Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Three persons die and more than 50 fall ill after drinking polluted DJB water

New Delhi, June 25. After drinking polluted water supplied by Delhi Jal Board three people of the NCERT Colony at Aurovindo Marg died and more than 50 persons were hospitalized in Safdarjung, Rockland and Moti Hospital in South Delhi today.

BJP Delhi Pradesh President Shri Vijay Goel met the family members of the people living in the flats of NCERT colony today. He found that about 4 persons in each house have fallen ill seriously. When three persons have died and more than 50 persons were hospitalized, then the DJB started changing water stored in the water tanks. 

Shri Goel and former Mayor Smt. Arti Mehra met the Director of NCERT Shri Praveen Sinkler and the residents of the colony. He said that the Director himself admitted that a complaint was received about polluted water supplied in the colony about one and a half month ago and after that the water tanks were cleaned. The residents said that they have been getting polluted water continuously for the last one and a half month due to which they have fallen ill. Some of the families are suffering from Diarrhea and Cholera. The Director complained to the MCD and DJB on the 24th June only after the death in the colony. In response to the letter of complaint the MCD Health Department officials went there and found that the water is polluted and the tanks should be cleaned. 

Shri Goel and Ms. Aarti Mehra have demanded that this is a case of criminal negligence. The Chief Minister Smt. Sheila Dikshit is also the Chairperson of DJB and hence directly accountable for it and the Director of NCERT along with the officers of CPWD cannot escape from their responsibility. Today the Director has written a letter to the CMO of CGHS that a Medical Officer should be appointed in NCERT colony. Why they kept sleeping over the matter so long?

Shri Goel said that people have not fallen ill on a single day rather were suffering due to polluted water for the last few days. He further said that the sale of mineral water is increasing in entire Delhi because the water supplied by DJB is not worth drinking. 

Ms. Arti Mehra told that even after repeated complaints either the Director did not listen or the complaint was not forwarded to the DJB. The people living in this area are the employees of NCERT, hence they cannot raise their voice against the Director. But the Director has admitted that the water supplied by the DJB is polluted.

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