Saturday, 23 June 2012

Just after receiving the notice BJP Pradesh President will explain the reason of telling villain to the court

Sheila Dikshit is in the role of a villain – Vijender Gupta

New Delhi. 23rd June.  BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has proved to be villain for two crore people of Delhi.  Due to her despotic behaviour and anti people works entire Delhi sees her as a villain and not as the Chief Minister.

Addressing a Press Conference at Delhi Pradesh Head office Shri Gupta told that the Chief Minister has lost her ability and capacity to rule.  She is not concerned about the people of Delhi.  Due to her frustration and anger she is in place of playing the role of a responsible ruler, is taking the recourse of defamation case to silent the voice of BJP Pradesh President on such non issue like telling a word ‘villain’ to her.  BJP is not afraid of these tactics of the Govt. They shall continue to raise the voice of the people again and again and when needed fight against the anti people decisions of Delhi Govt. with the people in the streets also.

Shri Gupta told that he respects the judiciary.  He has not received any notice on the complaint filed by the Chief Minister from the Saket Court.  Just after getting the notice from the Court he will present himself appearing in the court and he will produce the proof of the fact that why he told Sheila Dikshit as villain.  Referring about the reports in the media he told that when he has not received the notice how he can present himself in the court.  Just after receiving the notice he will explain the reason of telling villain to the court. 

He further told that the Congress does not believe in democracy and democratic principles.  This Party can go to any limit in order to retain power.  During the assembly elections the Chief Minister made many false promises and issued many misleading advertisements in the press to secure the vote of the people so that the Congress may come to power.  At the time of last Assembly elections the Chief Minister issued provisional certificates to thousands of unauthorized colonies with the promise that all these colonies shall be regularized.  Even after four years not a single colony has been regularized.  By publishing misleading advertisements in the newspapers the Chief Minister promised to provide free pucca houses to the poor under Rajiv Ratan Awas Yojna although these houses had not been constructed at that time.  Not a single poor person has been allotted house under this scheme.  This way the Chief Minister acted like a villain for lakhs of people.  Taking this act of the Chief Minister as dangerous for democracy the Lokayukta of Delhi wrote a letter to the President of India for cautioning the Chief Minister in this regard.  In place of apologies to the Lokayukta the Chief Minister challenged the rights of the Lokayukta.

The history of Congress is witness of the fact that whenever it faces any crisis it never hesitate in imposing emergency.  In June 1975 the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had imposed emergency on the country in the midnight just after her election was declared illegal by the Allahabad High Court.  Now the time is June 2012.  Smt. Sheila Dikshit wants to follow the foot steps of Prime Minister Indira Gandhi.  Hence she wants to throttle the freedom of expression. She also challenges the authority of CAG because constitutional institution like CAG has exposed corruption and scam of hundreds of crores by Delhi Govt. in its reports.

Smt. Sheila Dikshit is the Chief Minister for the last 14 years, but the irony is that she has not managed drinking water for the people of Delhi during these years.  By privatizing water she wants to keep poor people thirsty.  Even after increasing power tariff three times Delhi is suffering from undeclared load shedding in this summer season.  Chief Minister is so much kind to the power companies that she gave bailout package of 500 crores to the companies who are already earning profit, but she wants to impose burden of loan on the three corporation so that the people of Delhi may not get the amenities provided by the MCD.

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