Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Delhi BJYM demands high level probe in Delhi Metro’s footage issue

  • Leak of CCTV footage is security breach, Delhi government failed to address the issue
  • Delhi government ‘state of inertia’ on security issues can cost Delhi dearly
New Delhi, July 10. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Yuva Morcha, youth wing of the Delhi BJP today criticized grave breach of security in Delhi Metro as revealed by sections of media highlighting the incidents of CCTV footage captured in Delhi Metro being uploaded at certain websites. The BJYM demanded a high level probe into this issue to fix the responsibility and book the culprits who were responsible for this act.

Delhi BJYM President Sh. Gauarv Khari said, “The Delhi government which has a stake in Delhi Metro Rail Corporation has so far refused to act on such a serious issue. This shows that how irresponsible and insensitive this government is towards issues concerning common people.”

“Lakhs of people travel in Delhi Metro every day but as this incident has revealed that there are glaring gaps in security protocols. The Delhi government has just overlooked this. No senior member of the Congress government in Delhi has even cared to react on this. This is deplorable and the Delhi government should wake up from its sleep to take up this issue at the highest possible level.”

“The Delhi government’s inertia on this serious issue is a symptom of the deep malady of absence of governance in the city. The Congress government’s adhoc approach in dealing with serious issues concerning common people has been quite evident-be it power, water, school education, lack of seats in Delhi colleges or safety of women in the city,” added Ms Nupur Sharma, the national media co-incharge of the BJYM.

“The recent incident is also an indication that there is urgent need to do complete security review of the Delhi government. It is shocking to see complacency of the Delhi government which has not moved even an inch to tackle this issue so far,” she added.

Shri Khari said, “The common people, especially the youth, who travel by Delhi Metro in large numbers are concerned about this incident and the lack of action on Delhi government’s part. Though no one is surprised as the Congress government’s apathy towards such sensitive issues is well known.”

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