Saturday, 6 July 2013

Delhi government fudging records, students not making real progress on govt. schools: BJP Survey

Students encouraged to use “unfair means” to show higher pass percentage in govt. schools: BJP Survey 

Challenge to the CM to get an independent assessment of Delhi govt. schools : Goel

BJP will ensure that teachers are not assigned non-teaching work when it comes to power : Goel

New Delhi, July 6 : The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) today exposed a massive “fraud” committed under the Right to Education Act knowingly and deliberately by the Delhi government that has put future of lakhs of school students, studying in Delhi government schools at stake.
A ground level survey done in Delhi government schools by the Delhi BJP has revealed that across the city the attendance records in Delhi government schools are fudged massively and the quality of education is extremely poor. The teachers in these schools are forced to keep on pushing students to next level as there is pressure from the higher ups to show good progress of students. Shockingly, the students are encouraged for cheating and using unfair means during board examinations to ensure that the Delhi government can boast of ‘high pass percentages”.

Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel said, “The findings of this survey are shocking and it clearly reveals that the students while being promoted to higher classes are not equipped with basic learning skills. Millions of poor families rely on these schools to make their wards torch bearers of change in their lives. But what lays ahead is a dark future for them.”

According to the survey, during the last 15 years, the directorate of education has completely focused on “private and public schools” while neglecting the education in government schools. Every year the population of Delhi increases by 4-5 lakh. The number of government schools should have kept pace with this growth in population. However, on the contrary atleast 80 government schools have been shut down by Delhi government. Thus currently only around 976 schools are available where more than 10 lakh children are enrolled.

Around 12000 vacancies of teachers are lying vacant and no major recruitment drive has been done during the last 15 years. The teacher: student ratio stipulated under the RTE Act is 1: 30 but in most of the schools 80-100 students are enrolled in one class. The situation is so terrible that in some of the schools the class has been divided into two to three groups and students are called to attend classes on alternative days. However, the attendance records are maintained to paint a rosy picture.

It has been revealed during the course of our investigations that not even 50 per cent of the enrolled students attend classes for the full day. After the mid-day meal is provided, the number of students reduce drastically. A large number of families seem to have enrolled their students just to get the mid-day meal and various cash incentives offered by Delhi government. But these students are hardly attending classes. Simultaneously there is a pressure on school authorities from the higher ups that to show “good progress of government” and dole out all incentives not bothering about the real progress and learning of the children.

In most of the schools, the playgrounds have vanished as buildings have been extended rather than making new schools to accommodate more students. The buildings are not maintained properly with unclean toilets and lack of drinking water availability. The computer labs are almost non-functional. The school welfare committees are largely dysfunctional. 

The survey has also revealed the sorry state of affairs of the teachers in these schools. They are being forced to carry out non-teaching work. In fact many of them have been officially assigned clerical work in schools and education department’s offices! There are wide discrepancies in their pay structure. 

Shri Goel said, “We are throwing an open challenge to the Chief Minister and the Education Minister that any independent agency can be hired to assess the pathetic state of affairs at the ground level in these schools.”

“The Delhi BJP demands an immediate “Assessment of Quality of Learning” in these schools to reveal the true picture. The vacant posts must be immediately filled with a special drive. The schools which were shut down should be re-opened and more schools should be opened. Every school must have a play ground and quality infrastructure,” said Shri Goel

“The BJP will stop deployment of teachers for non-teaching work be it election duty, census data collection or any other clerical work. The party will immediately implement Sixth pay Commission recommendation and allow them to avail earned leave as per their right that doesn’t exist any more,” he added.

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