Friday, 18 January 2013

Decision to ruin the common man in the name of reforms


New Delhi, 18th January. Under the leadership of Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta a big march was taken out at Mother Dairy, Patparganj by Delhi BJP to protest against the despotic decision of Congress Government to decontrol Diesel and to ruin the economy by hike in the price. On this occasion Shri Gupta demanded the Government that the price of Diesel should be immediately reduced and its decontrol be put on hold. Agitated workers burnt the effigies of Central and Delhi Government and raised anti government slogans. 

Shri Gupta has raised a question to the Government that, under which conspiracy the Diesel which is the most useful and essential fuel has been privatized? Is there any corruption behind this privatization? On the one hand Government is providing cash subsidy of thousands of crores and on the other hand it is looting the people by increasing the price of Diesel, CNG, Petrol, Kerosene, Cooking Gas, edible oil, rail fare etc. This Government is giving by one hand and taking away by another. The present Government is fully under the pressure of foreign powers and acting at the instance of foreign companies and foreign powers. The Government is making the lives of the people difficult in the name of reforms. Due to the privatization of Diesel, price rise will become uncontrollable. 

Last year, the Government had decontrolled Petrol also and in the year 2013, it has opened the way for making Diesel more costly every month by decontrolling it. Even after this, the Government has to say that the companies selling Diesel are incurring loss. This claim of the Government is totally false because these companies are paying dividend every year its share holders. They also publish advertisements in Newspapers about earning heavy profits in their annual accounts. How the Government can claim that the companies are incurring loss. If Diesel becomes more costly then the agriculture of India will be completely ruined. On the one hand Government claims that in the 12th five year plan, the development rate of agriculture will be 4 percent and on the other hand it is ruining agriculture by making heavy increase in the price of Diesel and other essential commodities. 

S.Shri Om Prakash Kohli, Alok Kumar, Ramcharan Gujrati, Nakul Bhardwaj, Councilors Devender Kumar, Nikki Singh, Sarla Chaudhary, Sandhya Verma, Sushil Upadhyay and thousands of workers and senior leader participated in the demonstration today.

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