Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dharna at Jantar Mantar against the Government & the Police on imposing restrictions on Freedom of Expression


 New Delhi, 6th January. Thousands of BJP workers staged dharna/demonstration at Jantar Mantar today to protest against the attempt of government to cover up the failure of government and the police and suppressing the media. They warn the government that if it will not desist from imposing restrictions on Freedom of Expression then it will have to face serious consequences. The BJP along with people of Delhi shall foil the attempt of the government and the police to impose undeclared Emergency. This anti people government will have to go. On this occasion the agitated workers raised slogans against Delhi Police and the government. BJP Delhi Preadesh President Shri Vijender Gupta presided over the dharna. He told that the role of Home ministry and the Chief Minister of Delhi are also not beyond doubt. The enquiry should also take cognizance of the role of both of them.

Addressing the workers Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta strongly said that the fundamental character of Congress party is despotic. This party is running a dynastic rule in the garb of democracy. Congress party does not believe in democratic values and freedom of expression. The objective of Congress party is to continue in power somehow and loot the country. It is also misusing the police and government machinery to save itself. Whoever raises his voice against them, is implicated in legal tangles and his voice is suppressed. BJP has decided that whenever the government will behave in despotic way and suppress freedom of expression, BJP will oppose it from the street to parliament. 

Ms. Arti Mehra told that it is unfortunate that the Congress President and Chief Minister of Delhi are women but atrocities and crime against women are increasing. Women are not safe even during the day time in their houses. Data show that thousands of working women have left their work and preferred to live in their houses. Shri Rameshwar Chaurasia told that the government is holding the media responsible for its failure. It is unfortunate that no action has been taken against any high level police officer or politicians, even after coming to light their negligence and insensitivity.

It may be mention that the friend of gang rape victim of 16th December gave an interview before electronic media and the entire country came to know that the inefficient government machinery, insensitive police and government hospital are responsible for the death of the rape victim. Had the PCR van immediately taken the victim to the nearest hospital without fighting over the jurisdiction then she could have been saved. Delhi Police and the government’s Health Department are responsible for her death. The interview of the friend of the victim told that both of them remain lying naked for half an hour under Mahipalpur flyover. Although three PCR van arrived but no one offered clothes or took them in the van. They continued to fight over the jurisdiction and in the mean time the victim girl continued to bleed and she also became affected by infection. Even in Safdarjung Hospital they remained for half an hour on the floor and the treatment was not started immediately. This incident shows that there is nothing like government in Delhi. The criminals continued to gang rape the victim for two and a half hour but the bus was not stopped on any barrier by the police. 

S/Shri Subhash Arya, Anita Arya, Vishakha Shailani, Shikha Rai, Nakul Bhardwaj, Krishan Lal Dhilod, Pradesh Office Bearers and District Presidents were present in the dharna/demonstration today. Hundreds of women, young boys & girls, BJP workers from all over Delhi participated in the dharna.

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