Thursday, 17 January 2013

Demand for 12 subsidized cooking gas cylinders


New Delhi, 17th January. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that attempt of the Congress Government to hike the price of Diesel, Cooking Gas, Kerosene, edible oil etc. and announcement to hike the price of Diesel during these days of price rise will result in further rise in inflation. He is of the view that the Government in place of taking decisions in the interest of the people is behaving like a trader. This Government has no right to continue in power because it is not following democratic norms. 

He told that after Petrol, today the Government has freed Diesel from its control so that the price of Diesel may be hiked by the Government companies on the pretext of freedom from Government control. If the people protest, the Government may argue that now the price of Diesel is not under the control of Government. The way, in which the price of Petrol is being increased again and again after the end of Government control, the price of Diesel will also be increased again and again. It will directly affect the economy of the country. Trade and business including farming will become more costly. 

Shri Gupta told that the Government had increased import duty on edible oil by 2.5 percent. This will directly impact the price of edible oil. Now the price of edible oil will go up by atleast 15%. Terming the increase of subsidized cooking gas cylinders from 6 to 9 as insufficient, he said that the minimum number should be 12 because one full fledged family cannot cook its food for the whole month by one cylinder only. In rural areas where the joint family system still continues, the consumption of cooking gas is highest. Government has no knowledge about it because in rural areas they have the option of burning wood, coal etc. 

Government is also eying the Kerosene used by the poor. In near future this anti people Congress Government will hike the price of the fuel used by the poor people. In Delhi, Government has stopped supplying Kerosene to the poor people under a conspiracy. Delhi Government has announced that the poor people shall be provided free gas connections and gas cylinders but no one can find these free gas connections and gas cylinders. According to Government data, 15 lakh poor families live in Delhi but Delhi Government has promised to provide free gas connections to only 2 lakh families. At the time of launching Annashri Yojna, Government had admitted in its advertisement in Newspapers that 15 lakh poor families shall be benefitted due to it. 

Shri Gupta told that in the eyes of Congress Government, the general budget has no importance. In democratic countries any increase in prices is made only through the budget proposals. Disregarding the annual budget, this Government has also hiked the rail fare recently. Similarly, the prices of Diesel, Petrol, Cooking gas, Kerosene, edible oil are being increased again and again. What the use of general budget if the Government increases the prices of commodities before it is introduced?

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