Sunday, 23 June 2013

Delhi BJP Presents “Muslim for Development” agenda at historic Muslim convention

  • BJP will address real issues like education and employment concerning Muslims: Goel
  • Congress rule resulted in marginalisation of Muslims: Naqvi
  • Congress government in Delhi betrayed Muslims with empty promises: Rasheed

 New Delhi, June 23. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today unveiled a progressive agenda for development of Muslims in the city at a well attended “Muslim Convention” at Talkatora Stadium. The theme of the convention was “Muslims for Development”. It was organised by Delhi BJP’s Minority Morcha.

Addressing the convention, Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “The Congress governments have duped Mulsims in the past by running nefarious campaigns against BJP and raising the bogey of secularism while keeping the Muslims backward. The BJP believes that Muslims must have an equal share in the development process and it can only be done by addressing the real issues concerning Muslim population in the city. “

“Our slogan is “Daraar nahin, Pyar”( “No Rift, Only love”),” said Shri Goel

“ The BJP’s agenda for Muslims in Delhi include upgrading education facilities for them, greater employment opportunities through skill development, training and credit facilities, adequate share in Housing schemes meant for EWS, overhauling of infrastructure in areas with minority concentration and professional management of Wakf Board, Delhi Haj Committee, Urdu Academy and Minority Development Financial Corporation,” he added.

“Urdu needs to be introduced as an optional subject in Delhi government and NDMC schools and all vacant posts of Urdu teachers must be filled up. The Congress government has done nothing to bring any significant change in socio-economic conditions of Muslims. The result is that they have been left far behind in Delhi. The areas with minority concentration are in horrible condition with complete collapse of infrastructure,” said Sh. Goel.

“The BJP will open polytechniques and well equipped schools in areas with concentration of minorities. It will also ensure planned development in these areas. It seems Congress has deliberately turned such areas into ghettos. It is time to stop treating Muslims as “Vote banks”. They must get their due and be equal partner in all growth endeavours in the city,” he added.

Addressing the convention, BJP’s national vice-president, Sh. Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi said, “ The so called proponents of secularism have ensured that today half of the Muslim population is living below poverty line. Whether it is education, safety or prosperity, Muslims remain a neglected lot.”

“To garner votes, Congress and so called secular parties create a phobia on the issue of communalism or propogate misconceptions about BJP. This resulted in the development issues which are really important being neglected.”

“The BJP believes in development of Muslims and we will soon come out with a Vision document that address various issues concerning Muslims,” he added.

The BJP Minority Morcha President Sh. Atif Rasheed said, “This is a historic convention in the city and the large number of Muslims gathered here show that Muslims cannot be taken for a ride. They will go with a party like any other citizen which is concerned about their development.”

“During the last 15 years, the Muslims have suffered on all fronts during Congress rule in Delhi. Right from school education to wakf board, there is not a single issue which has been addressed. There have only been empty promises and rhetoric from Congress leaders. Muslims are not ready to get betrayed any more. They find a greater connectivity with the BJP as it is concerned about their development and is presenting a progressive agenda for the Muslims in the city.”

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