Friday, 19 July 2013

Delhi BJP demands audit of purchase of iron tablets for government schools

Delhi government fails to act on the incident of students falling sick after taking iron tablets

New Delhi, July 19. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today demanded a high level probe into the incidents of children falling sick after taking iron tablets in Delhi government schools. The party also demanded that an audit should be done immediately of the Delhi government’s purchse of iron tablets which are being given to children in the schools.

Expressing concern over the lackadiasical approach of Delhi government, Shri Vijay Goel said, “The health of the children studying in govt. schools should be of utmost concern to any government. But even after so many children fell sick, the Delhi government failed to react and initiate even an inquiry in this issue.

“The Delhi government has been neglecting health of school children. There should be atleast a quarterly check up of health for all govt. school students. And this should happen in reality, not only in papers. The BJP, when it comes to power in Delhi, will ensure this measure is implemented effectively immediately,” he added.

Meanwhile, Shri Goel has also directed all the BJP leaders in the MCDs to ensure that the quality of mid-day meals meet the required standards in MCD run primary schools. “I have asked all the senior leaders in the MCDs to personally ensure that good quality mid-day meals are served to children in primary schools,” said Shri Goel.

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