Saturday, 15 June 2013

BJP leaders lambast Congress’ Grameen Vikas Rally, say Congress leaders making misleading and false promised

  • BJP will do in 14 months what Congress couldn’t do in 14 years for villages:Goel
  • No development by Congress outside Lutyen’s zone: Shahnawaz Hussain
New Delhi, June 15th . In a massive rally termed “Palam Panchayat” organised at Palam area today, the Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party leaders lambasted Congress leaders including Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for making ‘misleading and false promises’ at a function in Talkator stadium today for the villages of the city which have been completely neglected during last 14 years of Congress rule.

Addressing the “Palam Panchayat”, the Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “Congress’ blatant lies to woo voters stands exposed. In the name of giving relief on Lal Dora, their leaders have said that the application for regularisation of structures constructed in Lal Dora area will be considered only after three months. Everyone knows that after three months, code of conduct for assembly polls will be in place and the Congress government will hide behind the lame excuse of not in a position to do anything. Hence there will be no relief for the residents.”

“In fact what Congress leaders have announced today would hardly cover 20-30 per cent villages whereas the need of the hour is to do long pending ‘chakbandi’(consolidation of land) in all the villages and then extend the Lal Dora. This is the only way to provide real relief to all the villages.”

The Congress has failed to make even a concrete announcement on removal of Section 81 of Delhi Land Reforms Act. In a typical electoral move, the Congress leadership said that officers have been asked not to serve notice under this section for sometime. One of the Congress MPs himself accepted that the number of court cases against farmers which are pending under this draconian section are anywhere from 80,000 to 1.5 lakh. The only way to provide permanent relief to them and other farmers is to do away with Section 81. The Congress has been promising it in its manifestos in the past but has failed to move even an inch on this.

Shri Goel said, the Chief Minister Sheila Dikshist who was touted as the main speaker at Congress function for villagers in Talkator Stadium today is in fact not even aware of the problems about villages. “How many times she has visited villages in Delhi? When you are not even ready to spare few minutes for visiting villages and understanding their problems, how can you think of resolving these problems. That is the reason, the Chief Minister’s speech was devoid of anything substantial for villages” .

Shri Goel said that when the BJP will come to power, it will abolish sections 81,65 and 33 of Delhi Land Reforms Act and frame new regulations which are conducive for farmers of Delhi. The BJP is also committed to implement the 20-point programme which has been dumped by the present Congress government. Under this programme, the BJP will provide ownership rights to land for the vulnerable sections of the society. The party will get Chakbandi done in a timely manner so that the extension of Lal Dora is beneficial for all.

“We will do in 14 months what Congress government has been promising and not delivering in last 14 years ,” said Shri Goel.

He said Congress has got rattled by the way it has been exposed by the BJP consistently. “That is why its leaders are making personal attacks on BJP leadership. But we believe in constructive criticism so that the common people should get benefitted. That is why we have offered to share the formula for reducing power tariff by 30 per cent. If the Chief Minister is willing to implement it, let her call an all party meeting and we will share the formula for power tariff reduction.”

Addressing the rally former union minister and national spokesperson of BJP, Shri Shahnawaz Hussain said, “ On the development issue, the Congress today stands exposed as soon as it comes out of Luteyn’s zone. The villages in Delhi today resemble underdeveloped villages of the extremely backward states. All this has been the result of perpetual neglect of these villages.”

“When BJP was in power, several initiatives including the one related to Lal Dora were taken during late Sahib Singh’s Chief Ministership but Congress did not carry forward the work which was started at that time.”

“In fact Congress has neglected all the marginalised sections of the society as well as minorities. It has been misleading the Muslims by creating a false phobia bout BJP. But it stands exposed today”

“The BJP, when it comes, to power will work to ensure that the benefits of development accrue to all sections of the society. “

To reach out to minorities and to reach every household in Delhi villages, the Delhi BJP is organising a convention of Muslims on 23 June at Talkotara Stadium in Delhi to discuss the issues concerning the Muslims in the city.

The BJP legislator from Palam Shri Dharam Dev Solanki said, “The Congress government has failed to provide any facilities for rural areas in the city. The villages do not have even basic amenities like potable water, regular power supply, sewage, roads, public transport, hospitals and educational institutions. The step-motherly treatment of the Congress government meted out to villages is highly deplorable and people will Congress a befitting reply in coming assembly polls.”

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