Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Dharna/Demonstration on 29th June at offices of the power companies of Delhi against 24% hike in tariff


New Delhi, 26th June. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has demanded enquiry by an impartial and independent agency into the justification of the decision by the power companies to increase power tariff. He told that when there is written understanding in the agreement that after privatisation power tariff will decrease gradually then what is the justification of increasing power tariff for the fourth time? He told that the decision of Delhi Government and the DERC is also not beyond doubt. Both have outrightly rejected the suggestions of the people and have agreed to the demand of three power companies to increased power tariff by 24% for the fourth time despite the fact that they are already earning profit in the last eight months. BJP will stage strong dharna/demonstration at offices of the power companies on 29th June and demand roll back of increased tariff. Government has already given bailout package of 500 crore rupees to them in the name of loss to the companies. 

The Former Chairman of DERC Shri Bijender Singh had after the examination of the accounts of the companies found that they were earning profit of 5,100 crore rupees, therefore he has recommended reduction of 20 percent in the power tariff. Just after the retirement of Shri Bijender Singh and appointment of new Chairman P.D. Sudhakar, the companies started exercise to hike the power tariff. The new Chairman increased power tariff by 21.8 percent. In the name of fuel surcharge, the consumers are being charged 7 to 18 percent extra every third month. The companies were not satisfied even after this and they have requested the DERC to hike power tariff by 20 to 28 percent. 

In September, 2011, power tariff was hiked by 21.8 percent. Now on the 26th June the Chairman of the DERC P D Sudhakar has announced hike of 24% in power tariff which will come in to effect on 1st July, 2012. Shri Sudhakar also announced that domestic consumers will have to pay at the rate of Rs 3.70 per unit up to 200 units, Rs 4.80 up to 400 units and Rs 6.40 for more than 400 units. Besides this fuel surcharge will have to be paid every third month. 

This is the condition when there is undeclared load shedding in Delhi in this summer season. The power companies, DERC and Delhi Government are trying to take advantage of this load shedding. Now, on the pretext of power shortage, separate rates of tariff will be recovered from the consumers for peak hours and non peak hours. The companies have already inflated the power bills three times by installing fast reading electronic meters. The power companies are also charging for increased load from the consumers. The consumers which had connection of 1 KV in their houses are being served notice for depositing 1200 rupees and being served bill for 3 KV meter. 

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that the loot of power companies is not reasonable at all. One fails to understand how representative of the people, the Chief Minister has become advocate of the power companies? She should have recommended for reduction in power tariff because power theft has been curbed but she allowed the power companies to increase power tariff in the name of loss which is injustice to the people of Delhi. The power companies draw about 5500 MW power from the central grid. Out of this only 4500 MW power is supplied to Delhi and the rest 1000 MW is sold to the neighbouring states at high rates for earning profit. When the High Court directed for CAG audit of the accounts of power companies, the cabinet of Delhi Government approved proposal for audit by CAG, then why the audit has not been started. This also creates doubt in every one’s mind. Shri Gupta told that BJP will not tolerate atrocities and inhuman treatment of the power consumers of Delhi. If needed, BJP will come in the streets with the people and fight against Delhi Government, DERC and the companies.

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