Friday, 5 July 2013

From soaring veggie prices to revival of killer blue lines, Congress sheds its responsibility

  • Collapse of public transport system in Capital another evidence of Congress govt.’s failure
  • A CM who has standard reply for all problems of Delhi that “she can’t do anything" has no right to continue : Goel
New Delhi, July 5. The Delhi Bharatiya Janata Party today slammed Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit for adopting bizarre tactics of complaining about all the issues that needed to be actually tackled by her own government. Right from soaring vegetable prices in the Capital to massive cost over runs in government projects, from law and order to power and water crisis, the Delhi Chief Minister Sheila Dikshit has one standard reply that she can’t do anything.

"As the prices of vegetables have sky rocketed in Delhi, the Congress government is expressing helplessness in controlling it. It is expressing its helplessness while the fact is that its agricultural produce marketing mechanism has collapsed affecting budgets of common household.

Similarly, the Chief Minister is in-charge of the NDMC that has messed up the so called reconstruction of Connaught Place area, which is the most prime central business district of the city. After visiting this area on Thrsday, she brazenly complained a about the complete chaos there which has costed more than Rs 670 crore to the exchequer with cost over-runs of Rs 600 crore,” said Delhi BJP President Shri Vijay Goel.

“Half a dozen deadlines have missed to complete work in this area over the last four years and this project has become a recurring scam which has hit the traders, millions of visitors to this area and the tax payers whose hard money has been squandered. And here we have a CM who doesn’t flinch in complaining about the delay. It is she who is responsible for this delay and she has no reason to justify this,” he added.

In fact, this is typical of Delhi CM who has earlier adopted the same tactics of crying hoarse over the failure of her own government. “When women feel unsafe in the city, instead of doing something her reaction is that even her daughter feels so! When people are desperate for water, she says she can’t do anything, when power tariffs are hiked, she shifts the blame on common people and tell them not to use air coolers.”

If the CM can't do anything about any of the problems affecting common people, then she should step down. Her comments smack of the arrogance and insensitivity .It also indicates complete collapse of the governance. The latest evidence of this came in a case which was heard in Delhi High Court on Thursday in which it became clear that there is no public transport policy in place even after 14 and a half years of Congress rule. The most neglected parts of the Capital in this respect are rural areas and unauthorised colonies. In fact, the Congress government has told the Court that it wants to bring back 1600 “killer’ blue lines back on Delhi roads. The excuse taken for this is that the Delhi Transport Corporation run by Delhi government cannot run its buses in rural areas.

Shri Goel said, “It shows how the government is discounting lives of common people in rural areas. If blue lines are not good for the rest of Delhi then why they are good for rural areas ? And if DTC can run buses in rest of Delhi, why can’t it do the same in rural areas?” In fact, this is yet another proof of policy paralysis of the Congress government. Instead of 11000 DTC buses, only around 5550 buses are on road and many of them continue to suffer breakdown due to poor maintenance causing great harassment to commuters. Instead of putting an effective and safe public transport system in the Capital, the Congress government is reviving blue line buses.

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