Thursday, 13 June 2013

BJP to oppose new ‘gimmick’ of DERC to raise power tariff for domestic consumers

  • BJP to launch massive agitation on power-water situation, state executive to finalise the plan
  • CM abdicating responsibility, BJP committed to 30 per cent reduction in power tariff: Goel

New Delhi, June 13. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today criticised the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for abdicating its responsibility as the city continues to suffer long and unscheduled power outages. The party also slammed the Delhi government and DERC for trying to impose power tariff hike under the garb of introducing a new slab for domestic consumers.

A section of media has reported that the DERC may introduce a new fourth slab for domestic consumers. This will further increase the burden on domestic consumers which are already suffering from high power tariff in three slabs. This is unacceptable and BJP will strongly oppose any such move.

The people of Delhi are aghast at the fact that here is a chief minister who instead of controlling the DISCOMS free run, throws up her hand in air and says “What can I do?” when people confront her on the issue of power tariff and power outages. ”

“In fact, the Chief Minister is in the habit of abdicating her responsibility by always expressing her helplessness on issues concerning Delhi citizens. Whenever a problem crops up, right from law and order to poor power and water situation, the CM has a signature reply of “What can I do?”

“If she can’t do anything about people’s problems, then she has no right to be the CM.”

Shri Goel said, that the Delhi govt and DERC stand fully exposed by a DERC letter letter dated 31st May, 2013 wherein for the first time DERC has made it public that it has recognized the regulatory asset (losses that will be claimed from the people) of Rs. 3225.29 crores upto 2010-11 for BRPL only, for the year 2011-12 the figures are yet to be finalized. BRPL and its balance sheet has already considered regulatory asset of 5417.75 crores. When DERC had accepted Rs. 827 crores as regulatory asset of BRPL, the rates increased by 15%. If the DERC considers the regulatory assets of Rs. 2398 crores the rates will go up by 45% and in case DERC acknowledges the regulatory asset of 5417.75 crores the rates are bound to be doubled. 

“When power distribution was privatized, then Delhi government had made claims of ensuring round the clock power supply at low tariff. But today neither power is available round the clock, nor it is affordable. The Delhi citizens feel cheated by this betrayal from its own government which has formed an unholy nexus with DISCOMS and DERC.”

Shri Goel said, “To give vent to the feelings of common citizens who feel harassed at the hands of DISCOMS and Congress governmet in Delhi, the BJP will soon launch a massive agitation on the issue of deteriorating power and water situation in the Capital.

“We have asked members of our state executive to connect with RWAs and take a feed back from them as well as other common people, civil society, and prominent persons at the ground level regarding deteriorating power situation in the Capital. The members of state executive would be sharing this feedback with party leadership .The party will discuss its poll strategy in light of this feedback on 18 June,” he added.

“Following the state executive meeting, he BJP cadres will mobilise the common citizens in the city in days to come. Through a mass contact programme we would convey to the common people that on one hand you have a Congress government which is hand in glove with DISCOMS and has supported them all out to increase power tariff breaking all norms, on the other hand the BJP is offering a solution by committing to bring down the power tariff by 30 per cent,” said Shri Goel.

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