Friday, 19 July 2013

Delhi BJP launches “Karyakarta Sammelan”, calls for “Majboot Sangathan, Nai Sarkar”

  • Delhi is ready for change, people fed up with 15 years of misrule of Congress: Swaraj
  • Battle ready BJP cadres will oust Congress govt which has failed on every front: Goel
New Delhi, July 19.-Inaugurating the first of the 280 “Karyakarta Sammelans” being organized by the Delhi BJP, Leader of Opposition in Lok Sabha and senior BJP leader Sushma Swaraj today called upon the BJP workers to ensure that the common people who are completely fed up with the Congress rule should reach the polling booths on the day of election and cast their vote. The call during these Karyakarta Sammelans is “Majboot Sangathan, Nai sarkar” (Strong organization, New government).

The BJP is organizing these Karyakarta Sammelans to mobilize its crack teams at all 11763 polling booths in Delhi. Through these meetings, the party is training its 3.5 lakh specificially identified cadres who have been organized in more than 11000 teams. Each team has 32 members and each team is manning one particular polling booth.

Smt. Swaraj said, “The general mood of people is totally against Congress. The Delhi residents are fed with 15 year misrule of Congress in the city and there is a change in the offing. The BJP workers need to ensure that this change is brought by effectively converting anger of people into votes.”

“The key for BJP’s victory in the coming assembly polls in Delhi is in the hands of party cadres at the grassroot level. Effective polling booth management is going to make the real difference and the current exercise by the Delhi BJP of mobilizing the party cadres through these sammelans is the right step in the right direction at the right time,” she added.

Addressing the party cadres which gathered in huge numbers for this first Karyakarta Sammelan, which will go on till 4 August in all parts of the city, Delhi BJP President Sh. Vijay Goel said, “The Congress government in Delhi has proved to be a disaster on all fronts be it power,water, basic services, education, health, law and order, safety of women and welfare of the vulnerable sections of the society.”

“Inflation and corruption are the two evil pillars on which this government is standing and it is time that the Delhi BJP ensures that this corrupt and inefficient government is done away with. To do that the party cadres will be visiting every household in the city and they would be equipped with the facts and figures to explain to every household in this city , how this scam-ridden and ineffective government has failed to deliver on any front,” he added.

After the BJP will come to power, the crack teams constituted at polling booth level will remain active and ensure the welfare for every household that has been assigned to them. This would be unique initiative in terms of connecting the common people with the government on day to day basis to resolve issues concerning them effectively and in a time bound manner.

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