Thursday, 11 July 2013

Shri Vijay Goel, President Delhi, BJP along with Mr. Anil Sood, President CHETNA and Sh. Rajiv Kakria, Representing RWA called upon Sh. Jyotiraditya Scandia, Union Minister for Power in connection with ever increasing Power Tariff in the GNCT of Delhi.

Union Minister Stated that Distribution of Power is a State Subject and Central Government cannot interfere. 

Shri Vijay Goel informed the Minister that the power tariffs in Delhi have gone up by almost 60% last three years and is further likely to go up in the near future leading to a situation where the future generations shall have to pay for the power consumed by us. 

Shri Vijay Goel also stated that despite provision of encouraging competition, ensuring transparency and protection of consumer interest in the Act, on ground nothing is happening and the monopolistic situation has been created. Further, he also stated that both the Delhi Government and DERC are not acting in accordance with the provisions of the Central Electricity Act, 2003. The consumer should be in a position to buy power from any of the DISCOMS of its choice that would bring down the prices. 

Since Minister expressed his helplessness in view of the State subject, both Mr. Anil Sood and Mr. Rajiv Kakria informed the Minister that in the Act there is no mechanism to fix responsibility of the State Electricity Regulatory Commission and Central Regulatory Electricity Commission and also of the DISCOMS in case they violate the specific provision in the National Tariff Policy, 2005, National Electricity Policy, 2005 and Central Electricity Act, 2005. Even a Consumer has no effective grievance redressal mechanism because the jurisdiction of Consumer Forums has been ousted. The provisions under Electricity Appellate Tribunal bars individual consumer from filing Appeal and have to shell out an amount of Rs.1,00,000/- to file appeal apart from advocate fee and expenses. To reach High Court is another herculean task and invariably the matter being technical in naturte, the High Court also refrains from interfering. 

To this the Union Minister responded that the all these issues should be put on paper and be submitted to him as he is contemplating changes in the Central Electricity Act, 2003 that may include specific provision of encouraging competition like in Mobile Communication Sector. 

Shri Vijay Goel also represented that the CAG Audit of DISCOMS despite specific admission both by the DERC and Delhi Govt that they are ready for CAG Audit but nothing is happening. As such the DISCOMS in connivance with Delhi Govt are fleecing consumers. 

The Representatives also stated that there exists a mechanism to reduce power tariff can be reduced by 30% and both the DERC pays no attention to it. Sh. Goel also stated that the power Bawana Power Generating Plants are not working to its full capacity because Gas is not being made available. 

Shri Scindia assured that him would take up the matter in the meeting of Group of Ministers for supply of power. 

The delegation which comprises State Vice Presidents Shri Pawan Sharma, Meera Aggarwal (Ex. Mayor) Abhay Verma, Yogender Chandolia, General Secretary Jai Prakash and Secretary Anita Bajaj and Media Convenor Harish Khurana has also submitted that the Delhi should be the Role Model for entire country therefore, efforts have to be made in the direction of ensuring transparent tariff fixation and accountability that should be replicated by all the other States. 

Shri Goel said that Union Minister is absolving himself from his responsibility on the grounds of State subject and DERC says that they have no mechanism.

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