Thursday, 10 January 2013

Government should immediately withdraw hike in the prices of various essential commodities & Rail fare – Vijender Gupta

New Delhi, 10th January. BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijender Gupta has said that recently the Government had increased the price of CNG and now it has also increased rail fares by 20% which has made the lives of the people difficult. It should immediately withdraw this hike. He told that the Government is increasing the price of various essential commodities during these days of price spiral. People are not ready to tolerate it. 

Afraid of the elections, the Congress Government by increasing the price of diesel, cooking gas, rail fare, power tariff thinks that the people shall forget about this price spiral at the time of elections. The people of the Delhi and the country are not so much forgetful. They shall take revenge from the Congress Government for these atrocities. 

Only after a month Rail budget is to be presented in the Parliament, but the Government does not care about the democratic values and Parliamentary system. It has increased the Rail fare and the price of CNG before the Rail budget. Government also wants to hike the price of diesel by Rs. 4.50. It is also going to increase the price of cooking gas by Rs. 100 per cylinder after supplying 6 subsidised cylinders. Government is not worried about the common man. 

Delhi Government is also going to increase the power tariff in near future which will put a great burden on the people of the capital. The DERC has started this exercise at the instance of Government. Delhi Government wants that before the Assembly elections power tariff be increased by 15 to 20%. It may be mentioned that in the month of July power tariff was increased by 34%. Water charges have also been increased by 40%. 

Shri Gupta has called upon the people of Delhi that they should come in the streets and oppose any kind of price increase by the Government. BJP is with the people of Delhi. It is totally against putting additional burden on the people of the capital. If the Government increases water, power tariff then it will have to face strong movement from the BJP.

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