.18 per unit and the persons consuming more than 400 units will have to pay Rs. 7 per unit in place of Rs. 4.70 per unit at present. Besides this, the fixed charge on load has also been increased. Additional fixed charge of Rs. 40 upto 2 KV per month, Rs. 100 for 2 to 5 KV per month and Rs. 20 per KV for more than 5 KV load will be recovered. 

10 months ago, the companies had asked the domestic consumers to deposit 1200 rupees immediately for increasing the load in their houses. Power was disconnected in the houses of those people who could not deposit the Rs.1200. The houses in which the load was only of 1 KV, the load was increased to 3 KV by force but the neither the meter was changed nor the cable whereas it was clearly stated in the notice that after depositing 1200 rupees, the meter and the main line upto meter will be replaced to bear the additional load. This was not done and the companies recovered crores from the consumers. Delhi Government is so much kind to the power companies that it granted bailout package of 500 crores to them. In the name of fuel surcharge power tariff was increased after 3 months. This loot will continue in future also. Neither the Government nor the DERC is going to listen to the consumers. 

The central Government constituted Electricity Regulatory Commission with the objective that after privatization the power companies may not exploit the consumers but the contrary thing happened. The DERC became well-wisher of the companies in place of protecting the interest of consumers. Former Chairman of DERC Shri Bijender Singh had found after examination of the accounts of the companies that they were earning heavy profit of about 5100 crores, hence he had recommended for 20%reduction in power tariff. Just his after his retirement the new Chairman P.D. Sudhakar increased tariff by 22% on 26th August, 2011. He also allowed the companies to recover fuel surcharge every third month and now 34% hike has been allowed. Chief Minister of Delhi is in favour of the companies from the very beginning. She says that how long the companies shall incur loss? It is worth considering that does any private company work for loss? The Government had taken a decision in the cabinet for initiating audit by the CAG but this audit has not been initiated as yet. 

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